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Boycott Pyeongchang_1440x2160_oSouth Korea is now firmly in the spotlight with the run to the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, being held from 9th-25th February 2018 … and then the light will be on full beam.

And, while part of the journey for many international tourists visiting South Korea for these Winter Olympics will be to experience South Korea’s promoted ‘international cuisine’, we want to be sure that they also know about the ‘hidden cuisine’: products of the cruel and sadistic dog meat trade … that, once again, this country will be keen to keep from foreign eyes.

Out of sight is definitely not out of mind: the barbaric dog meat trade will still be going on. So let’s make sure this trade does not get hidden, and let’s make sure that South Korea knows they will be held accountable.

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Boycott PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, A Dog Eating Nation!


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  1. young yun
    young yunSeptember 14,16

    We have to end this for these poor dogs.

    • Karen Bartley
      Karen BartleySeptember 15,16

      With the Winter Olympics in Korea we have a good chance of success.

      • Catherine Staffy
        Catherine StaffyMarch 25,17

        Karen, I do SO hope it will end. It is an ongoing battle. The South Koreans don’t like foreign intervention.

      • Dave and Rita Cross
        Dave and Rita CrossApril 21,17

        What they will do is to hide all evidence of the dog and cat meat trade during the 2018 “Winter Olympics”! So wish we all had the guts to pull out of this event and hold the games elsewhere! This sends a message that S. Korea is supported by all countries involved! Disgusting and tragic!!

    • Jennifer Murray
      Jennifer MurraySeptember 17,16

      This needs to stop!

    • Kayann Ramos
      Kayann RamosMarch 30,17

      yes i’m trying to sign to help

  2. Bill Carley
    Bill CarleySeptember 15,16

    This sickness must stop!

  3. Melissa Renninger
    Melissa RenningerSeptember 16,16

    How can any committee seriously consider allowing these barbaric cold blooded dog murderers to host the 2018 Winter Olympics? Theses people have to be stopped before anyone participates in any Games with these idiots!!

    • Rebecca
      RebeccaSeptember 16,16

      Could not agree with you more!

    • Salvatore
      SalvatoreSeptember 17,16

      I agree with you 100%

    • Dona Readinger
      Dona ReadingerSeptember 17,16

      So true !

  4. ewa perczak
    ewa perczakSeptember 16,16

    at past, when I heard the name “”South Korea”” immediately I was thinking about “”Samsung”” now when I hear this word, I think immediately ” torture, cruelty'”” this is what I think now !!!!

    • Dave and Rita Cross
      Dave and Rita CrossApril 21,17

      Don’t forget to boycott all Samsung, LG, Daewoo, etc. products. To purchase a Hyundai or KIA is in direct support of the S. Korean barbarism and cruelty to dogs and cats! There are many choices of cars beside those made by this 3rd world country!

  5. Rebecca
    RebeccaSeptember 16,16

    Please let this horrible practice stop!

  6. christina pafitis
    christina pafitisSeptember 16,16

    Please stop this barbaric torture on these innocent animals everyone go vegan

  7. Rui Almeida
    Rui AlmeidaSeptember 16,16

    I sign petitions everyday…
    My heart is with them…
    i cant eat correctly…
    i can sleep normally…
    We must do something….

    • Maude S Haworth
      Maude S HaworthNovember 6,16

      A group of mercenary types must get in there and stop these murderers. Our govts are too greedy and too busy kissing Dog Torturers asses. WE must get a hardcore group in there it’s the ONLY SOLUTION!

    • Colleen Kelly
      Colleen KellyDecember 5,16


    • Vincent
      VincentJanuary 7,17

      Please this stop barbaric Dog 😤

  8. Radek Jancik
    Radek JancikSeptember 16,16

    zastavte take krute a nesmyslne zabijeni psu to je proti prirode zadam okamzite zastaveni takeho sverstva jinak se proti vam postavi cely svet sdilim

  9. Brenda
    BrendaSeptember 16,16

    This evil, disgusting sick practice must stop. I will boycott your country and everything made there. Totally and utterly inhumane.

