Progressive mayor takes momentous ‘step’ for the dogs of Bucheon – Nami Kim’s meeting with Bucheon Mayor Man-Soo Kim

With the many Sister City Campaigns that we have worked on, so far the Mayor of Bucheon is the first, and only, Mayor who has extended his willingness to bring change. Mayor Man-Soo Kim of Bucheon has sat down with Nami Kim to discuss what can be done to help bring an end to the dog meat trade. In the video, he talks about the idea of arranging a locally-held, public/citizen debate on the dog meat issue, in the hopes of building a consensus about this very controversial issue as a stepping stone to further change and action. Nami is volunteering to participate in the debate. Mayor Kim is against dog meat consumption but the issue is not an easy one to tackle realistically, so he is trying to work out the best ways to achieve this.

Click HERE to see the previous report.

Below is from Nami’s post:

After the re-enforcement of the Animal Protection Law Bill, passed in the City last month, a further step was taken for Bucheon to be dog friendly: a city without dog meat. Today we met with the Mayor of the City, Kim, Man Soo, and spent hours discussing what can be done to make this a “dog meat free city”, and how we can approach the citizens who are against the idea. The Mayor himself is an animal lover, and a very active and respected newly elected Mayor.
I submitted a proposal; and we now have plans, both for the short and long term, to work together this year and next year.
Mayor Kim is the man who can turn the city into a compassionate movement “dog meat free city”.
This is the Mayor’s office address if you would like to send him a “thank you” card.

Mayor Kim Man-Soo
Mayor’s office
210 Gilju-ro, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon city, gyeonggi-do, Postal code 14547
South Korea

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  1. faith
    faithJune 20,16

    i wish i understood what was said but im glad that progress is being made. thank u nami kim, for all u do! ill keep getting your name out there!

    • Ingrid Galliano
      Ingrid GallianoMarch 30,17

      Please Stop that Horrible -and Disgusting Practice now this is 2017 not 2017BC,please help.

      DIANE KASTELJune 3,17

      Mayor Kim, YOU are the man who can turn Bucheon into a compassionate movement, “dog meat free city”! PLEASE FOLLOW YOUR HEART AND FOLLOW YOUR SOUL!

    • Malveena Hanley
      Malveena HanleyJuly 6,17

      Please no more dog meat.

    • Jean Le Marquand
      Jean Le MarquandSeptember 22,17

      Mayor Kim…please carry on with your human work for the suffering dogs. Your tireless leadership and support from your
      staff will surely make a difference and persuade other compassionate Mayors in S. Korea to do the same.

  2. Sandra Dalton
    Sandra DaltonJune 20,16

    Thankyou for all you do!

  3. Caroline ibanez
    Caroline ibanezJune 21,16

    Thank you mayor it’s a great day for animal lovers

  4. Mary Windhorst
    Mary WindhorstJune 21,16

    Bless you Nami! I so admire you for your strength and perseverance!

  5. matet
    matetJune 21,16

    big thank you and everyone behind you to stop these atrocities on dogs and cats are pets

  6. Michele Alberts
    Michele AlbertsJune 22,16

    I will thank him if he really accomplishes this. Many times, these officials say what you want to hear and are all about inaction if the task is difficult. Changing ignorance and inhumanity in these antiquated cultures is an uphill battle.

  7. leannwalters
    leannwaltersJune 22,16

    Getting the officials to listen and take action is where real change will come. And teaching the younger children about the wonderful loving nature of animals.

  8. chloe
    chloeJune 22,16

    This is really great news – thank you and well done Nami and Mayor Kim, way to go! I hope you can unite with the people of Bucheon to end the cruelty to our furry friends

  9. Sherry Compton
    Sherry ComptonJune 23,16

    The sadistic cruelty must end! Teach kindness and compassion for all living things!

  10. Liz Farr
    Liz FarrJune 23,16

    Well so thankful that someone has highlighted this dreafdul cruel and devastating trade Well done

  11. eva hartley fiedler
    eva hartley fiedlerJune 23,16

    So good to hear it will be a long way to chance peoples attitude towards dog meat consumption but it is a start in the right direction a big thank you to all that are so passionately working on this thank you mayor Kim and Nami

  12. Sheri Verges
    Sheri VergesJune 24,16

    Great to hear good news!!! Thank you Nami and thank you Mayor Mann-Soo Kim for having the courage and compassion to make a change!!!!!

