PyeongChang 2018 Athletes, Please speak out against animal cruelty!

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The 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics in South Korea are now in full swing, and attracting much attention from around the world.

On the homepage of PyeongChang 2018, there is now a list of all the participating athletes. Let’s ask these athletes to speak out against the cruel dog and cat meat trade in South Korea and help save the millions of animals each year that suffer from horrific brutality and mass slaughter. Your action may touch their hearts.

Here is how:

1. Click HERE for the Athletes page.
2. Select a Sports category from “Sports” column, then click “Search”.
3. You will see the list of athletes competing. Click on each name and scroll down to the bottom for their personal/public social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Click on each of these social media accounts.
4. Send them a message in your own words or use our sample message below.
5. For the suggested message translations in other languages, click HERE and then scroll down.

Tips: China restricts social media and therefore, Chinese athletes do not have Facebook accounts. You can save time by skipping them.

PLEASE REMEMBER to be polite! These athletes worked hard for this chance to compete in the Olympics and being rude or disrespectful will not help our cause or the dogs.

Suggested message

Dear ______,

PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics, an international gathering of elite athletes, sports fans, governments and businesses on such a grand scale is a unique platform for taking a meaningful stand against the widely condemned, barbaric and inhumane dog and cat meat trade in South Korea.

We know you are busy participating in this epic sporting event. However, we urge you to spare just a few minutes of your time to watch this video, as fellow people with compassion for animals, whether they are raised for our consumption or as our companions, working partners and guardians, we know you will agree that the current practice and attitude of those involved in this medieval industry is completely unacceptable and abhorrent.

No living being deserves such a torturous existence. Forced to endure the most extreme deprivation and unimaginable torment from the moment they are born until the day they are brutally slaughtered; dogs (our best friends) are battery farmed – imprisoned in cramped, rusty, raised cages all their lives with no protection from extreme elements. They have no access to water, exercise, or medical care. Their eardrums are often burst to prevent them from barking. Until, often in front of other live dogs, they are electrocuted, hanged, beaten, skinned or burnt alive in the ignorant belief that such suffering will improve their taste. Could you imagine this happening to your best friend?

This industry is by no means small scale, thousands upon thousands of dogs are factory farmed in this way every day, there is no emphasis on even the most basic and cheapest humane farming methods in this operation. This trade has no basis in promoting “culture” or tradition of the Korean people, it is purely driven by greed and the profits that can be made in this severely under-regulated, tax free sector which in itself is highly unsanitary and a severe risk to both human and animal health.

Please do not look the other way, please do not see this issue as a ‘cultural difference’, we urge you to look at this issue with unbridled compassion and to use whatever means or methods you can to add your voice to the many already calling for change in south Korea. This petition ( is just a start, we urge you to add your voice to social media and other campaigns. Please use this unique opportunity to help change the lives of so many dogs and cats condemned to a life in the meat trade. If South Korea knows the world is watching and is asking for change, and if South Korea wants to be respected as a nation of conscience, South Koreans need to strengthen their abysmal and outdated animal welfare laws and permanently ban dog and cat consumption. Please help us to bring about this change!

Video: Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE), The Korea Observer.

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  1. kristin
    kristinJanuary 31,18

    Hideous!!!!!!!!!! Make it stop!!!

    • Jacqueline S. Frye
      Jacqueline S. FryeJanuary 31,18

      I agree 100%!! Please help us as we fight to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Every voice counts, and every action to protect these precious ones is an asset!!

      • Janice Giampaoli
        Janice GiampaoliFebruary 2,18

        That is absolutely true Jacqueline. We must continue to fight against this atrocity until it comes to an end. It is disgusting, hideous and barbaric! These people have no heart or soul!

      • Cecilia Johansson
        Cecilia JohanssonFebruary 20,18

        Yes, we must keep this up. It has reached our evening papers here in Sweden, at least I’m thankful for that.

    • Carol DeGeir
      Carol DeGeirFebruary 1,18

      Please help stop this from happening this is disgusting what these animals go through.

    • Jerry
      JerryFebruary 2,18

      Help Stop The cruelty that they are doing to dogs over their g

    • Barbara Kruza
      Barbara KruzaFebruary 3,18

      I agree! This race is so, so desperate for dog and cat meat that they break into other people’s homes and take their pets and eat them! Dogs and cats lives mean nothing and I they don’t care how they get the meat, just get it, make a quick buck and onto another life taken! They love torturing, killing, abusing animals and raise these poor animals on farms just for this pleasure!

