Seoul’s ‘standard’ response to our petition on epeople

Seoul Mayor Park Won-Soon

Following our epeople online petition Seoul, South Korea, Shut down the illegal dog meat farms, slaughterhouses and markets., we received from the Seoul Metropolitan Government the following predictable response, trying to assure us of their concern over animal welfare while at the same time waiving responsibility.

They cited inconsistencies in their country’s laws as a reason for their failure to take action to close down their dog meat industry. But this is only an excuse. We have listed the illegality of South Korea’s dog meat industry to them, as documented by the Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA). The response received completely ignores this and highlights their government’s shameful indifference to the plight of these dogs.

This country, one of the most industrialized and wealthy nations – home of Samsung, Hyundai, Kia, and LG Electronics – is lagging behind when it comes to animal welfare. They need to wake up to this fact, so let’s keep up the pressure by sending hundreds and thousands of these petitions. Click below to take action.

Gyeongdong Market in Seoul, South Korea

  1. Gabriella
    GabriellaJanuary 5,19

    Stop the dog and cat consuption in S. korea !!!

    • Sian Oliver
      Sian OliverJanuary 8,19

      Complete and utter sadness overwhelms me when I consider the fate of these precious animals. In so many respects South Korea is such a modern country manufacturing many well known products, yet when it comes to animal welfare you really appear to have “”””lost the plot”” as it were. One might say the West is being hypocritical as they slaughter other animals for human consumption, I was raised to love and respect all animals hence do not eat any meat whatsoever. It is now imperative that Korea issues regulations stopping this dreadful slaughter of these lovely dogs- you lead the world in the automotive industry but unfortunately the same cannot be said when it comes to the slaughter and consumption of companion animals.We love our dogs and cats, as I sit here writing to you my two beautiful dogs are at my side, the mere thought of their being butchered in your country and then eaten horrifies me. In this year 2019 it is with my deepest hope you will gradually stop this oh so cruel practice- please consider. Thank you.

  2. K Trenholm
    K TrenholmJanuary 8,19

    South Korea is ignorant barbaric & backward. It is up to them to change peoples views by ending this torture & killing of innocent animals. Prison for those who don’t comply.

  3. Valerie Bell
    Valerie BellJanuary 11,19

    Your country is way behind in animal welfare, please the dcmt needs to stop to come in line with civilised countries

  4. mattie goodwin
    mattie goodwinJanuary 11,19

    this dog meat cruelty must end! please help stop this now!

  5. Zoran Novak
    Zoran NovakJanuary 12,19

    Don’t buy any products from South Korea! Don’t buy any LG, KIA, Samsung, Hyundai and other products from South Korea. These savages will use your money to torture and kill dogs and cats. Could you imagine that people who have produced your car or TV, eat dog meat for lunch? Disgusting!

  6. Ms S Bowman
    Ms S BowmanJanuary 12,19

    I don’t eat any meat because of the suffering caused in rearing and then slaughtering animals. Deliberately inflicting pain, fear and suffering on any living creature is evil and unforgiveable. These people have no compassion and are beyond help. That’s why laws are made, to protect the vulnerable from evil perpetrators. You’ve got the laws, so implement them and stop making excuses.

  7. Sandra Lytle
    Sandra LytleJanuary 12,19

    Hey folks…I have tried to use the list of council members provided on the Seoul page (when you click “take action” button however, most of the emails to these people are kicked back. Not sure if they have blocked emails or have changed their emails

    You really get tired of having to do this over and over again because the government just does not do their job

  8. Sandra Lytle
    Sandra LytleJanuary 12,19

    I could not visit S Korea…..if I saw these dog meat markets I would be sick to my stomach. Boycotting Korea and not supporting their economy is the only thing I can do but if enough of us did that they may start to pay attention

  9. Alessandra Trois
    Alessandra TroisJanuary 12,19

    Tutti gli animali meritano rispetto ma uccidere e torturare questi poveri animali che provano terrore e dolore inimmaginabile non meritano tutto questo per la loro intelligenza e fedeltà nei confroti dell’uomo

  10. Alessandra Trois
    Alessandra TroisJanuary 12,19

    Guardate gli occhi di questi animali che ci guardano con affetto e fedeltà, fermatevi non continuate questa orribile tradizione

  11. Marg lawton
    Marg lawtonJanuary 13,19

    Stop 🛑 ✋ cruel to dogs. Dogs are intellectually pet. Unfair to lovely hugs creature done nothing wrong 😡😢😭

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