UK – Contact your MP, Ask to Speak Out Against the Korean Dog Meat Cruelty!

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UK people- if you would like to help end the dog meat trade, it won’t cost you any money or much time.

Can you please take a few minutes to contact your MP to make sure they attend the debate on September 12th to discuss the South Korean dog meat trade?

Click HERE to read response from UK government.

I have posted a letter here which you can copy and paste if it makes it easier for you. You can find out who your MP is and get their contact details here:
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I urge you to attend the debate happening in Parliament on Monday, September 12th at 4.30pm which will be discussing the dog meat trade in South Korea. We ask our government to speak out and persuade the South Korean government to respond to the dog meat issue and make the dog meat trade illegal. This would support the majority of Korean citizens opinions on this matter and help to make Korea a more viable option for tourism and trade.

The South Korean dog meat trade keeps millions of dogs in inhumane, filthy conditions and tortures and kills them for food. The Korean government is, even now, reviewing laws to deal with this trade and I think that with some international discussions, these laws will be enacted swifter and with more force.

There will be a vigil in Old Palace Yard from 2-5 on the day to support this debate. It would be appreciated if you would go and speak to them and show your support. You can email [email protected] to find out more about the trade and the vigil.

You can look up to find out more information on the dog meat trade as a whole.

Thank you!

[Name and Address]

Candlelight vigil for the APL amendment_072716

Photo: Madeline Warren. July 27, 2016. Candlelight vigil for amendment of Animal Protection Law in Korea. Seoul, South Korea.

UK Candlelight vigil 091216

Click HERE to attend this event.

  1. Jean robinson
    Jean robinsonSeptember 1,16

    This vile cruelty is damaging your countries

  2. Linda Hamilton
    Linda HamiltonSeptember 1,16

    Please help stop this horrific cruelty to animals. Can you imagine the pain being skilled alive or being held down in boiling water?

  3. bolliet
    bollietSeptember 2,16


  4. Rui Almeida
    Rui AlmeidaSeptember 6,16

    Everyday i go to work and think about how are the animals in China,Tailand,Korea and Vietname…
    Their suffering, their pain is mine also.
    Im Vegan and everytime i see bad treatment to dogs or any kind of animal i cry of agony…i put myself in their places…what are they thinking…
    Imagine if we were in their places…and they give us to many happiness, they comfort us.
    I have some animals and everytime i went home they all come to me and put a smile in my face…whetever im upset with something or not…
    They are always with that face………Please….Dont hurt me….

  5. christena Ruiz-Lewis
    christena Ruiz-LewisSeptember 7,16

    Get rid of these monsters that cause such harm and pain to these babies. These monsters need to die and go to hell. Someday all of you will have all the misery you have caused will have happen to you X 10.

  6. Amanda Mitchell
    Amanda MitchellJanuary 15,18

    Hi I have donated but my question is can I actually adopt 2 small dogs that have been rescued at all ? We r u in the UK but wandered if i could pay to adopt 2 dogs and give them a home. I’m sure more people in UK would too I have loads of friends who all adore their dogs like my family do. I might be able to find a few more adopter’s so we could bring a few over in one time just an idea.

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