      • Gwen
        GwenFebruary 5,18

        One of the cruelest nations on earth, along with china and vietnam. Mind you 8 out of 10 cruelty cases I fight comes out of the USA but at least there are animal welfare laws to deal with the maggots that hurt animals.

    • jonmarie compton
      jonmarie comptonFebruary 10,18

      Let’s all commit to do one thing a day to stop this torture of innocent beautiful creatures.

    • Tom Jones
      Tom JonesFebruary 14,18

      We are in hell

    • Linda Segal
      Linda SegalFebruary 14,18

      You are the people with the strongest voice for these animals. Please be their voice to end the torture of dogs and cats for food. Please speak to president Moon who can end this. Use your power.

    • Kathleen McCaughtrie
      Kathleen McCaughtrieFebruary 14,18

      This is a filthy evil industry that the Government cannot be allowed to ignore. It is a shame and disgrace to their nation and our world. Everyone patronizing the winter olympics, whether athletes or viewers must make a stand against this evil machine.

    • Jillana Laufer
      Jillana LauferFebruary 17,18


    • Amelia King
      Amelia KingFebruary 20,18

      Please please help stop this unbelievable cruelty

      • Jerry
        JerryFebruary 20,18

        We all have to help STOP the slaughter of this poor dog.s

    • Eleanor Mcelroy
      Eleanor McelroyFebruary 24,18

      The more we shout and object to this barbaric torture of companion animals the better it might get.i hope and wish.

  2. Zsanine Alexander
    Zsanine AlexanderJanuary 31,18

    This must stop now!

  3. Kirsten Dyhr
    Kirsten DyhrJanuary 31,18

    Stop dette nu

  4. Jacqueline masterson
    Jacqueline mastersonJanuary 31,18

    There is no way a Civalised society can support this:(

  5. Nathalie
    NathalieJanuary 31,18

    Dogs a humans best friends.

    • Viard
      ViardFebruary 23,18

      cats too

  6. Danise Haskins
    Danise HaskinsJanuary 31,18

    This makes all of us cry!! This has to stop!

  7. Chantal Vanhauter
    Chantal VanhauterJanuary 31,18

    This must stop now!

  8. Magdalena Rohanová
    Magdalena RohanováJanuary 31,18

    Stop animal cruelty, stop dog meat eating!!!

  9. maureen
    maureenJanuary 31,18

    please do your best to stop the cruelty and eating of our beautiful animals, all advertising is so important to STOP the cruel treatment of these beautiful
    animals, who love us and depend on us, I cannot bear to look at the pictures of these lovely animals, being so inhumanely treated.

  10. Donna Brand
    Donna BrandJanuary 31,18

    Stop the barbaric torture, killing and eating of such innocent loving animals, many of whom are stolen family pets. Where is your humanity? Have you no soul?? I am one voice for those that can’t speak for themselves. All love life, all fear harm.

  11. martin toner(our martin)
    martin toner(our martin)January 31,18

    Like hell on earth!

  12. David Broadwood
    David BroadwoodJanuary 31,18

    It’s pure evil.

  13. Julie Lamb
    Julie LambJanuary 31,18

    I am crying as I write this – it is beyond comprehension how a human being can be so cruel to an animal. I see S.Korea in a totally different light now all I see is cruelty viciousness and barbarism a very cold hearted country! I just cannot believe this is happening! For pity’s sake please let this stop!

    • admin
      adminJanuary 31,18

      Dear Julie,
      [Update: 1/31/18, 2:42pm PT] PyeongChang 2018 Website is working now. Please take action. Thank you!

    • K Quinlan
      K QuinlanFebruary 1,18

      I agree 100%!! We need to not purchase anything Samsung, LG, the cars and anything made in Korea! Now that the USA is recovering from ppl who wish to destroy our economic power and we have made in the USA! We will be able to purchase our own or from ppl who do not forture companion animals! BARBARIANS the world knows about shameful Korea and we reject those who are so mean to other helpless creatures! I hope it happens to you and I do not want my tax dollars protecting you!!

