Bucheon Mayor Kim is visiting Sister City Bakersfield – time to urge the ending of the dog meat cruelty

Bucheon Mayor Man-Soo Kim is visiting Sister City Bakersfield, California from Nov 2nd through 8th. Mayor Kim has already been proactive by taking some major steps to help strengthen the Animal Protection laws in Bucheon – but the illegal dog and cat-meat trades still exist in his city. And, so long as these trades are allowed to operate, the real benefit of ‘Animal Protection’ will be an unattainable dream and the animals will continue to suffer immensely.

Therefore, this visit will be a good opportunity to contact Mayor Kim to urge him to take affirmative action to bring a complete end to these illegal trades throughout Bucheon.

Click below to learn more about Mayor Kim’s recent actions:
Bucheon: a new light shines in the darkness.
Progressive mayor takes momentous ‘step’ for the dogs of Bucheon – Nami Kim’s meeting with Bucheon Mayor Man-Soo Kim.

Call for Action

Please send an email thanking the Mayor of Bakersfield and the members of the city council for responding to our concern. And to also ask them to urge Mayor Kim to make his city the first dog meat free city in Korea. You can use our suggested message below or your own words.

Suggested message to the Mayor and the City Council members of Bakersfield

Dear Mayor Harvey Hall and the members of the City Council of Bakersfield:

I would like to thank you for responding to our concerns raised via the recent petition on about the mistreatment, torture and consumption of companion animals in Bakersfield’s Sister City of Bucheon. We are informed that Bucheon Mayor Man-Soon Kim is visiting your city through Nov 8, and we ask that you please take this opportunity to urge Mayor Kim to confirm to you that he will be taking affirmative action to make his city the “first dog meat free city” in Korea, and to completely close down the illegal dog meat industry.

Both domestic and international pressure on this issue is required if we are going to incite some real change in South Korea, so I kindly urge you to continue reaching out to your Sister City until such action has been taken by Bucheon and an end has been brought to the illegal and horrific practice of the dog meat trade for good.

Thank you again for your efforts here.

[Your Name & City/Country]

  1. Theresa (Kim) hornby
    Theresa (Kim) hornbyNovember 1,16

    Please let gods will be done. Justice for the poor innocent dogs/cats brutally killed and let’s put an end to this vile trade!

  2. brandao jacqueline
    brandao jacquelineNovember 2,16


  3. Carol Driscoll
    Carol DriscollNovember 3,16

    Please Mayor Kim put a stop to this cruel meat trade .

    • katya masini
      katya masiniNovember 5,16


  4. MS
    MSNovember 4,16

    This is a NO-BRAINER — our animals NEED our intervention and protections — we must do what is right, rational, moral & compassionate — we MUST protect our dogs & cats from abuse, suffering and needless slaughter — SHUT DOWN ALL DOG/CAT MEAT FARMS in S. Korea.

  5. Margie Hancock
    Margie HancockNovember 5,16

    Please stop killing innocent dogs!!!!!

  6. Monica bagni
    Monica bagniNovember 6,16


  7. Leontine
    LeontineNovember 21,16

    This is so so sick en cruel…people are monsters!!! stop this now…no animal have to go through this…..I hate humans

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