Is UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon powerless or just shamefully Indifferent?

The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

We received a response from the United Nations for the letter we sent on May 15, 2015 to Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and all the members of the Office of the Spokesperson for the Secretary General. Click HERE to read the letter we sent!

How disappointing that the most famous South Korean and the leader of the most powerful organization in the world thinks he is powerless to do anything to stop the torture and massacre of companion animals in his own country…

He refuses to personally respond to our letter, saying he is too busy. Is stopping the boiling of live animals not important or urgent enough for him to respond?

We must not give up and let him get away with his shameful and indifferent attitude towards the torture of living, sentient beings.

Keep calling, writing, protesting! Click HERE to contact the Secretary General. Stopping South Koreans from burning and boiling our best friends alive is worth our time and effort. Thank you!

UN Response_052015

UN Response_052015_envelop

Gyeongdong Dog Meat Market, Seoul, South Korea.  June 6, 2015.  Photo:  SaveKoreanDogs.
Gyeongdong Dog Meat Market, Seoul, South Korea.  June 6, 2015.  Photo:  SaveKoreanDogs.

Gyeongdong Dog Meat Market, Seoul, South Korea. June 6, 2015.
Photos: SaveKoreanDogs.

Click HERE for previous response we received from the United Nations:

  1. phillip breese
    phillip breeseJune 18,15


    • susanna nylander
      susanna nylanderJuly 1,15

      please stop this

    • marga terstal
      marga terstalJuly 1,15

      You have right please stop the sadistic practise to the dogs

  2. Lesley Blissett
    Lesley BlissettJune 18,15

    I don’t think that Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon cares a jot about the dog and cat meat trade! He is an older man who very probably eats and enjoys dog meat, it is the younger South Koreans who do not accept the cruelty involved and who do not eat dog meat! Personally, I think that he seems to be a very poor Secretary General to the UN, he seems not to want to get off his ass and do anything – just plain bone idle!

  3. Joaquín Menéndez Flores
    Joaquín Menéndez FloresJune 18,15

    I feel disgust of such senior politicians that the only thing they seem to be interested in is their privileges and high salaries. What a shame, it make me sick.They live far from reality and the problems and feelings of citizens.

  4. Linda D'Artell
    Linda D'ArtellJune 18,15

    What a disgrace! Shame on Ban Ki Moon that he doesn’t even condemn this evil practice in his own country! May his karma come back to shame him.

  5. Brenda Raus
    Brenda RausJune 18,15

    Your inaction on this matter is a DISGRACE! SHAME on you, for Not doing SOMETHING to STOP this torture!!! I will be another American not purchasing any of your goods, until this issue is addressed.

  6. Lesley mcculloch
    Lesley mccullochJune 18,15

    Completely shameful, oh dear someone is scared to rock the boat. This man could have made a huge difference by supporting this campaign, he could have earned huge respect if he would save these animals from torture and massacre. But no !! Having power is useless if you don’t have the guts to do what is right, instead of doing what is popular for those in the wrong .

  7. alla
    allaJune 18,15

    stop it!

  8. Yannik Anglehart
    Yannik AnglehartJune 18,15

    I just sent an email asking for “a response from the Secretary General regarding the torture and killing of dogs in his country’s dog meat industry”. I urge PEOPLE to Do the same!
    Here’s How To Do It:
    STEP #1) Send an email to the Secretary General Ban’s staff (Office of the Spokesperson for the Secretary General):
    [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

    STEP #2) Use The Sample (Below):
    To the honorable United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon,

    In response to our petition letter asking for your help in ending the horrific and cruel dog and cat meat industry in South Korea, we received an unsigned form letter from the Public Inquiries Unit of the Department of Public Information of The United Nations. (

    That office stated that while they sympathized with the numerous requests for help in ending the barbaric dog and cat meat trade in South Korea, you could not take action alone and the support of the Member States for every action taken in the General Assembly is required. The letter further stated that any proposal must first be presented to the Ambassador of a Member State for consideration, prior to official inscription on the Organization’s agenda and a subsequent vote in the General Assembly.

    Since this response did not come directly from you, nor was it signed by anyone in the Office of the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General, we do not know with certainty that our petition letter even reached your desk and that you had an opportunity to read and reflect on our request for help.

    As we stated in our petition letters, the dog and cat meat trade has not only caused unimaginable suffering from birth to slaughter of millions of animals each year, it has also proven to be a threat to human health through the spreading of infectious diseases. In addition, you should be aware of the growing international pressure being put on South Korea as a result of this terrible brutality towards its animals.

    Ashley Montagu, (Humanist of the Year, 1995) said, “The indifference, callousness and contempt that so many people exhibit toward animals is evil first because it results in great suffering in animals, and second because it results in an incalculably great impoverishment of the human spirit.”

    Secretary General Ban, we ask that you please watch this video:

    We are ordinary citizens and we hold no public office. In spite of that, we know that we can, and we do, make a difference. Are you, as one of the most powerful and influential men in the world, claiming that you are powerless to do anything about this terrible travesty perpetrated in your own country?

    We believe that the position you hold offers you immeasurable power that can demand immediate action in bringing an end to the shameful dog and cat meat industry in your country. Not only will you help to save countless numbers of defenseless animals of South Korea, it will help strengthen your reputation and the trust that people have in you as an international leader.
    Please remember that the actions you take today will ultimately forever define your legacy.

    I respectfully ask that you use your incredible influence and leadership to immediately address this despicable industry and help bring an end, once and for all, to the unimaginable cruelty of the dog and cat meat trade in South Korea.

