Cheongju Heungdeok-gu’s response to our e-People petition

Application No.: 1AA-2105-0773277
Application Date: 2021-05-21
Request to Cheongju, South Korea, to take administrative action against illegal dog farms.
청주시에 불법 개농장, 개도살장 행정처분 시행과 즉각적인 폐쇄를 강력히 촉구합니다.

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Civil Petition Results
organization in charge 충청북도
staff in charge 조용태
contact 043-201-7333
processing date 2021-05-25
result 1. 귀하께서 국민신문고로 통해 신고하신 민원 중 흥덕구 소재 1번(가축분뇨 관련), 3번(음식물폐기물 관련), 5번(하수도관련), 6번(생활폐기물관련) 사항에 대해 현지 확인하고 아래와 같이 답변을 드립니다.
2. 1번『가축분뇨의 관리 및 이용에 관한 법률』위반사항 여부에 대해 확인결과 흥덕구 소재 11개소 개 농장이 모두 가축분뇨배출시설 설치신고를 득한 사업장으로 확인되었음을 알려드립니다.
3. 3번 『폐기물관리법』에 따른 음식물류폐기물 관련은 개 농장 중 4개소가 폐기물처리신고를 하고 운영 중에 있으며 확인결과 신고되지않은 농장에서는 음식물류폐기물을 사료로 사용하는 등 불법사항을 발견하지 못하였음을 알려드립니다.
4. 5번 하수도등 오염여부를 확인한 결과 하수도(배수로)등 오염현황을 발견하지 못하였으며 추후 위반사항이 발견될 시 조치하겠습니다.
5. 6번 생활폐기물 불법투기 관련은 축사(개농장) 내부 외 개 농장관련 폐기물을 버리는 행위 등을 발견치 못 하였음을 알려 드리며,
6. 귀하의 요청에 만족스러운 답변이 되었기를 바라며, 답변내용에 문의사항이 있으시면 흥덕구 환경위생과(043-201-7333)로 문의 주시면 친절히 안내해 드리겠습니다. 감사합니다.

Answer to the petition
for administrative measures on possible violations in dog farms

The District Office acknowledges the receipt of your petition made through the ‘e-people’ for administrative measures against the specified dog farms located in Heungdeok-gu regarding the item no.1-livestock manure, no.3-food waste, no.5-sewerage, and no.6-household waste. Following is the site investigation result and decision of the District Office as per your petition.

Petition no. 1: violation of the Act on the Management and Use of Livestock Excreta

Petition no. 3: violation of the Waste Control Act
The District Office confirmed that four (4) dog farms acquired proper registration on waste treatment facility.
A separate site inspection was conducted on the remaining dog farms without the authorized waste treatment facility, and we did not find any illegal practices or violation against the Act including food waste feed.

Petition no. 5: public sewerage contamination
A site inspection is conducted to check the contamination of public sewage and drainage.
The District Office confirms that we could not locate any contamination, however, should any unlawful waste water discharge or contamination of the public sewerage are identified in the future, the District Office will take appropriate administrative actions.

Petition no. 6: illegal dumping of household wastes
A site inspection is conducted to check illegal dumping and loading of household waste in the vicinity of the dog farms. The District Office confirms that we did not find any unlawful household wastes disposal or dumping outside the dog farm’s property.

We hope this provides you with sufficient answer to your petition. Should you have further questions regarding the above answer, please do not hesitate to contact the District Office Environmental Hygiene Division to the following office number: 043-201-7333. Thank you.
End date
2021-05-31 23:59:59

Response from Cheongju Heungdeok-gu

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