Busan KAPCA Jeju Team – Shutting down dog farm and slaughterhouse in Seogwipo

Sharing from Facebook pages of Busan KAPCA and Richaya Yo.

In July, Busan Korea Alliance for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Busan KAPCA) Jeju team reported this illegal dog farm and slaughterhouse to the Seogwipo government and received a signed agreement from the dog farmer, surrendering his ownership of the 100 dogs held at this farm. On 1st August the Seogwipo Livestock Department met with the activists and told them that they will provide a temporary place to house some of the dogs, and allow the activists more time(until August 20th) to search for new homes for these poor surrendered dogs. These brave activists are just normal people and are not professional rehomers or rescuers, doing their very best in a difficult situation with a large number of dogs to now think about, they are working hard to find homes for these dogs.

Happily we can report that dog farm will be completely closed and the cages demolished on the date promised.

The dog butcher in question had wanted to keep 10 dogs for himself, but he changed his mind to 5 dogs. The dog butcher has reportedly said that he wants these 5 dogs to be veterinary checked, micro chipped and registered. We hope that, since the butcher wants these dogs chipped, that he won’t then use these dogs for their meat.

Want to know more or how you can get involved? Click HERE to see more updates from activist/rescuer, Richaya Yo.

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