    The favor of your reply with your signature is requested. Thank you for your attention to this matter!

    Your Name & Address

  9. Noemi
    NoemiJune 18,15

    Good idea Yannik, I just send it.

  10. jin chae
    jin chaeJune 19,15

    Please need to stop .

  11. toyesha
    toyeshaJune 19,15

    This is a crime dog and cats are the most reliable frnz of human this should be stopped shame on u china people

  12. toyesha
    toyeshaJune 19,15

    This should be stopped dogs n cats are the most reliable friends of humans shame on u china people

  13. toyesha
    toyeshaJune 19,15

    This should be stopped dogs n cats are most reliable frnz of humans shame on u china people

  14. helen
    helenJune 19,15

    Typical idiotic little man thinks he’s too important to worry about dogs. He doesn’t care so how do we make him? Or just let him get away with his self-importance?

  15. Van
    VanJune 19,15

    Who says he doesn’t have ‘interests’ in the dog meat industry? As a South Korean he might be entrenched in the trade – and taste.

  16. Conchita Mosquera
    Conchita MosqueraJune 21,15

    This is all just standard letters. Any hint of activism and it just goes in the bin. They don’t care, they may even be receiving money to look the other way. 🙁

  17. Gail Powell
    Gail PowellJune 22,15

    please when you have the power to stop something that the nation finds cruel and offensive why would you continue when we are all looking to you to stop it, please get onboard in 2016

  18. Caterina Tassone
    Caterina TassoneJune 22,15

    I love your Country, is rich in culture and history and has beautiful landscapes, I also love cinema and Korean music, but all this horror is devastating. When I see all this hurt and pain in my heart is broken … This can not be part of a developed country. Please stop this HORROR!

  19. RUDY
    RUDYJune 23,15

    no wet buy products from korean and chinese if you do not stop these killers

  20. Willy Landazábal
    Willy LandazábalJune 28,15

    Ustedes desgraciados miserables solo me producen repugnancia y desprecio porque lo que están haciendo con esos seres tan hermosos no tiene perdón de nadie y más un bastardo como el secretario de la ONU que quiere ignorar toda está masacre de perros y gatos.

  21. julie herbert
    julie herbertJune 28,15

    You are risking your future trading relationship with the world and future tourist sensible and do the right thing and adopt better animal rights and laws ..monitor and enforce them and gain the worlds respect rather than their hatred

  22. Guilherme S.
    Guilherme S.June 28,15

    The only thing South Korea is becoming known for, in the whole World, is not its history or its culture, but for its EXTREME CRUELTY towards our most beloved family friends, the dogs and cats. The level of torture that these poor innocent and loving creatures are submitted to (boiled alive, burnt alive, skinned alive) is unbelieavable and unacceptable !! No cultural difference justifies such savage behavior !! South Korea, if you want to be known in the world for good things, ACT NOW to stop these atrocities forever !! Show the world that your people actually have a brain and a heart, and stop this sickness now !! Until then, I will be boycotting every South Korean product, and NEVER EVEN CONSIDER the possibility of visiting such demonic country !!

  23. isabella aliaud
    isabella aliaudJuly 1,15

    Si vergogni Signor Segretario! menefreghismo e l’indifferenza del suo comportamento dinnanzi alla sofferenza brutale e moralmente inaccettabile di creature indifese e da millenni amici e compagni fedeli dell’uomo è addirittura sconvolgente!!!..lei con il suo paese dimostra chiaramente che progresso tecnologico non fa sempre rima con evoluzione civile e spirituale. Da ora in poi boicotterò ogni iniziativa o prodotto proveniente dalla vostra terra infernale e le assicuro che questa scelta è già maturata nella mente di molti miei connazionali e cittadini europei.

  24. Brenda Raus
    Brenda RausJuly 2,15

    YOU’RE in a high position and CAN STOP THIS!

  25. Randolph Carter
    Randolph CarterJuly 2,15

    Ban Ki-Moon, you are yet another example of the endless string of useless bureaucrats that has run the United Nations since its inception. What can you truly say you have accomplished in your tenure as Secretary General? Indifference to suffering is not determined by species; the old ideas that animals don’t have souls and therefore do not feel pain went out with Rene Descartes hundreds of years ago. You have an opportunity to make a fundamental change here; a rare opportunity that will free countless souls from lives of misery and despair, followed by cruel and painful death. Yet you do nothing but hide behind diplomatic doublespeak which you or one of your flunkies could have rewritten as “Basically, I don’t give a damn so I’m not going to do anything” Telling us (and the world) that “the Secretary General receives a lot of mail” is the 21-century version of “I don’t care and I really hope all you annoying people will go away so I can go back to doing nothing”. Congratulations – you have proven what conspiracy nuts across the globe have believed for years. You have convinced us that both you and the United Nations are an anachronism whose time has passed. You should be disbanded and sent home to your respective nations and your building turned into housing for the poor or hospital space for the sick or (better yet) a place where sick and injured animals can be healed and given their lives back. Your building is big enough for all these purposes. Get out.

  26. 莉莎
    莉莎July 6,15

    Is not its history or its culture, but for its EXTREME CRUELTY towards the dogs and cats. The level of torture that these poor innocent and loving creatures are submitted to (boiled alive, burnt alive, skinned alive) is unbelieavable and unacceptable !!

    You have the power to STOP sadistic or cruently to all of animals these companion animals
    Please take action to STOP THIS festival now.
    You’re in high potition and you could stop this festival

  27. harea daniela
    harea danielaSeptember 14,15

    PLEASE, STOP THIS!!!!!!!!!!

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