Notorious Busan Gupo Dog Meat Market to Close Down

We have great news to share!!! Busan Korea Alliance for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Busan KAPCA) announced that the notorious Busan Gupo Dog Meat Market will be closing down. 19 shops in the market that sell dog meat have tentatively agreed to close their businesses before July 12. Currently the dog slaughter is ongoing. Dog butchers will be given very generous compensation packages from the district (the district office’s offer includes providing about 3.1 million won ($2,700) to each of them every month until December 2020). We hope that none of these dog butchers from Gupo will relocate their businesses.

Busan KAPCA along with many individual activists in Korea have fought long and hard for this. We,, have also been campaigning to close down Busan Gupo Market for many years now. We thank everyone who took action to help.

Let us continue to fight until the dog meat industry ends for good in South Korea. Click HERE to see our campaigns to close down dog meat industry in Gupo Market and Busan.

Click HERE to read report on The Korea Bizwire on May 31, 2019 “Dog Meat Market Disappears into History Amid Concerns over Animal Abuse”

Below is announcement by Busan KAPCA on May 29, 2019:

A Tentative Agreement has been reached to close down the Gupo Livestock Market before the first Boknal

An agreement was reached yesterday to close Gupo Livestock Market, a hotbed of animal abuse, where selling dog meat was major business, before Chobok (July 12th, the first of the 3 Boknal, dog days of summer). All shops decided to shut down.

It was a hard struggle trying to get these shops to close before the first boknal and at one point, we thought it might not happen. However, all of them have now agreed to close down their businesses.

There were some misunderstandings and twists and turns since the negotiations were held in private.

It is a very emotional day for Busan KAPCA, which held the very first protest at the Gupo Livestock Market and worked tirelessly to close down this market.

The president of Gupo Livestock Market, Park Yong-Soon, came to Busan KAPCA to discuss the closure, countless times we visited the City Hall and Buk-gu district Office. Buk-gu Office launched a Task Force team and followed by the launch of Minju Party Task Force team. We participated in the negotiation sessions spearheaded by Head of Buk-gu Office, Jeong Myeong-Hui.

The negotiation team has worked extremely hard for this complete closure and even though there are still a number of issues to be sorted out, we think it will eventually work out.

The closure of Gupo dog meat market will be the first, meaningful step toward the full cessation of dog meat in the South Korea.

Sincere thanks to all the organizations and the activists who helped us make this first step. However, this is not the end, so please continue your support.

To help them continue their amazing and courageous fight against the cruel Korean dog meat trade, please consider making a donation to Busan KAPCA; they need your help to do the work they do. You can send a donation to Busan KAPCA (Director Kim Aera) by PayPal: [email protected].
Click HERE to learn more about Busan KAPCA.

Photo: Busan Gupo Dog Meat Market, Busan Buk-gu District.
Photo: Busan Gupo Market. Busan Korea Alliance for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. (Busan KAPCA)

Let’s keep taking actions until every dog meat market,
every dog farms are closed down in South Korea!

Busan Gupo Market – Dogs displayed at dog slaughterhouse/wholesale/retail meat shop.
Busan Gupo Dog Meat Market’s Cruelty

Photos: Busan KAPCA.

  1. Lori
    LoriJune 4,19

    So they had to be paid to quit? That’s crap! What they’re doing is wrong and instead of getting put in jail or made to pay fines they get rewarded
    I hope that’s not where our donations go. If it is like they said above they’re just gonna start again somewhere else AND
    Get us dumb Americans to PAY them on top of it. They don’t deserve animals

    • Johanna Schwarzer
      Johanna SchwarzerJune 4,19

      Ich denke, wir sollten zunächst erfreut über solch eine Nachricht sein, denn vielleicht ist dies der Anfang vom Ende der Hunde und Katzen Fleisch Märkte. Sicherlich sind da zähe Verhandlungen voraus gegangen und ich setze voraus, dass die Verhandlungspartner in den Verträgen fest gehalten haben, dass Händler und Schlächter in keiner anderen Stadt erneut solch eine Tier Hölle eröffnen können. Leider ist das Angebot von einer Kaufsumme oftmals die einzige Möglichkeit, Tieren zu helfen. Ich denke da an die Tanzbären in Bulgarien und den anderen Ostblock Ländern. Dort funktionierte es nur mit dem Freikauf des jeweiligen Bären und der vertraglichen Vereinbarung, dass kein neuer Bär angeschafft wird. Mit den Bären, die zum Abzapfen der Gallenflüssigkeit gehalten werden, ist es genau so. Wichtig ist, dass man damit wirklich Tieren helfen kann und sich in dem Land etwas zum Positiven verändert. Diese grausamen und brutalen Tier Höllen in Asien, hauptsächlich in Süd Korea, sind im 21.Jahrhundert nicht mehr tragbar und müssen ALLE gesetzlich verboten werden. Ich wünsche den Tier Schützern und allen, die bei diesen Verhandlungen wirklich etwas Positives für Hunde und Katzen erreicht haben, weiterhin viel Glück und hoffe, dass die unfassbar grauenvollen Tier Höllen in ganz Asien schnellstens der Vergangenheit angehören.