        JOLYNN OSHEA-WALKERFebruary 24,18

        Absolutely, K Quinlan! I’ve been boycotting S. Korean products for years now. Sadly, most all of my tech items were Samsung, but as of now, I’ve replaced them all. And I wouldn’t drive a Kia if someone gave me one! GET INVOLVED, PEOPLE. Humane Society International, The Soi Dog Foundation, In Defense of Animals, and others – all great organizations, working to shut down these horrific dog meat farms. I’ve been signing petitions and donating monthly for years now and I pray that I live long enough to see an end to this horrid abomination. GOD HELP THESE INNOCENT CREATURES.

    • brian
      brianFebruary 23,18

      hello Julie, we NEED to get involved. writing the empathetic post is good, but doesn’t help. get in touch with SOI DOG or No Dogs left behind to donate, or see how you can be a part of helping. you can write letters to editors (Korean newspapers) asking them to get this into their papers, or you can try to contact the athletes, or write letters directly to the S. Korean govt. just get involved.

  14. Audrey Muir
    Audrey MuirJanuary 31,18

    Now I know why I cannot contact the UK team, thank you. If I get through I will tell you. Thank you for ALL you do x

  15. Lisa
    LisaJanuary 31,18

    This horrific act has to stop! Worldwide! How can you call yourselves civilized society when you torture animals. Not only that but your people bring it to our country! It won’t be long when the tables turn and you become the hunted here in the us, the people here are talking

  16. Paola
    PaolaJanuary 31,18

    it looks like the different social media accounts be it facebook, instagram, personal websites links are still working for the United States athletes. havent checked out the other countries.

  17. Tina
    TinaJanuary 31,18

    Please stop this evil practice. Dogs, cats not for human consumption. You well be treated the same way you treat these poor creatures one day in Hell if you dont stop, and it will be for a eternity. Reap what you show, its not to late.

  18. Claudia
    ClaudiaJanuary 31,18

    Stop Stop this please

    • Eva Sládeková
      Eva SládekováFebruary 13,18

      Bože potrestaj nás lebo takého zverstva je schopný iba človek. Zastavte to zabíjanie psov. Prosím.

  19. Diane Plante
    Diane PlanteJanuary 31,18

    This barbaric behavior needs to stop. Dogs are loving companions that we care for and cherish. They are not food.

  20. Toomuchpain
    ToomuchpainJanuary 31,18

    True champions become champions on behalf of others

  21. Lisa Sproule
    Lisa SprouleFebruary 1,18

    Please stop murdering and torturing these helpless animals. Dogs and cats are to be loved not eaten. Have some compassion
    for these poor defenceless animals.

  22. Angie Sieb
    Angie SiebFebruary 1,18

    Why can’t these people stop this cruelty. Dogs and cats are NOT meant to eat..

    • adriana
      adrianaFebruary 2,18

      Please stop murdering and torturing these helpless animals. Dogs and cats are to be loved not eaten. Have some compassion
      for these poor defenceless animals.

  23. Diana
    DianaFebruary 1,18

    Anyone that can do this is totally sick in the head and needs major help!!! Shame on you!

  24. Coreen Kerr
    Coreen KerrFebruary 1,18

    How on earth can these so called humans eat man’s best friend?? Sickening if you ask me.

  25. Jeff Poppen
    Jeff PoppenFebruary 1,18

    Your country is an abomination towards dogs. The killing of dogs must stop now.

  26. shana shah
    shana shahFebruary 1,18

    As a prominent person , make a big change under your name that can stay forever in history.Please stop torturing the man’s best friend. We all are humans with different cultures and history but we use the same protein to make our own foods! how many countries use dogs and cats for their for recipes?

  27. Dezelak Simon
    Dezelak SimonFebruary 1,18


  28. June
    JuneFebruary 1,18

    You need kill your own people to eat human’s meat!! NOT DOGS/cats meat!!
    You are fuck coward demonic!!

    • Mike
      MikeFebruary 1,18

      What a stupid comment! This is to the athletes who we are asking to help. That kind of hate speech will only counteract any help these dogs need.

  29. Audrey
    AudreyFebruary 1,18

    There is nothing need to torture dogs please stop

  30. Cecilia Johansson
    Cecilia JohanssonFebruary 1,18

    Thank you all good friends who take a stand for the innocent. I remain a voice for the animals.

    EUDOKIAFebruary 1,18


  32. vaso
    vasoFebruary 1,18

    stop killing dogs!!!