  10. Hayley swainston
    Hayley swainstonSeptember 16,16

    I would definitely not allow them to hold any of what they are planning when they are killing innocent dogs and puppies. What a fuckin disgrace these people are they make me sick to stomach to thing of what dogs cats and puppies are going through all because they is a dog meat industry. What a fuckin disgrace to leave these dogs and puppies in their filthy cages and then to do the most shocking cruelty I have seen in my life I was tries when I watched the video of what you do to these beautiful dogs they don’t deserve this treatment. You are fuckin disgrace and the most cruel bastards I have seen in my life. STOP THIS CRUELTY AND END THIS DOG NEAT TRADE NOW.

    • patty
      pattyFebruary 14,17

      Hello people! We need to contact President Trump and have this exposed all over the place! Write a letter to the White House! There should be sanctions. This is illegal animal abuse and torture! These bastards should feel their pain! We are Americans and should stop this immediately!!!

  11. Wendy Cunningham
    Wendy CunninghamSeptember 16,16

    All the sponsors must refuse to sponsor this Einter Olympice on a country that eats. Unfortunately all they care about is MONEY!!

  12. Carol Lynn Reins
    Carol Lynn ReinsSeptember 16,16

    They will try to hide the slaughterhouses of cats and dogs and prevent tourists from seeing the torture and slaughter. Before you go, remember the animals and demand it stop.

    LISA LAMMONSeptember 17,16


  14. christina pafitis
    christina pafitisSeptember 17,16

    This is the most saddest thing breaks my heart

  15. Rod O
    Rod OSeptember 17,16

    End the barbaric torture and murder of the voiceless. Never EVER stop fighting this until it stops! Sign the petitions, contact law makers, give financially to the many organizations out there fighting this. Share with everyone you know, shed light on this vile, dark secret. Shame on you South Korea!!!

    MARIANNE SCHÖNEBECKSeptember 17,16

    Boykottiert die Olympischen Winterspiele 2018 und kämpft so um das Leben der Tiere. Beendet dieses grausame Treiben. Ich habe dazu nur eine Meinung Todesstrafe für Tiermörder und Tierquälerei

  17. Trish
    TrishSeptember 17,16

    It makes me soooo sad that humans are torturing such sweet animals in this world . Sometimes throughout my dreams at night I see the images and hear the screams and feel the torture of these innocent beings . It’s just an idea , it is JUST AN IDEA that one can recieve a certain amount of power/benefit from eating the meat of a tortured dog so we need to replace those IDEAS , those STORIES humans tell themselves , with a new IDEA , a new STORY !
    The New Story is that ALL beings matter . Because through our intergenerational education we have been taught exclusion , that certain groups don’t matter as much as others , Jews,Blacks , Muslims , Women , LGTBQ’s, , Animals , Insects … then our humans brain compartmentalizes and allows us to do hideous ,cruel things to the excluded group and yet at the same time be a fairly decent person in other aspects of our lives . Ask yourself ” Who do I exclude from my circle of caring ?” To whomever you exclude , you also have the potential of being cruel ! I have come to a point in my Life where I can see that the way forward for us Human Beings is to evolve into Empathic , Compassionate , Wise Humans that have the core Value from which we operate at all times of Compassion 4 ALL . Even though I will do everything in my power to STOP animal torture and ALL TORTURE , I do choose to LOVE the animal torturer , pedophile , 1% … because that is the way forward , to create a peaceful , loving world for ALL . We are all wounded souls . Especially someone who can torture another !!! They are so much a wounded soul AND I wish so much they would be reading this ! But also we all are . I know lots of people who in their boyhoods did cruel things to animals or insects . I teach and care for young children and teach them Compassion for THEMSELVES and for ALL others . Lots of dear sweet children in this world have NEVER been taught Compassion 4 themselves and as a matter of fact LOTS of innocent children are tortured and abuse !! Want to guess which children grow up capable of cruelty and have numbed over so much that they can now hardly FEEL anything and certainly not empathy for that sweet animal if front of them . We are complex beings us humans , and when that sweet animal is before the abuser , he/she is actually seeing their own sweet innocence as they were , as you were as a child ! We are actually All So Beautiful !!! Even YOU the torturers . You don’t have to do this anymore . You can be a Loving Being and forgive yourself . Torturing and abusing comes from an IDEA in a persons head , just an idea . WE CAN CHANGE OUR IDEA TO A WORLD OF COMPASSION 4 ALL . Namaste

