Call for Action: Shut down the illegal large scale dog slaughterhouse in Chuncheon!

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URGENT! Please submit an e-People petition to the City of Chuncheon to shut down the operation of a large-scale dog slaughterhouse!

① Submit your e-People petition.(

② Please call!
Animal Welfare Officer, Animal Protection Center, Chuncheon City Hall 033-245-5786
Director of Animal Protection Center, Chuncheon City Hall 033-245-5977
Chuncheon Mayor Lee Jae-Su 033-250-4007
Gangwon-do Provincial Government Companion Animals T/F 033-249-2664
Gangwon-do Provincial Governor Choi Moon-Soon 033-249-2001

③ Petition suggested message:
Request to shut down dog slaughterhouse located in Hakgok-ri, Dongnae-myeon, Chuncheon, Gangwon-do
Dogs are being illegally killed in a large slaughterhouse located in Hakgok-ri, Dongnae-myeon, Chuncheon. For many years, operating in violation of the Animal Protection Act and the Building Act, this slaughterhouse has been butchering dogs by sticking electric iron skewers into the dog’s anus. We request that the City of Chuncheon immediately and permanently shut down this illegal dog slaughterhouse in Hakgok-ri and establish plans to inspect and shut down all illegal dog slaughterhouses in Chucheon.

It was like an impregnable fortress. Despite the countless civil complaints filed at the local government against the daily sounds of screaming dogs and the nauseating stench, brutal slaughter continued.

We, the Korean Animal Welfare Association (KAWA), received a tip about early morning dog slaughtering taking place daily. At this slaughterhouse the dogs were mainly being killed by the extremely painful method of sticking electric iron skewers in the animal’s anus. Despite the fact that last April, the Supreme Court had found guilty in a case of killing dogs by electrocution, the brutal electrocution of dogs is still prevalent throughout the country.

Activists staked out the site for several weeks and finally, at dawn on the 21st, ambushed the slaughterhouse and immediately reported them to the local police. The slaughterhouse is designated as a goat slaughterhouse, but over the years, countless dogs have been illegally slaughtered. Because the police responded to our call, we were able to prevent further dog slaughtering that day, but if the slaughterhouse continues to operate, the terrible killing of dogs will continue.

They must be stopped immediately. Please, everyone, submit a complaint (e-People petition) to the City of Chuncheon today! For years, no one has been able to prevent the large-scale killing at this dog slaughterhouse in Chuncheon. But we must stop them, now! KAWA is planning to file a complaint with the city of Chuncheon to suspend the operation of this dog slaughterhouse. We will not give up on this case until there are no more innocent dogs being sacrificed. We will communicate the progress of this case through our homepage and social media. Stay tuned!


Call for Action

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Dogs are killed with electric iron skewer.

Electric torture is continued for tens of seconds and sparks are flying.

Next is Jindo dog.

Now Jindo dog is being killed by electric torture.

Now the dogs are torched.

KAWA’s Post in Korean:

긴급 대규모 개 도살장 영업 중단을 위해 춘천시청에 민원을 넣어주세요!

① 국민신문고( 로그인 ‣ 민원내용 작성(하단 내용 참고) ‣ 민원기관 춘천시 선택
② 전화 민원 넣기
춘천시청 동물보호센터 동물복지담당 033-245-5786
춘천시청 동물보호센터소장 033-245-5977
춘천시 이재수 시장 033-250-4007
강원도청 반려동물T/F 033-249-2664
강원도 최문순 도지사 033-249-2001
③ 민원예시
제목: 강원도 춘천시 동내면 학곡리 개 도살장 운영 중단 요청
내용: 동내면 학곡리에 위치한 대규모 도축장에서 불법 개 도살이 자행되고 있습니다. 해당 도축장은 수년 간 전기 쇠꼬챙이를 이용해 수시로 개 도살 행위를 행하고 있으며, 동물보호법, 건축법 등을 위반하여 개 도축장을 운영하고 있습니다. 춘천시는 △동내면 학곡리 개 도살장의 불법 도살 완전 근절 △춘천시 불법 개 도살장 모니터링 및 현장점검 계획을 수립해주시기 바랍니다.