  13. Susan
    SusanJune 30,16

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to listen to the seriousness of putting an end to the dog meat trade. I find it very disrespectful of those that are in positions to support those who have such a strong desire to improve the quality of lives of animals and humans around the world, blatantly ignore the moral and ethical standards that makeup the majority of society and our expectations of even the basic ideas of humanity. I cannot help but wonder what a society that tortures, both physically and mentally, an animal that has been domesticated for over 10,000 years to be such an integral part of our society in so many ways, from working, hunting, protection, therapeutic, rescue, friend and companion, even a family member, can so carelessly expose the children in their household and community to such horrific conditions. It is beyond comprehension, and imagination the magnitude of visceral horror those impressionable and naive young minds must have to endure every minute of every day. Stop to think of the sight of such violence and cruelty, the sounds of crying, the fear and utter pain, and the smell of feces, urine, blood, and fear, yes evil at these levels has a smell that most of us will never experience our entire lives, let alone a child. The amount of unsanitary conditions and exposure to disease, all should be considered child abuse at the least. I would think as parents, a community, a “civilized” culture would have a strong desire to allow young minds to be educated and taught some of the beauty of your culture and ancestors, an even stronger desire to allow them to grow, to learn and experience the world around them, the importance of having respect for their environment and all animals. Most importantly to see beauty in the world, humanity as it should be, and the ability to have peace both mentally and emotionally is their right and our goal as parents and human beings to continuously strive for.

  14. mimi topi
    mimi topiJuly 6,16

    Thank you. I hug you. You are my great hearted heroes.

  15. Jung Kim
    Jung KimJuly 10,16

    Can you please thank him for being on the right side of history. He is a hero to many all over the world!

  16. Chenoa MacSweeney
    Chenoa MacSweeneySeptember 27,16

    Dear Mayor Man Soo Kim,

    We would like to thank you very much for responding to our petition asking South Korea to put an end to this trade and thereby the cruelty it embodies.

    We note, with sadness, however, that they are simply confirming that these laws are in place in their country. What they appear to have failed to deny is that these laws are being transgressed throughout South Korea on a daily basis: the collected evidence speaks for itself, for example the filming by the Korea Observer, published on Youtube, the clip of which was referenced in our petition.

    This video, confirming such transgression, is not an isolated example: many pictures, videos, and witness testimonies from caring South Korean Citizens, are available for public viewing on many forms of social media.

    As noted in a letter to President Obama, the following laws are in place in South Korea, but they are being transgressed all over the country in many ways, including in Buncheon; for example:

    • Livestock Product Sanitary Control Act, Article 2, Item 1 – technically makes the dog meat industry illegal
    • Food Sanitation Act, Article 7, Clause 1 – does not include dogs in the list of raw materials that can be processed and cooked as food, therefore making raising and slaughtering dogs for consumption illegal
    • Animal Protection Act, Article 3 – basic principles for protection of animals: in violation of these principles, dogs and cats are kept in unsanitary and appallingly inhumane conditions whilst being raised or bred for this industry
    • Animal Protection Act, Article 8 – prohibition of animal abuse: dogs and cats are deliberately made to suffer throughout their lives and through the purposefully prolonged deaths (they are boiled alive, beaten or blowtorched to death etc.), in the ignorant belief that this will make the meat more delicious, or the medicinal properties more efficacious
    • Animal Protection Act, Article 9 – animal transportation: the methods of transportation for dogs destined for the meat trade violate this act: tied by neck behind vehicles, packed tightly into cages, which are multi-stacked on top of each other, with no welfare considerations whatsoever
    • Animal Protection Act, Article 46 – Punishment: policing and enforcement of these laws does not happen – generally a flat denial of any wrong-doing is given

    In addition, Yong-Geun Ann(professor at the Department of Food and Nutrition at Chung Cheong College, and president of The Korean Society of Food and Nutrition – and self-named ‘Dr Dog’), contrary to recognized medical evidence, actively promotes dog eating (“The World Health Organization has warned that eating dog meat increases the risk of contracting cholera 20-fold”).

    It is worth noting, too, that while trying to justify dog eating, Mr Ann is quoted in The Korea Herald, (August 2011), as saying :
    “Ironically, many of the people who oppose the eating of dog meat are Korea’s own animal protection activists. The government supported these groups by enacting an animal protection law to shun criticism from foreign countries.”

    Mayor Man Soon Kim, we, therefore, urge you to once again review the evidence, and to do everything in your power to help bring an end to the dog meat trade in your Sister City, Buncheon.


