Arrest warrant for owner of pet shop in Cheonan where 79 dogs were found dead

Yonhap news reported on February 24 that police had applied for an arrest warrant against a pet shop owner in Chungcheongnamdo Cheonan who had severely neglected dogs causing them to die.

Chungcheongnamdo Cheonan Southeast Police station stated on February 24 that on February 20, it had requested an arrest warrant for the pet shop owner (referred to only as “Mr A”, aged 27) on charges of violating animal protection law. Mr A is suspected of neglecting 160 dogs and causing death of 79 of these dogs while operating a pet shop from July of last year in Cheonan Dongnam-gu district.
Many corpses were found in a significant state of decomposition, with their skulls and ribs fully exposed. These dogs were found in metal cages, on the floor and stuffed inside boxes throughout the pet shop.

Of the 80 surviving dogs, some had clearly not been fed for a long time and many have been infected with measles and deadly parvoviruses. Mr A reportedly admitted to the police that he “neglected the dogs because it was costly to treat them medically or euthanize dogs.”

It is rare for police to file arrest warrants for violations of animal protection laws. In response, one police official said, “We filed for an arrest warrant because we found that the nature of the crime is terrible, causing so many dogs to die for personal monetary gain.”

It was known that the pet shop was also charging fees to people seeking to abandon their dogs, promising to find new homes for them as well as charging well-meaning would-be adopters adoption fees.

On February 20, Korea Animal Welfare Association (KAWA) held a press conference at Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul, urging the government to “strengthen the management and regulation of companion animal industry before enacting laws to promote (expand) companion animal industry”.

Photo: Ohmynews. Pet shop in Cheonan, South Korea. Korea Animal Welfare Association (KAWA).

KAWA members held a press conference calling for the withdrawal of the government’s plan to enact laws to promote the companion animal industry. They also reported the Cheonan Pet Shop cruelty where 79 dogs had died due to severe neglect. February 20, 2018.

Photos: Ohmynews, 2/20/18, Mass death of 79 dogs as a result of human greed.

Call for Action

Please sign and share 3 petitions in progress:

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    [Petition Translation] Please help abused companion animals.

    I’m creating this petition because I was heartbroken at a news report I saw today about the discovery of 79 dead bodies of companion animals at a pet shop. I am raising a dog. I often see people around me who also buy companion animals because they are cute or because they’re curious about raising a dog, but then abandon the animal when they become tired of caring for it. If we do not eradicate such indiscriminate sales of companion animals, we will continue to witness horrors of like this pet shop case and cruelty in puppy mills. The current laws promoting the companion animal industry are unreasonable and don’t address the source of the problem. They are toxic and only encourage criminals who are intent on lining their own pockets through using companion animals. I am requesting an expansion of the relevant governmental agencies and resources to strengthen the current laws to thoroughly regulate the adoption, sale, and abuse of companion animals, and to prevent these animals from being used as bank accounts for criminals. Help the animals that cannot speak for themselves. Please protect them from an agonizing death. Animals are not money-makers for humans.

  • Petition 2: Click HERE to sign Korea Animal Welfare Association (KAWA)’s petition.
  • Petition 3: Click HERE to sign our petition.
  • Click HERE to write to President Moon Jae-In.

  1. Vicki A Brigati
    Vicki A BrigatiMarch 1,18

    Such cruelty to these dogs should not be taken for granted.

    • Dean Francois
      Dean FrancoisMarch 2,18

      I will not purchase products made in South Korea as in Hyundai Kia Samsung as long as dogs are treated this way.

      • Susan Repp
        Susan ReppMarch 4,18

        Me neither!

  2. Laura Oakes
    Laura OakesMarch 1,18

    All lives matter! There is no excuses nor tolerances for this behavior of animal cruelty in any form. Fully punnish this pet shop owner and anyone else who createsor is associated with such vile treatment.

  3. Jan
    JanMarch 1,18

    Prosecute owner of store severely,how can anyone live with themselves after causing these souls to simply rot away in their cages.This cruelty should not be tolerated on God’s planet.The owner needs to rot in jail for the rest of his lousy life!!!!!!!

  4. Sarah Louise Young
    Sarah Louise YoungMarch 1,18

    EVIL. Utterly sadistic. Cruelty at its worst and barbaric. Thus monster should receive life imprisonment. I hope he is starved to death and left for dead 😡😭 just horrific. Those poor innocent and helpless dogs. I can’t watch the video, the photos are difficult enough to
    See . We want justice 😡😡😡😤🤬

  5. rose brooks
    rose brooksMarch 1,18

    You have killed God’s creation- he will keep you in hells fire til the end of time and all other murderer of his creations too.

  6. Annie
    AnnieMarch 2,18

    This needs to stop. This is thenwork if the devil. It’s evil. People need to be lock up for this. Shame on allowing this to happen

  7. Ilise levitt
    Ilise levittMarch 2,18

    Horrifying!!! What sick evil person traps and starves through neglect!!! How do you do that to living souls and watch them suffer and painful, agonizing, slow death! This sick person should suffer the same!!!

  8. Patricia N. Quintans
    Patricia N. QuintansMarch 2,18

    This insane, sadistic and bastard pet shop owner should be charged to the fullest extent of the law and condemned to many years in jail.

  9. Kristina Preisig
    Kristina PreisigApril 16,18

    Wilde Leute diese Koreaner!

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