  33. elena golubeva
    elena golubevaFebruary 1,18

    There is nothing need to torture dogs please stop

    LE CALLONNECFebruary 1,18

    C’est une honte ,honte à la coré du sud et du nord pour cette barbarie

  35. Jason mckimm
    Jason mckimmFebruary 1,18

    You want us to believe your like us but you toture animals like this , that is nothing like us at all we love animals , just makes you look like sick humans that will never be like the west

  36. Janneke Bais
    Janneke BaisFebruary 1,18

    Stop this cruelty. See, hear and feel with your heart

  37. Roberta
    RobertaFebruary 1,18

    Stoppppp fermateli questi assassini

  38. Eleanor Mcelroy
    Eleanor McelroyFebruary 1,18

    Innocent animals can’t demonstrate and object to their dreadful treatment and killing so we must speak for them .want it to stop in my time won’t stop trying.

    CAROL WARNERFebruary 1,18


  40. Mike
    MikeFebruary 1,18

    We know the younger generation see this disgusting practice as evil. You can put an end to the suffering of these poor animals. Please use your love and strength to end the hell these dogs go through. Thank you.

  41. kowal godelieve
    kowal godelieveFebruary 1,18

    This most stop!!!

  42. Marchal
    MarchalFebruary 1,18

    Aucun animal ne mérite d’être traité ainsi! c’est immonde et cruel!!

    KIM HADLEIGHFebruary 2,18

    No animal should be tortured to satisfy human craving for meat, be it cat, dog, pig, cow, bird or anything else. Farm animals are not so different, they all feel pain and fear. STOP THESE ATROCIOUS ACTS OF TORTURE AND SUFFERING! Athletes please speak out to help these poor dogs and cats, make your voice heard by the world whilst you have the platform to do so. It is no wonder the world is in such disharmony with the vibrations of such horror, committed by humans against such sentient beings. Korea your country needs to learn compassion, this is not acceptable.

  44. Lyn Palmer
    Lyn PalmerFebruary 2,18

    PLEASE!…Speak out, RAISE YOUR VOICE…To STOP the killing and abuse of innocent dogs and cats

  45. Eva Anderson-Hanhineva
    Eva Anderson-HanhinevaFebruary 2,18

    Stop making animals bad, God sees you ..

  46. Lisa
    LisaFebruary 2,18

    I will keep signing the petitions, I find this truly horrific and so sad for those animals at the hands of compassionatless, cruel, barbaric people.

  47. Alissa
    AlissaFebruary 3,18

    Only way to stop it is to go over there ourselves. I say we take a trip to Asia and get hands on. If interested contact me on Twitter~ @Rainbowlove2018

  48. Kimberly Stiles
    Kimberly StilesFebruary 3,18

    BOYCOTT the Olympics! The athletics are probably more interested in their sport and getting a medal.
    South Korea this is a sick and evil practice!

      JUNE JARMANFebruary 8,18

      Don’t these South Koreans have any feelings towards animals? Are they so hungry that they need to eat domestic animals? What a barbaric practice!

  49. Mary D.
    Mary D.February 3,18

    S. Korea, u are a country of cruel barbarians, who care nothing about the endless torture and suffering of innocent animals. Shameful. Pray to your God for forgiveness! The world is watching as u butcher and eat these beautiful dogs and cats.

  50. Angela Grammatico
    Angela GrammaticoFebruary 3,18

    This Brutal Murder MUST STOP ! I don’t see where to sign any petitions on this site ??? It’s not done very well or user friendly !!

    • Sasha Patrick
      Sasha PatrickFebruary 4,18

      If you look at the top of the page under KoreanDogs.Org,you will see the pages are listed across the screen,Home,Languages,Info,What you can do,Petitions,Sister City Campaigns,Blog,Resources,Contact.Hope this helps!

    • Elaine
      ElaineFebruary 5,18

      I totally agree with Angela. I have been experiencing this for months. I want to help, but the process of signing the petitions is extremely convoluted. Is it possible to have a one click system like other petition sites have (such as Care2 for example). The easier it is to sign the more people will help. Please whoever created this site, can you make it more (MUCH MORE) user friendly? It’s WAY too complicated & not at all easy to understand. If you want to help more animals it would be wise to take this feedback on board & take action on it.

  51. Leclere
    LeclereFebruary 3,18

    Que ce massacre cesse c’est impossible de voir de telles choses. Comment peut on être monstrueux insensible et débile a se point???

  52. emilie
    emilieFebruary 4,18

    after a few messages, facebook blocks us. there’s no way to contact every one of them, it would take weeks and weeks. we need a petition that will be send to everyone

    • Kathy
      KathyFebruary 5,18

      Emilie – A few sent messages are better than none. Don’t get discouraged!

