1. Joy Ruth
    Joy RuthNovember 3,16

    Boycott games in Korea until the dog meat trade is stopped once and for all. Out of sight, but never out of mind!

    • Ginette vidal
      Ginette vidalMay 13,17

      Arrêter cette cruauté.

    • josephine odonovan
      josephine odonovanDecember 13,17

      We strongly urge South Korea to shut down the terrible and cruel dog and cat meat trade

  2. Eugenio Cutajar Forte
    Eugenio Cutajar ForteFebruary 2,17

    Boycott to the whole restaurant

  3. Eugenio Cutajar Forte
    Eugenio Cutajar ForteFebruary 2,17

    We can make a boycott to their prodacts .

  4. BOLLIET Pascale
    BOLLIET PascaleMay 10,17

    pas de JO en Corée quand je vois l’horreur de l’holocauste des chiens et des chats, ce sont des crimes gravissimes qui doivent être punis par les tribunaux ! donc pas de JO en 2018 !

  5. Shabs
    ShabsMay 10,17

    Boycott any events which hurts animals

  6. Shabs toni
    Shabs toniMay 10,17

    Boycott any event which hurt animals

  7. Donna thomas
    Donna thomasSeptember 21,17

    Boycott all of china and Koreans goods, they are killing dogs and cats in the most barbaric way and it’s all for sexual enhancement . These countries allow this horrific killing fur thus? Drag these sub humans in the street till their skin comes off with bones and organs showing , still leave them to suffer more until they are finally killed , puppies boiled alive , big dogs dragged by the neck and dismembered , with the legs being saved off while the digs is alive and in shock , this is allowed? Yet these countries export pet toys and food and snack fir the dogs they kill and torture , these barbarians deserve to be taken off of this planet straight to hell , sitting on top of cages craned with dogs on top of each other , pure enjoyment , they take up air that these beautiful animals deserve to breathe .All dogs and cats lives matter .

  8. Cecilia Crystal
    Cecilia CrystalFebruary 2,18

    Don’t be c cruel to dogs. They are loving companions/not dinner!

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