  18. Pilar Buchan
    Pilar BuchanSeptember 19,16

    They deserve too much love and a happy life, not to live in that hell .. Would love to do something too so they can stop it, and we can save them :´(

  19. Peta Feral
    Peta FeralSeptember 20,16


    I have been blocked on Gmail from doing any more of these email actions with threats to permanently block my account; do you know of a email service provider who is more reasonable?

    • marguerite white
      marguerite whiteOctober 29,16

      Facebook But do not know why6 you been blocked I was on Gmail and have never been blocked from doing petitions.

  20. Linda Larson
    Linda LarsonSeptember 20,16

    These poor animals suffer endlessly for human consumption. Maybe they should feel the pain the way they make these defenseless dogs and cats suffer needlessly. They are not human, they’re sick , barbaric pieces of garbage who should pay for what they do. Anyone who can torture and kill an animal doesn’t deserve to be in our world. Take them all out.

  21. Michelle P.
    Michelle P.September 22,16

    Thank you for what you do, for caring. I do what I can (calling and emailing embassies, legislators and others and donating), but we still have along way to go to change attitudes!

  22. Kelly Ohri
    Kelly OhriOctober 8,16

    Please saving all of innocent dogs and I would like to taking care of them in safe homes who loves dogs.

  23. Ad Lenders
    Ad LendersOctober 15,16

    I made an account on their website, but see no possibility to login and post a comment??

  24. MS
    MSOctober 23,16

    SHUT DOWN ALL DOG / CAT MEAT FARMS IN S.KOREA & the rest of Asia — they are beyond horrific, cruel, sadistic & immoral — THE WORLD IS WATCHING!

  25. Diana Hanley
    Diana HanleyOctober 28,16

    Heart breaking to see such cruelty to thousands of animals. Surely we can change this horrific trade in dog & cat meat!

  26. Julia Chisley
    Julia ChisleyOctober 30,16

    Can you try , pls try to put forth some
    effort to help the tiered hurt scared
    dogs –
    Please say you will help. Say you will try
    to do something that will make a
    change a difference. Help end
    this unspeakable cruelty. Companions
    they love us , they trust us . It is
    unspeakable betrayal of trust of
    custodianship , stewardship care of
    animal life here on this planet in the
    world that mankind shares with
    the domestic animal kind .
    Mankind is blessed with these living
    souls . Please lets not squander
    our inheritance of flora and fauna
    and our wonderful domestic
    companion friends, beautiful
    dogs. They are beautiful beings.
    Help. Please, lets help them –

  27. Mariella bellorofonte
    Mariella bellorofonteNovember 2,16

    I support the boycott..its horrendous what these people are doing to thee poor animals…

  28. Shelia
    SheliaNovember 10,16

    I support the boycott. This evil, inhuman and cruel act must stop!!!!

  29. Amy Prangley
    Amy PrangleyNovember 11,16

    God please send Angels to help everyone of these innocent animals. Destroy anyone and everyone who harms them in anyway. In Jesus name I pray, Amen 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

  30. Wade swafford
    Wade swaffordNovember 11,16

    Maybe are new president can help us stop this horrible event !!!

  31. Mary Stacy
    Mary StacyDecember 7,16

    So sick of this BULL SHIT

  32. Alan Linn
    Alan LinnDecember 18,16

    It is hard to believe that in the 21st Century, with all the farming advances and technology that is available to any country, there are still people that are killing and consuming dog and cat meat on a daily basis.
    Gandhi once said: “The greatness and moral progress of a nation is judged by the way the people treat their animals.”