      • emilie
        emilieFebruary 5,18

        I did sent at least 30, for now… everyone should chose a category and do that; we should make a table, a list

        • Sasha Patrick
          Sasha PatrickFebruary 11,18

          Yes it did that with me too,kept saying they’d been marked as spam. It would save a lot of time if there was one petition that contacted everyone,the Olympics website is a bit ancient!

  53. Alan Braganza
    Alan BraganzaFebruary 5,18

    While the dog meat and cat meat trade is a cruel and brutal treatment of sentient animals that suffer agonizing deaths; it must be not ignored or glanced over without comment about the nature of dogs and cats. Dogs and cats have been highly domesticated as companion animals in people’s homes as family members and they nurture their young with most endearing feelings. It would be better not to eat dogs and cats as food and there needs to be a change in thinking to end this practice of the dog and cat meat trade.

  54. Sam martin
    Sam martinFebruary 5,18

    Dogs and cats are loyal loving and dogs help the blind too.cats and dogs are being used in policing come on.NO EAT DOG AND CAT MEAT.i be lost without my babies i have cats and dogs we are family they are a member of my family.stop eating dogs and cats.they are better of alive than eaten.i hope to god it stops so sad.i will back the stop eat dog and cat trade like i take in strays to keep them alive like i do.i love all animals.its cruel them poor babies.come on stop

  55. Kathy
    KathyFebruary 5,18

    My heart aches for all the innocent dogs and cats caught up in the meat trade in South Korea. The Animal Kingdom are citizens of this Earth too. They have just as much a right as we do to live their lives in peace on this planet, free from torture and murder at the hands of humans!

  56. Cecilia Johansson
    Cecilia JohanssonFebruary 5,18

    This is a disgrace for humankind. Please do not avert your eyes, take action for the protection of these tortured animals!

  57. Eric Martin
    Eric MartinFebruary 5,18

    These people are seriously f….ed up. The bible states that God forbids the human race to eat animals with paws, those that do so are considered demonic & will be condemned to burn in hell for eternity. If Mr Kim gets his way & Nukes the crap out of South Korea they will burn in hell literally.

  58. patrizia cavaliere
    patrizia cavaliereFebruary 5,18

    THIS IS HORROR,IN ITALY THE DOGS are a part of family.My dog is my baby.I spend around 1 thousen euro of year for a doctor,for his safe..IS not possible,read this notice terrible .inconcepibile,che psicopatici possano uccidere e mangiare this creature angel..STOPPPPPP NOW

  59. Hannelore Heil
    Hannelore HeilFebruary 5,18

    Habe viele deutsche Sportler angeschrieben, geht jetzt aber plötzlich nicht mehr, wird von Facebook jetzt immer als Spam eingestuft, danke, Facebook!

    • Hannelore Heil
      Hannelore HeilFebruary 5,18

      …heißt nicht “angeschaut”, heißt angeschrieben!

  60. Cynthia Pisarcik
    Cynthia PisarcikFebruary 5,18

    Please, I’m asking from my heart and begging you to help stop this cruelty to these innocent animals. If these animals had the chance they would be your loyal friend. They will be there for you when you need someone to love you and they are more loyal than any human being. Please give them a chance at life and they will love you more than you can know! I promise you!!!!!! PLEASE help to get this cruelty stopped. These animals are innocent and do not deserve this cruelty.
    Thank you so much for the help that you give to stop this evil treatment of these innocent animals.

  61. Chris Sante
    Chris SanteFebruary 5,18

    A la merde votre Jeux Olympiques, je ne suis pas intéressé à les voir, je n’achèterai jamais Samsung, LG ou quoi que ce soit, et le mauvais et le plus triste est l’indifférence du peuple Sud-coréen pour y mettre fin une fois pour toutes.