마치 철옹성과 같았습니다. 매일 개들의 비명 소리와 역한 냄새에 관할 지자체로 수차례 민원이 접수되었으나 잔혹한 도살은 멈추지 않고 계속됐습니다.
동물자유연대를 통해 한 통의 제보가 접수됐습니다. 매일 새벽 개 도살이 이루어지고 있다는 내용이었습니다. 주로 개들의 항문에 전기 쇠꼬챙이를 넣어 죽이는 고통스러운 방법으로 도살은 이루어지고 있었습니다. 이미 지난 4월, 대법원은 전기 쇠꼬챙이를 사용한 개 전기도살 사건에 유죄 판결을 내린 바 있음에도 불구하고 전국 곳곳 암암리에 잔인한 개 전기도살은 여전히 횡행하고 있습니다.
활동가들은 몇 주간 현장 일대 잠복을 이어갔으며, 드디어 21일 새벽 도살장을 급습하고 관할 경찰서에 즉시 신고를 진행했습니다. 해당 도살장은 염소 도축장으로 지정되어 있는 곳이나, 지난 세월 셀 수 없이 수많은 개들에 대한 불법 도살을 일삼아왔습니다. 경찰 신고로 당일 추가적인 개 도살은 막았으나, 해당 도살장의 영업이 지속된다면 끔찍한 개 도살은 계속될 것입니다.
이제는 막아야 합니다. 여러분, 지금 바로 춘천시청에 민원을 넣어주세요 수 년간 누구도 막지 못한 대규모 춘천 개 도살장, 이제는 우리가 막아야 합니다! 동물자유연대는 춘천 개 도살장의 영업 중단을 위한 고발장을 접수할 예정입니다. 아무 죄 없는 백구와 누렁이들이 더이상 희생되지 않도록, 끝까지 포기하지 않고 사건을 대응하겠습니다. 추후 상황은 동물자유연대 홈페이지와 SNS를 통해 전하겠습니다. 기다려주세요!
#강원도 #춘천 #개도살금지 #개식용종식 #춘천_개도살_중단하라 #동물학대 #동물자유연대

강원도 춘천시 동내면 학곡리 개 도살장 운영 중단 요청
동내면 학곡리에 위치한 대규모 도축장에서 불법 개 도살이 자행되고 있습니다.
해당 도축장은 수년 간 전기 쇠꼬챙이를 이용해 수시로 개 도살 행위를 행하고 있으며, 동물보호법, 건축법 등을 위반하여 개 도축장을 운영하고 있습니다.
춘천시는 △동내면 학곡리 개 도살장의 불법 도살 완전 근절 △춘천시 불법 개 도살장 모니터링 및 현장점검 계획을 수립해주시기 바랍니다.

#강원도 #춘천 #개도살금지 #개식용종식 #춘천_개도살_중단하라 #동물학대 #동물자유연대

  1. Kristina Collins
    Kristina CollinsSeptember 24,20

    Please stop this horrific practice the world is watching and abhorring it

  2. Starla Michelle Wallace
    Starla Michelle WallaceSeptember 24,20

    Heartless, evil deeds done by heartless, evil people.

  3. Starla Michelle Wallace
    Starla Michelle WallaceSeptember 24,20

    Heartless, evil deeds done by heartless, evil people.

  4. Susan Tsai
    Susan TsaiSeptember 24,20

    Please open your heart to love these wonderful and faithful animals that God has created.

  5. Kathy Tenda
    Kathy TendaSeptember 24,20

    Dogs are not food. Cats are not food. This illegal dog slaughterhouse needs to be shut down immediately.

