CARE: Shut down the Anseong illegal dog farm

Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE) continues their work of shutting down illegal dog meat farms and slaughterhouses. This illegal dog farm is in Anseong. CARE has reported this dog farm to the city and the city has notified the dog farm owner that they must shut down the dog farm by next March 2021.

Unfortunately, CARE is not able to rescue the dogs here as they are already over-burdened and working hard to take care of the +200 dogs at the Gyeyang Mountain dog farm (Lotte Dog Farm) in Incheon. CARE is hoping international organizations will step up to help rescue these dogs.

Please contact rescue groups to ask if they can help rescue the dogs. Anseong claims that they do not know how many of these illegal dog farms are operating in their city. 👉 Click HERE for the list of dog farms operating in Anseong. Korean cities are basically supporting the dog meat industry by turning a blind eye to their operations. Their government allows the dog meat industry to operate until someone like CARE or other animal activist organizations file legal complaints to demand action to shut them down.

Please click below to take action by filing an e-People petition to Anseong and other Korean cities TODAY. Thank you for caring and taking action!

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