  62. Sylvia
    SylviaFebruary 5,18

    Stop this utter cruelty, stop mutilating utter cruelty on dogs an cat this slaughter is pure evil barbaric act

    GABRIELA VARGASFebruary 5,18


  64. Prish Hackman
    Prish HackmanFebruary 6,18

    I beg of you to change your attitude to these beautiful fellow beings….beings who have actually saved our lives, who help those who can’t see, protect our children, herd the sheep, have shown incredible bravery during times of war, hunt the mines that blow us up, swim out to drowning victims and save them, seek out mushrooms and valuable truffles in the ground, wake us and call the alarm when there is a fire or a burglar….the list is endless…and you have no desire to understand the wonders of man’s best friend…that you only want to torture and kill it? This shows something truly wrong within your society, your culture. Animals of ANY kind are NOT here on this earth to be treated in such horrific terrible ways . They have their every right to live as they deserve to live. Like us. We ALL have to LOVE and RESPECT one another, whether it be on two legs or four legs. THAT is the COMMAND OF THE CREATOR and you have NO RIGHT to go against HER : MOTHER EARTH, MOTHER NATURE. I URGE you to THINK AGAIN as to the atrocities you are committing. What you are doing is totally unacceptable, not only towards the animal its self, but ALSO unto YOUR OWN soul!!! DO YOU HAVE ONE or are you going to let KARMA take you down into hell…your dreadful behavior is already proof of where you are heading….it really seems you don’t care AT ALL and are already on the road to HELL.

    RICHERE DEZIELFebruary 8,18

    Shame on Korea and all asian countries that torture cats and dog, I will boycott olympic games it’s a shame for the world ! This is an olympic game of hypocrisis !

  66. Gianna Lisa Salvatori
    Gianna Lisa SalvatoriFebruary 8,18

    Dogs and all animals have feelings and suffer just like us and they are beautiful beings to love and not to torture!!!

  67. Janice Polito
    Janice PolitoFebruary 8,18

    Stop killing man’s best friend, you are a horrible, horrible country for doing this, God put these animals here because it’s their world too! how dare you have no heart in your chest, you are evil and disgusting, horrifying people for doing this.

  68. Viktória Németh
    Viktória NémethFebruary 9,18

    Világ szerte kűzdünk kedvenceinkért!
    Nincs joga senkinek megölni semmilyen élölényt!!

  69. Peter Sweerman
    Peter SweermanFebruary 9,18

    This has been going on far too long, enough is enough! Stop this inhumane and sadistic practice and your atitude against dogs, cats and so on. Have a heart! Live and let live, animals need our love, care, devotion, respect, solidarity, prayers, and our will to change for them.

  70. Sueanne Coster
    Sueanne CosterFebruary 9,18

    The First time I did not even watch the opening of the games because I promise myself I would not and I gonna say the first time I didn’t has well every year I liked to watch this great sporting event take place but not this time its because of the DMT the Olympic games always mean to me peace and love respecting others coming together but in my eyes – you support this not stepping up and speaking against this shame I wish who that’s takes part walk to the other part of this country go and see the markets for their eyes then hand on heart and really say what your seen and that okay with you – them – who wants to care – who does care because picking where to have the Olympic games wrong choice but beware if you go out to eat you maybe eating someones stolen pets , you don’t think that happen well it does many dogs that served up in dishes over there is a stolen pets killed in the most evil manner to – don’t believe me then watch the films on youtube theres a lot but I put a big warning – very upsetting footage of dogs getting cooked alive and so on – but please do walk around and seening how they live and don’t enjoy yourself either.

  71. Jolanta Vingen
    Jolanta VingenFebruary 9,18

    The government must stop this sadistic cruel criminality

  72. Linda Harty
    Linda HartyFebruary 9,18

    It is disgusting and horrific that dogs are treated in thos most inhumane way. Sickens me to see how humans can treat a feeling, loving animal for meat and profit. Disgusting tradition.

  73. Maricor Salvador
    Maricor SalvadorFebruary 9,18


  74. Marilyn Larosa
    Marilyn LarosaFebruary 9,18

    The people from South Korea that I have known are good and hardworking but this Horrendous cultural custom is causing much harm to your heritage and your children must stand up and unite and Stop this and learn to Cherish dogs and cats for the wonderful companions they are. In the Year of the Dog, Do the Right thing

  75. Gloria Rivera
    Gloria RiveraFebruary 11,18

    Please, please STOP killing dogs & cats!! These pets are tortured horrendously before they’re killed!!

  76. Sasha Patrick
    Sasha PatrickFebruary 11,18

    Really disappointed that President Moon has let these animals down,I thought we were finally going to see some good news,but sadly he’s as bad as the rest of the government. It would be good if the animal groups held a protest every day while the Olympics are on,there are so many international TV channels over there covering it,it would be a good chance to draw some international attention to this horror show.

  77. Doris Malzer
    Doris MalzerFebruary 11,18

    Very sad, stop killing dogs and cats….