  33. MS
    MSDecember 19,16

    And it is time for Korea to start taking animal welfare seriously and show that it really is a compassionate and ethical society. It is time for the Korean government to educate the people about the importance of spaying and neutering, about NOT abandoning pets, and about treating animals with love and respect. REMEMBER, animals are innocent, vulnerable beings ALWAYS at the mercy of humans. If we are truly better than these animals, then let’s show it through our respect, our care and our kindness to them. We MUST ensure that our animals are happy, healthy and comfortable. — Until these issues are dealt with properly, Korea’s reputation in the international community will continue to suffer. Its citizens will continue to face shame and embarrassment. And Korea will continue to be regarded as “third world,” despite its modernization and attempts at globalized thinking.

  34. Alice Lee
    Alice LeeDecember 27,16

    I am Korean. It makes the rest of us sick to our stomach that the cruel and inhumane Koreans eat dogs. We wish you the most upset stomach and hopefully you will get some unknown viruses from tge dog meat transmitted to your body giving back to you the same pain you have sponsored.

  35. birgitte christesen
    birgitte christesenDecember 28,16

    Disqusting is the word the way these animals are treated.

  36. anna poggesi
    anna poggesiJanuary 28,17

    E’ vero quello che dice Peta Feral.Bloccano le petizioni.! E’ un nuovo lavoro a pagamento??????

  37. Katharina K.
    Katharina K.February 24,17

    Hört endlich auf unsere Treue Freunde zu essen!!!

  38. Joe Jones
    Joe JonesFebruary 28,17

    Praying for them

  39. Onishea Aguilera
    Onishea AguileraMarch 2,17

    I will keep signing petitions everyday till it stops.

  40. faithy
    faithyMarch 5,17

    hi i just wanted to let u know that the suggested e-mail for the olympic committee is too long according to what they accept. they only accept 100 characters, and i didnt want to shorten it because everything that is written is so essential. can u make it a little shorter?

  41. Kidlet
    KidletMarch 5,17

    Your just a bunch of liars and we seen right through you! There are otter meat out there that should be consume for human, dog and cat are not on that list. You people make me sick to my stomach the horrendous and unbelievable cruelity to these poor dogs and cats. Your nothing but a bunch of thriefs and liars. You think you fooled the world you are sadly mistaking! We will continue to fight this fight and be these animals voices. You ca not get rid of use that fast and on top of it you lied to the world. I see you can be trusted! NOT!

  42. Lesley Whitfield
    Lesley WhitfieldMarch 6,17

    Apalled of the treatment of cats and dogs. Have you compassion? Boiling animals alive, set on fire. Shame on you. Stop this awful cruelty NOW.

  43. Patrizia Böcher
    Patrizia BöcherMarch 7,17

    This is the most saddest thing breaks my heart

  44. Isabel Savage
    Isabel SavageMarch 17,17


  45. Denise Leblanc
    Denise LeblancMarch 26,17

    THIS IS SCARY. All these little … will be pushing live boiled dog and cat meat on street corners and to restaurants under the name of “international cuisine”. South Korea has earned its DOG AND CAT EATING NATION.
    Since “President” Park Geun-hye has been fired as South Korea on March 10, 2017, don’t count on her replacement, HWANG KYO-AHN, acting President of South Korea because he’ll probably be sitting in the first row to watch these BLOODY olympics.

  46. Carina
    CarinaMarch 26,17

    How cruel do you people want to be, dogs and cats are there to be you friend not for your sick thoughts. Shame on you bad people. Korea stop this please

  47. Janet
    JanetMarch 31,17

    Shame on you how can you let leases poor dogs and cat’s suffer like this it is evil you make me sick to the stomach.

  48. Eva Anderson-Hanhineva
    Eva Anderson-HanhinevaApril 16,17

    Terrible people in this country, they have no feelings for living beings

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