Boycott PyeongChange 2018 Ad published on The St. Augustine Record

Animal rights activist, Bob Heisler, published an ad to boycott PyeongChang 2018 on newspaper, The St. Augustine Record on 2/24/2014. Thank you, Bob, for standing up and speaking out for the S. Korean dogs and cats in the meat trade!
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This is from his Facebook posting:
This is my display ad as it appears in THE ST. AUGUSTINE RECORD newspaper today calling for a boycott of the 2018 South Korean Winter Olympics unless that country stops torturing and eating millions of dogs. Here is a link to the petition by Rachel Howard calling for the boycott:

Photo: Fighters Against Animal Cruelty

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  1. Lesley Dove
    Lesley DoveFebruary 24,14

    Thank you!

  2. Danielle Benitez
    Danielle BenitezFebruary 24,14

    Awful they don’t deserve it.

  3. Susan Moore
    Susan MooreFebruary 24,14

    Disgusting what the hell…..Olympics should not come to south korea no no no

  4. mike
    mikeFebruary 25,14

    Thank you Bob! and all those that continue to fight against this atrocity. You speak for the voiceless, and defend those that can’t defend themselves. You are true heros.

  5. Fran Davies
    Fran DaviesFebruary 25,14

    You so-called people are nothing but scum, you have no rights as humans and are not fit to live!

  6. Michelle Kohler
    Michelle KohlerFebruary 25,14

    Stop this disrespect and selfish evil consumption of rotting flesh!! These animals deserve our respect and kindness!

  7. payal
    payalFebruary 28,14

    This is cruelty..should be stopped immediately

  8. Aditya
    AdityaFebruary 28,14

    Isn’t Samsung a Korean company! Let’s boycott all Samsung products

    • Frances Pawley
      Frances PawleyDecember 16,14

      Cruel evil brutes who enjoy the cruelty them inflict on these poor animals. Bad enough eating them, but the could kill them humanely and not treat them like this. There’s no excuse they are just plain barbaric and evil.

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