  78. Laura Adams
    Laura AdamsFebruary 12,18

    There is not enough money in this world to pay me to go to S. Korea for the games or any other reason.
    DON’T GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY! Boycott Asian countries until they get the message.

  79. Mike
    MikeFebruary 12,18

    None of us can understand what these heartless bastards are doing because they are sick.
    It’s incomprehensible how they they can justify their actions. I don’t want to hear any nonsense that it’s how they survive.
    The fact is the theynhave a heart of stone. I wish the same fate for them.

  80. Donna
    DonnaFebruary 13,18

    People who murder dogs or any animal in such a gruesome manner can not be human.
    Where’s your humanity?!!!!

  81. Eva Sládeková
    Eva SládekováFebruary 13,18

    Brutalita aká sa len tak nevidí. Stop takémuto týraniu. Svet musí zaniknúť, lebo ľudia sú tie najkrutejšie, najbezohľadnejšie beštie. Od dnešnéh dňa nikdy nekúpim výrobok v obchode, ktorý pochádza z Južnej Kórey.

  82. irene
    ireneFebruary 14,18

    Even though you may want to justify eating dogs, the one thing you will NEVER be able to justify is the horrific savagery employed to kill these animals. No human with a conscience can justify that!

  83. Arif Shair
    Arif ShairFebruary 14,18

    Being Muslim, meat of Dog or Cat is “Haraam” means restricted in any case to eat. I also sure from this that meat of these pets will create different type of unknown diseases. Every human, being human, should make his effort to stop this wrong doing. Requested to those who eat these meats, may please avoid at any cost. There are many many other things that can made your day, except this. Thank you to all.

  84. Steve
    SteveFebruary 14,18

    There is no justification for treating these animals this way. This is as inhumane as can be and the “animals” running these places should be thrown in jail.

  85. Jillana Laufer
    Jillana LauferFebruary 17,18


  86. Janelle Patterson
    Janelle PattersonFebruary 17,18

    PLEASE STOP TORTURE of these poor, poor dogs and cats TODAY !!!!!

  87. frieda
    friedaFebruary 18,18


  88. Deb Sewards
    Deb SewardsFebruary 18,18

    Stop the barbarity now.

  89. Marianne zito
    Marianne zitoFebruary 18,18

    Stop this senseless killing of all dogs they are pets and not food so This barbaric killing needs to be banned now and forever

  90. Juli Kring
    Juli KringFebruary 18,18

    Below is something US citizens can do, please call you Representatives and ask them to support the following bills;

    Find your representative here, and urge them to support the following bills that are making their way through U.S. Congress:
    H.Res.30 – Condemning the Dog Meat Festival in Yulin, China, and urging China to end the dog meat trade
    H.Res.1406 – Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act of 2017
    H.Res.401 – Urging China, South Korea and all nations to outlaw the dog and cat meat trade (passed out of the House Foreign Affairs Committee on November 15, 2017)

  91. Chris Sante
    Chris SanteFebruary 20,18

    Quelques athlètes se soucient vraiment ce qui se passe avec les chiens en Corée du Sud?
    Très peu de milliers, son désir de compétition est compétitif mais l’aspect éthique de la compétition dans le pays où ces atrocités se produisent et de ne pas reprocher au CIO son choix … il en sera de même en Chine en quatre ans où ils ont le même coutume infâme.
    Je n’entendais qu’un athlète, UN élevait la voix pour constater la cruauté contre ces êtres sans défense,
    Pour le Canada, cela vous importera? et La France? La Suisse?
    Et l’Italie, l’Allemagne ou la Norvège?

  92. Danusia Caban
    Danusia CabanFebruary 20,18

    Je n’ai pas pu dormir en voyant ça.C’est trop horrible ,inimaginable qu’il existe des ordures aussi cruels.Ces fous criminels sadiques ne doivent pas vivre.Il faut arrêter ces massacres.Cela ne doit plus exister!

  93. Stuart Wisong
    Stuart WisongFebruary 20,18

    Koreans tell us we eat animals too. They are correct, but dogs and cats have for a thousand years helped people live in a hostile world. We owe dogs a great deal. We must be humane. It is the right thing to do. I am afraid Korea will have their punishment eventually. Nature has a way of getting revenge. Beware Korean people.

