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Pyeongchang’s project to hide the Dog Meat Restaurants from Olympic visitors! (In Japanese)

Click HERE to read in English. 犬肉スープ」を提供するレストランに対するピョンチャン地方政府の計画を報道しているニュースをご覧ください。こちらからHERE(内容は韓国語です) オリンピック訪問客から犬肉レストランを隠すピョンチャンの計画! ピョンチャン2018冬季オリンピック開催まであと1年もありません。 【ボイコット ピョンチャン2018アクションセンター】“Boycott PyeongChang 2018 Action Center” では、韓国の残虐極まりない犬肉猫肉産業に抗議するために皆さまにご協力いただきたい活動をリストアップしております。 下記は、韓国の残虐な犬肉産業を隠蔽しようとするピョンチャンの計画を韓国の動物愛護団体である(KARA)Korea Animal Rights Advocates’ …

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¡Proyecto de Pyeongchang para ocultar a los visitantes olímpicos los platos con carne de perro en los restaurantes !

Click HERE to read in English. Haga clic AQUÍ para ver por televisión noticias relacionadas con el proyecto del gobierno …

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Pyeongchang’s project to hide the Dog Meat Restaurants from Olympic visitors!

[Update: January 23, 2018] The Korean government changes its plan and offers a subsidy to only those dog meat restaurants …

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Moon Jae-In’s puppies.

On May 9th, there will be a Presidential election in South Korea. This is following the final ruling by the …

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Animal Protection Act Amendment Passes the National Assembly Standing Committee.

On February 23, News 1 in Korea reported that the amendment to the Animal Protection Act, which includes strengthening the …

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Protest the horrific & cruel dog meat trade in South Korea at the Canberra, Australia Korean Embassy – February 9, 2017

Sharing for Francie Campbell, the organizer of protest event in Australia on February 9, 2017. Report card on the protest …

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Press Conference Urging Stronger Animal Protection Laws

A press conference, organized by, urging the South Korean government to pass an amendment to the Animal Protection Law, …

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World-famous Bill Maher speaks out for the Korean dogs!

The wonderful and exceptional Mr Bill Maher, an American comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, actor, media critic, and television host, …

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South Korean government takes long-awaited steps for companion animals in 2017.

The South Korean government is finally feeling the heat from the global campaigns against the inhumane dog and cat meat …

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“Meat dogs” in wire cages feed on rotten food waste slops while they wait to be slaughtered. (In Finnish)

Metallihäkeissä pidettäville lihakoirille syötetään pilaantunutta ruokaa kun ne odottavat teurastusvuoroaan Klikkaa TÄSTÄ koreankieliseen artikkeliin. 쓰레기 음식 먹고 도축 기다리는…철장 속 …

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[Breaking News] No more displaying or slaughtering of dogs within the notorious Seongnam Moran Market

Photo, from SaveKoreanDogs: Seongnam Mayor making a speech at the press conference, after the Agreement Signing Ceremony. The banner hanging …

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64 members of the National Assembly from both the ruling party and the opposition parties co-sponsored amendment to the Animal Protection Law proposed.

On September 2, Daily Vet, a professional newspaper for the Veterinarian community in Korea reported on the new proposed amendment …

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