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Dear volunteer,

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Below is a description of the various projects with which we need assistance; please let us know which project(s) are of interest to you and the number of hours each week you are willing to commit to us.

We at are passionately dedicated to ending the horrors of the dog meat trade in S. Korea. We cannot do that without our volunteers, which is why we take your offer to volunteer with us very seriously and with much gratitude. However, if upon review of the projects listed below you feel you are unable to make a commitment at this time, we do understand and appreciate that you won’t make a commitment you will not be in a position to complete.

Thank you again for your offer of volunteering. We look forward to the possibility of working with you.

Volunteer projects; please choose which project you would like to help with:

1) Writing and editing: Draft campaign, protest letters, or edit our writing and translations.

2) Graphic designs: Create posters and banners

3) Campaign creator/Manager: Create and manage new campaigns

4) Translator: translate Korean into English, translate our English website main page into your native language.

5) Event Organizers: Organize protest or informational events in your city

Number of hours each week I can volunteer:

Click HERE to contact us with the requested information if you would like to help!

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