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As Coco got bigger as she got older, her previous owner, who bought her from a pet store, decided to confine her on the rooftop. Before long, Coco was sent to the warehouse of their relative in the countryside because her previous owner couldn’t stand the poop of a big dog. Since then, the retriever has had to endure loneliness. Tied with a leash less than one meter, without a single toy to play with, Coco always craved human touch. The story of Coco portrays the reality of many dogs sold through pet stores.

After Coco was rescued, things seemed hopeful for a brief moment until she got canine distemper. Coco was rescued around the same time as Moring, and they had been traveling together while Moring had distemper in his incubation period.

The activist who rescued Coco cared for the hospitalized Coco by making delicious healthy food with utmost care. Coco’s condition, which never seemed optimistic at the moment, suddenly began to recover. Now Coco has been discharged from the hospital and is at her new foster home. She can walk outside every single day.

We thought many of you might be curious about Coco, so we’ll post a short video that shows how she’s doing lately. 💬 Leave a comment and say hello to her!
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