CARE will not return the victim of abuse to the abuser.

Sharing for Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE)/Watchdog

Recently, a broadcaster asked us to state our opinion on the latest notification of legislation regarding the Animal Protection Act. Under existing law, the abused animal shall be separated from the abuser for at least three days. Newly enacted legislation announces that the period of refuge from the owner will be increased from three days to five days. We find it to be specious legislation, which will not change anything.

Animal Protection Act states the purpose of the provision of separation: abused animals shall be separated “in order to prevent the recurrence of abuse.” Accordingly, we shall return the abused animals to their owner only when there is reasonable assurance that the abuse will never be repeated. Whether the period should be three or five days is merely a peripheral matter.

Some of the local government once accused Park So-yeon, the former Executive Director of CARE, of misappropriation, for she didn’t give the abused animal back to its owner. They probably chose to do so because it is a much easier way than having to deal with the belligerent owner, expounding on the animal protection law. In such cases, Park never have recoiled from saying, “Just sue me. I will never give this animal back.”

It is the sad reality we must face. Many people love to mouth slogans like animal protection or animal welfare. But animal abuse in our society is so pervasive and systematic that it continues to afflict people who try to eradicate animal abuse from it. Please join us. Fight with us, against this abusive society.

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💥“3일에서 5일로? ♟여하튼 케어는 돌려주지 않는다♟

어떤 방송사에서 전화가 왔습니다. 동물보호법 시행령과 시행규칙 입법예고가 되었는데 어떻게 생각하느냐는 것이었습니다. 무슨 내용이냐고 물어보니 피학대동물 격리조치 기간이 3일에서 5일로 늘어났다는 이야기를 하였습니다. 저도 모르게 “쓰레기같은…”이라는 말이 나왔습니다.
격리조치는 법률에 ‘학대재발방지를 위하여’라고 그 목적이 명시되어 있습니다. 따라서 반환의 시기는 ‘학대가 재발하지 않을 것이라는 합리적 확신이 들 때’가 되어야 합니다. 3일이냐 5일이냐 30일이냐가 아닙니다.
격리된 피학대동물을 돌려주지 않는다고 구청이 저를 횡령으로 고발한 사건이 있었습니다. 학대자가 돌려달라고 했을 때 구청은 ‘학대재발 가능성이 높아서 못 돌려준다’고 말해야 하는데 법률을 읽어보면 그렇게 하라고 명시되어 있지 않습니다. 그래서 학대자와 다투기 보다 동물보호단체를 고발하는 편한 방법을 택한 것입니다. 그후 저는 격리조치를 할 때마다 동물보호팀장에게 공공연히 말합니다. “저는 절대 돌려주지 않을 것입니다. 그냥 저를 횡령으로 고발하고 편히 사세요.”
서글픈 현실이지요. 동물복지니 뭐니 나발을 불고 있지만 우리 사회는 거대한 동물학대체제입니다. 그 체제에 기생하는 자들이 그 체제에 맞서 싸우는 사람들을 고발하지요. 구조를 표방하는 단체도, 동물을 위한다는 변호사도. 역사의 진보에는 늘 유다같은 자들이 있었습니다.
진실로 동물의 편에 서 있는 케어와 함께 해 주십시오.

  1. Barbara Apgar
    Barbara ApgarFebruary 5,23

    How could people stand around and watch the poor dog being horrifically abused? They are as culpable as the abuser. They did nothing to stop the abuse. Did they think what the abuser was doing was OK? The image shows the wanton cruelty. What could the dog have done that would have encouraged the abuser to kill the dog? Nothing is the answer! He is a despicable human who deserves only condemnation! The poor dog must have suffered enormously at the hands of the abuser.

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