    • Mia
      MiaJune 4,19

      I totally agree, those EVIL dog butchers should be thrown in jail. There just gonna find somewhere else to start there buissnes , make them pay for all the horrific torture they caused on those PRECIOUSE innocent dogs.

  2. Miranda burrows
    Miranda burrowsJune 4,19

    Kindly The Father said to him, “I’ve left you to the end “ “I’ve turned my own name around and have called you Dog, my friend”.
    Please end all this barbaric and heartbreaking slaughter , please in the name of God .

  3. Julie Gilligan
    Julie GilliganJune 4,19

    I am so glad that this meeting between all involved concerning the countless dogs who must feel petrified
    I pray full education about speying and neutering laws and Legistration will be put in place to protect animal welfare and wellbeing. This action of closing the market down is well. Over due.. Time to make a difference authorities of South Korea
    All thanks, to the activists for keeeping the protest strong and focused on this project.
    May the butcher businesses decline and help this prosper to better use

  4. Maria
    MariaJune 4,19

    They should be fined 3 mln won every month for the rest of their lives!
    Congratulations, Giny, this is your victory! And everyone who reads this, this wouldn’t happen without international outrage.
    Ok, who’s the next to close? Lets send a couple more letters, make a couple more calls, one day it will pay off.
    And don’t forget to ask for non-Korean items while shopping, even if you know they don’t have any. They’ll ask why you don’t want a Korean car or a notebook. Sure you will explain.

  5. patricia carrasco
    patricia carrascoJune 4,19

    amazing news!!! this is only the beginning of the end

  6. Aileen Cheetham
    Aileen CheethamJune 4,19


  7. A. Moss
    A. MossJune 4,19

    Brilliant news, as long as they do not continue dog meat trade elsewhere. Also, no details about what will happen to all the captive dogs!

  8. Geraldine
    GeraldineJune 4,19

    COngratulations!!! Good hard work!! Thank you to us all for signing, sharing andspreading the news.. together we can all change the world for these poor voicless beings, victims of old horrid barbaric traditions.. Time to be more humane, and treat all beings with respect.

  9. KAREN
    KARENJune 4,19


  10. Miriam Moran
    Miriam MoranJune 4,19


  11. wendy nicolaou
    wendy nicolaouJune 4,19

    god bless all of you aand the government for finally listening to the world. god bless all the animals that have suffered to get to this point.xxxxx please don’t stop there and carry on the good work.these people must NOT use the money to start up somewhere else. what will happen to the dogs they have???? I hope they will be fostered out?????

  12. Mike Applegate
    Mike ApplegateJune 4,19

    This is one step forward to protect dogs.
    I will not purchase any Korean electronics
    Until it is banned across Korea. Dogs are not food
    In the 21st century.

  13. ms
    msJune 4,19

    This is truly WONDERFUL news — PLEASE, you MUST be VIGILANT — you mention, “Dog butchers will be given very generous compensation packages … We hope … dog butchers …will NOT relocate ….” — you MUST ENSURE these individuals do NOT RELOCATE — again, you must be VIGILANT — what’s the point of LAWS if they’re not enforced — what’s the point of compensation packages if they’re intended use is for, instead, evil? — EDUCATE these “Butchers” — there are so many other ways to do business — e.g., EVERYBODY eats bread, vegetables, fruit — that’s just the tip of the tip of the iceberg — HANDS OFF OUR DOGS and CATS — If these PSYCHO-Indiviuals continue to break the law, CRACK DOWN HARD ON THEM — PUNISHMENTS MUST BE SEVERE.

  14. Caroline Burton
    Caroline BurtonJune 10,19

    It really is disgusting that these dog torturers should be paid compensation, but if that’s what it takes then so be it… However, the compensation contracts should be conditional upon the recipients’ permanent withdrawal from the dog meat trade. I hope the nineteen vendors who receive the compensation will be watched very carefully!

    • Caroline Burton
      Caroline BurtonJune 10,19

      Absolutely! Bread, vegetables, fruit. All animals feel fear and pain, no different to us as they struggle against dying with their last breath… Anyway, the future is vegan, or there will be no future, for any of us.

  15. alessandra
    alessandraJune 11,19

    Siete degli individui disgustosi barbari e disumani non meritate di essere chiamati uomini

  16. alessandra
    alessandraJune 11,19

    Siete individui crudeli barbari meritate di essere trattati come trattate i cani e i gatti che passano sotto le vostre grinfie

  17. Eliane
    ElianeJune 28,19

    É a maior barbaridade, desumanidade e crueldade ao extremo, fazer isso com animais tão inteligentes, dóceis, sensíveis e amigos. É muita ignorância isto.

  18. Anna Poggesi
    Anna PoggesiJuly 2,19

    GO VEGAN !!

  19. Claudia Kern
    Claudia KernJuly 2,19

    Diese Menschen sollten sich gegenseitig erschlagen und essen und die Tiere Gottes endlich in Ruhe lassen

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