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You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you. – John Bunyan

Have you taken your dog to a vet recently? I’m always surprised to learn how expensive it is to take care of our dog. Now imagine that cost times 150! Over 3 years ago, volunteer animal advocates and Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE) rescued 250 dogs from a dog meat farm in Incheon. Through hard work, they were able to find homes for many of them, but about 150 dogs remain at their shelter, now called Animal Rights Korea (ARK) shelter. Please click HERE to watch their videos.

The shelter is very poor, but with their current resources, it is the best they can afford. Imagine having to live in a tiny space where you pee, poop, eat, and sleep, all in the same area! With your support, ARK shelter can continue to care for these poor dogs who have endured so much in their lives until they find loving, caring families. Your donation will also go towards providing care for the 102 dogs who survived the horrific forest fire at the Uljin dog farm and were rescued by CARE. Profoundly indifferent Uljin government refused to relocate these dogs to their shelter. CARE and its volunteers are working hard to care for them at their shelter while trying to get them adopted overseas.

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Will you donate whatever you can afford to help give these dogs a chance at a happy life? This is the best time to contribute because Macquarie has agreed to match your donation dollar for dollar. This means your donation is automatically doubled!👍🤗

I never ask my supporters to do something that I don’t do myself, and since these dogs hold a very special place in my heart, I thought you might like to know that I donate to ARK Shelter myself. I know you are among the most compassionate and caring people in the world; can I count on you to join me in supporting the dogs at ARK?

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If you’re not yet convinced, here are more reasons to give today: 😉👍

🐶 With your donation of $30 or more, I will send you 2 t-shirts with our logo and message; shipping is free.

🐶 With your donation of $100 or more, I will send you 8 t-shirts with our logo and message; shipping is free.

🐶 With your donation of $200 or more, I will send you 8 t-shirts with our logo and message; shipping is free. Plus I will make a tribute blog page for your dog on our website. 🐕 Click HERE for an example. Just forward me the donation confirmation email and the photos of your dog you would like to post. (Your page will be up as long as our website is up.)

For t-shirts, just forward me the donation confirmation email with the sizes of the t-shirts and the shipping address. Currently available are uni-gender style t-shirts in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and 2X-Large sizes in several different colors.
Unfortunately, due to the high cost of shipping overseas, the t-shirt offer is only valid for US residents with a US shipping address. (Offer good while supplies last.)

The photo below shows the image on the t-shirts:


Back – “Stop the cruel dog meat consumption!”

Thank you so much for being our supporter and for your compassion and generosity! 🙏

Giny Woo
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  1. Judy Bruce
    Judy BruceOctober 30,22

    Please Help these poor Fur Babies from all this horrible DOG MEAT FARMS!!! I pray for their health and to have happy forever homes for all to be Loved!!!!

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