  6. Mary Devonshire
    Mary DevonshireSeptember 25,20

    The world is watching you, and your country will be judged by the rest of the world for YOUR actions. Please have some compassion

  7. Jill Kaptur
    Jill KapturSeptember 25,20

    I am beyond outraged this is EVIL these precious dogs and cats are part of our
    Family how dare you the world is watching you we demand you END THIS NOW
    This should of never been allowed I am so angry and heartbroken for these precious animals
    We are boycotting this EVIL SOULLESS COUNTRY adopt out all the dogs and cats you have now may GOD
    have mercy in your souls for what you have done

  8. loly concep
    loly concepSeptember 25,20

    What you do to these poor helpless animals you will face with heavy judgement what goes around comes around. So inhumane, you do not deserve to have animals in your country to abuse, torture and kill just for food. How disgusting, you will end up the same on what you do

  9. Vanessa Oosthuizen
    Vanessa OosthuizenSeptember 25,20

    Stop Eating the furbabies they r not food. They were not put on earth for u to eat

  10. Paolo Cuccione
    Paolo CuccioneSeptember 25,20

    Ma come fate a non vedere il terrore negli occhi delle vostre vittime ? chi vi da il diritto di decidere della loro vita? Provate ad immedesimarvi nella loro condizione, provate…….e riflettete

  11. Rona Hart
    Rona HartSeptember 25,20

    It breaks my heart to see these poor helpless animals. Dogs have been mankind’s friends, guards and helpers for thousands of years. They have developed together with human beings, they are our companions. They should be treasured and treated humanely.

  12. Sheila
    SheilaSeptember 25,20

    I have sent the email to the various council members. Some have blocked my message so they are obviously receiving a lot of mail from the likes of us. Good. This unspeakable cruelty HAS to stop. Don’t they realise how badly it reflects on Korea?

    • Maria
      MariaSeptember 30,20

      Guys, it’s useless to write “stop it!” HERE, in the comments on this page. Korean authorities don’t read it, and those who do – they are animal advocates like you. Better email the government or file an e-people complaint, or call them, or call to the embassy if you don’t speak Korean.
      Please remember that this site is run by Koreans who want to save the dogs.

  13. alessandra
    alessandraSeptember 25,20

    Ringrazio KARA per il vostro impegno, aiutare queste creature è un atto più che meritevole

  14. Thomas Schroeder
    Thomas SchroederSeptember 25,20

    Stop that inhuman cruelty against animals! what kind of society is this ? Stop eating mens best friend. Become a loyal member of nations !

  15. Anne Marsh
    Anne MarshSeptember 25,20

    This torture to cats and dogs MUST END NOW! No living creature should be treated in this inhuman way – the compassionate world is watching your country with contempt…..

  16. Jim Taylor
    Jim TaylorSeptember 25,20

    This is a horrendous treatment of living creatures and it must stop. The cruel mentality of these people is beyond evil thinking as it is far worse. These are weak-minded people dealing with intelligent living creatures with much more feelings than they have. Unfortunately, the feel pain and suffering and have all the emotions of us humans so they suffer as we do. Therefore these cruel heartless individuals need to be imprisoned and receive the similar treatment they are lashing out.

  17. Fabiola Alvarez
    Fabiola AlvarezSeptember 25,20

    Are you human beings? You are invading all the countries are are horrible people!!!! If there is a god, why is he allowing all this torture???? You are worse than the Nazzis

  18. Nicole Garner
    Nicole GarnerSeptember 27,20

    What the hell has gone wrong with these peoples mind that they can wilfully terrorise and torture these loving animals? Every time I hear or see the name Korea it reminds me of the horrific treatment of animals that goes on in that disgraceful country.

  19. Maria
    MariaSeptember 30,20

    Filed e-people

  20. alessandra
    alessandraOctober 4,20

    Questo è un paese di persone che non hanno nessun sentimento compassionevole senza nessun sentimento positivo, nessun essere vivente merita di subire tanta cattiveria e crudeltà, tutto il mondo civile vi sta giudicando!

  21. alessandra
    alessandraOctober 4,20

    Fermate questa orribile crudele incivile tradizione, se cosi si può chiamare, fermate questo massacro

  22. Alessandra Trois
    Alessandra TroisOctober 4,20

    Questo paese è il peggiore luogo che dei cani e dei gatti possano civere e morire

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