  94. Jan
    JanFebruary 20,18

    This custom needs to stop.It is mostly the older generation that eats dog and cats. This is not a healthy diet due to what the animals are feed. Please stop this killing and eating of household pets. These animals are considered family members. God put man to watch over and care for the animals to protect family members.A vegetarian diet is eating live plants,to feel alive.You cannot eat dead animals and feel alive.

  95. Dorothy Murray
    Dorothy MurrayFebruary 20,18

    These people are not human beings, God gave us these lovely creatures to be companions and to look after he even gave his name spelt backwards, it must be stopped and now is the time, I am vegetarian and could never eat one of a family member, they will pay for this nothing goes unpaid.

  96. Carol Raffi FiaroLido
    Carol Raffi FiaroLidoFebruary 20,18

    You have an opportunity here that is unprecedented. Please take advantage of your world platform to change the world for these dogs and cats that have no options. Speak out now and make us proud.

  97. Lorna Carling
    Lorna CarlingFebruary 20,18

    I have no respect for countries that support this disgusting inhumane practice. The suffering is beyond belief. It has to be stopped

  98. Sofia Jensen
    Sofia JensenFebruary 20,18

    Please stop this cruelty!!

  99. Michelle McDonaugh
    Michelle McDonaughFebruary 20,18

    We are in a time where these barbaric practices do not need to happen. There should be a law to protect the care of all animals world wide. Korea needs to step into the right centuary and keep up to date with what happens in the world. There should be law enforcement protecting animals world wide.

  100. Janine Pürstinger
    Janine PürstingerFebruary 20,18

    Stop Olympic games in countries where people threat animals like this! It´s not culture, it´s barbaric!

  101. Valentina Trpeski
    Valentina TrpeskiFebruary 20,18

    I think it’s DISGUSTING & BARBARIC that this country thinks they are smart ppl. I & a lot around the world think they are sick mentally & place great danger to themselves & their kids for even thinking of consuming pets. Dogs & cats & other wild life & certain sea life they are not ment to eat. If we as ppl don’t do something about this sick ppls consumption of these beautiful dogs & cats. We wouldn’t be changing things for the better & for our next generation. STOP THESE

  102. Blanka Prezelj
    Blanka PrezeljFebruary 20,18

    Humans – are you alowed to call yourself with these name?

  103. Sue
    SueFebruary 20,18

    Praying against this disgusting trade

  104. Anne Solkan
    Anne SolkanFebruary 20,18

    Eines der schlimmsten Verbrechen die sie sich schuldig machen,unsere besten Freunde auf Erden zu foltern,jeder Mensch sollte helfen diese Folter an den Tieren zu verhindern,ich appeliete hier an jeden Vermögen hat,ihr könntet so viel machen mit dem Geld,befreit die Tiere,leider habe ich keine finanziellen Möglichkeiten,ansonsten würde ich mein Geld dafür hergeben,das wäre der größte Sinn der einem das Leben geben kann,Rettet unsere Engel.

  105. Anneke Mohlmann Diehl
    Anneke Mohlmann DiehlFebruary 20,18

    Hoe kunnen mensen zulke walgelijk wezens zijn om honden zo te behandelen.

    • tera nethu
      tera nethuFebruary 22,18

      Why is the olympics held in this barbaric country –that torture /murder/eats our companion animals–these poor dogs can’t smell fresh air—suffocating from the smell of their own excretements —even the murder has to wear mask to cover up the pungent smell of animal waste/dead dogs…I pray every mankind who eats /breeds our companion pets for the dog meat –suffer from debilitating cancers and let them all get rabid diseases and die –causing to much of mental pains for all good/humane /animal rights people on this earth–DIE OFF ALL DOG/CAT EATERS SO THE WORLD OF ANIMALS LOVERS/RESCUES LIVE PEACEFULLY.

  106. Marie Kearton
    Marie KeartonFebruary 23,18

    This dreaful practice is babaric in the extreme. The very idea of causing as much suffering as possible “because it tastes better” is absolutely ridiculoius, and extremely cruel. Would these torturers/ murderers like to suffer a similar fate, I wonder?

  107. Maureen Foster
    Maureen FosterFebruary 23,18

    I have not watched any of the Winter Olympics because of this, although usually I would watch them. It was a disgusting idea to hold these games here. Shame on the people who took this decision.

  108. Marjorie Findley
    Marjorie FindleyFebruary 23,18

    Cruel, barbaric practice – eating domestic animals, which suffer greatly before AND during death. Attention needs to be brought, worldwide to this monstrous, sadistic practice. Anyone who participates are heartless barbarians!

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