  17. Tamara
    TamaraSeptember 29,16

    Bless you for making a stand and saving all the fur animals dogs and cats

  18. Christine prince
    Christine princeSeptember 29,16

    Thank you, …just thank you x

  19. Janaina alves
    Janaina alvesSeptember 29,16

    Fim nesse pais aos maus tratos aos animais Brasil se revoltando contra os chineses.

  20. Namrata
    NamrataSeptember 29,16

    Finally some good news. I hope this ball keeps rolling and South Korea is free of this barbaric and cruel act. Thank you.

  21. Gwen Hood
    Gwen HoodSeptember 29,16

    Thank you Mayor Man Doo Kim !!!! You are a exemplary leader and human being. This news has brought such joy to my heart. Bless you for being compassionate and instrumental in change. Dogs and cats are companion animals…they are intelligent, loving , and loyal. You have my utmost respect and gratitude for stopping this cruel heartwrenching practice in your city.

    ROSE HUNTERSeptember 30,16


  23. Valerie Bell
    Valerie BellSeptember 30,16

    Thank you so much Mayor Kim Man Soo and Nami Kim this is wonderful news ❤

  24. Ann Battle
    Ann BattleOctober 3,16

    Thank you Mayor Kim Man-Soo of Bucheon. I pray the other Mayors follow. This is so evil and I am so happy you stood up to stop this cruelty!

  25. Doris
    DorisOctober 7,16

    Mayor Kim Man Soo and Nami Kim, You will both and others that stand for this unbelievable injustice against these innocent dogs be rewarded in your next life. Those who torture will see their hell! Hell is hot like the boiling water….torches….torture. They will get what they give.

  26. jim taylor
    jim taylorOctober 7,16

    Every best wish with all your work to change your country’s policy on this evil trade/habit by banning it from your city. All living creatures deserve to be free from cruelty and dogs and cats bringing so much love to many, many homes ; they are man’s best friends and so should be treated as such.

  27. Marilyn Graziano
    Marilyn GrazianoOctober 15,16

    Thank you Mayor Kim Man- Soo of Bucheon from the bottom of my heart for the good work you are doing together with Nami Kim Our friends the dogs will always show their gratitude and have faith in you! Thank you again!!

  28. Patricia Frederick
    Patricia FrederickOctober 17,16

    Thank you Mayor Kim Man-Soo. This is a great step you have made to make Bucheon a city that does not kill dogs for food, but instead will treat with kindness and love. Bless you for your efforts with Nami Kim to make this a realty someday and hope others will follow in your amazing steps. Thank you, so much.

  29. Claire sojka
    Claire sojkaNovember 1,16

    This is progress for the sadness and torture these animals have to suffer for human vanity and pleasure.. thank you
    So many of us in other countries feel the hurt and saddness and thanks to people like nami Kim give a voice for these special creatures
    Which we know can help us in many other ways… mans best friend???

  30. Elana Willard Royer
    Elana Willard RoyerNovember 1,16

    Thank you for addressing this very important issue. Dogs are our companions. They are intelligent creatures. Please help put an end to this horrific trade! Humanity benefits us all!!

  31. Lina solima
    Lina solimaNovember 4,16

    Thank-you nami and mayor Kim

  32. Vickey Baker
    Vickey BakerDecember 8,16

    Thank you for addressing this disgusting torture and murder. Please put an end to all this killing.

  33. Stella Maris Argento
    Stella Maris ArgentoDecember 8,16

    THANK YOU !!!!!!!

  34. Lynn scougal
    Lynn scougalMarch 30,17

    Please help and stop all this unnecessary torture it breaks my heart

  35. dawn hill
    dawn hillMarch 30,17

    Dear Mayor and Nami, a big thank you for all your relentless hard hard work and total dedication in helping the voiceless dear souls from this horrendous trade. You give hope to so many people as well as the dear animals. You are truly our heroes who can never be thanked enough for what you do and have done. You have our support till this evil has ended. Let’s keep going, let’s keep fighting, let’s end this. I thank everyone who has helped with this fight good luck to all

  36. amelia vitale
    amelia vitaleJune 2,17

    big thank you, Major Kim! One love

  37. Kathy Tenda
    Kathy TendaJune 2,17

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping the dogs!

  38. Susan Frudd
    Susan FruddJune 3,17

    Thank you for showing the way forward to put an end to such a very cruel trade, I hope your shining example will encourage all others to follow so there will be no dog meat trade, along with education and working together there is now a positive feel. Thank you so very much……..

  39. Barbara Peterlin
    Barbara PeterlinJune 3,17

    Thank you for supporting the dogs rescued!!!!

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