Call for Action: Punish the murderer who dragged a dog to her death with a Hyundai Galloper in Sangju, South Korea

Following the case of a van deliberately running over a family of stray dogs, there has been another incident of vehicular cruelty to dogs. A dog was tied to the back of a vehicle driving nearly 80 km per hour (50 mph). She perished with her four paws decimated by the dragging and drenched in blood. The Korean Animal Welfare Association (KAWA) will not allow that final image of such heinousness to be forgotten and has launched a petition so that this murderer will not go unpunished. Please take a moment to join KAWA in this effort.

👉 Click HERE for the update on this case. The Korea Times report on 4/5/2021, “Calls grow for toughened punishment against animal abusers”.

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Translation of KAWA’s Petition

Please sign the petition urging prosecution for the person who dragged a dog to her death in Sangju, Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, South Korea.

Amid the pain and anger that resulted when a van deliberately drove over a family of stray dogs, devastating animal cruelty case using a vehicle occurred once again, this time in Sangju, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

On March 7, 2021, a driver witnessed a Hyundai Galloper driving nearly 80 km/h with a dog with a rope around her neck being dragged behind. She ran as fast as she could to keep up but she didn’t stand a chance. With the vehicle momentarily stopped, the witness closely observed the dog and found her four paws shredded, soaked in blood. She appeared motionless and was likely dead.

This is an obvious and egregious case of animal cruelty that must be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Let us not let the horrendous death of this defenseless dog be in vain. Please stand with the Korean Animal Welfare Association by signing the petition calling on the Sangju Police and the Prosecution Service Daegu District, Sangju Branch to launch a full investigation and hold this evildoer accountable.

Video: Channel A News. 👉 Click HERE to watch the Channel A news video.

Call for Action

KAWA’s Petition in Korean

‘경북 상주 차량에 개를 묶어 끌고 다니다 죽게 한 학대 사건’ 엄중처벌 탄원 서명
“시속 60~80km 되는 차량에 이끌려 살기 위해 달렸지만 결국 피투성이가 된 네 발로 죽음을 맞이한 빨간 발의 개”

승합차 유기견 학대 사건의 아픔과 분노가 여전한 가운데 차량을 이용한 참혹한 동물 학대 사건이 경북 상주에서 연이어 발생했습니다.

지난 7일, 갤로퍼 차량이 개의 목에 끈을 묶어 뒤편에 매단 채 시속 60~80킬로로 달리는 모습을 목격하여 해당 차량의 뒤를 쫓았고, 학대 차량이 지나간 길에는 피가 흥건한 것을 목격했다고 합니다. 차량이 잠시 정차한 틈을 타 자세히 확인해보니 개는 네 발이 모두 뭉개져 보랏빛피투성이가 되어 있었으며 차량에 끌려다녔던 개는 당시 이미 죽은 것인지 미동조차 없는 처참한 상태였습니다.

차량 블랙박스 영상 속 개의 몸통에는 특별히 외상이 없었으나 네 다리는 피투성이가 되어 있었습니다. 이는 학대자가 살아 있는 개를 차에 묶어 달렸고, 목이 묶인 개는 차량 속도를 따라잡으려 죽을힘을 다해 달리다가 결국 사망한 것으로 추정됩니다. 이것은 ‘노상에서 잔인한 방식으로 동물을 죽음에 이르게 한 명백한 동물학대 사건’입니다.

시민 여러분, 차량 운전자 즉 학대자는 생명의 존엄성에 대한 인식이 전혀 존재하지 않았습니다. 과연 자신의 소중한 개라면 이렇게까지 할 수 있었을까요? 개의 상태를 단 한 번이라도 확인해 봤다면 이런 안타깝게 죽음에 이르게 하지도 않았을 것입니다. 자유롭게 뛰어놀아야 할 개는 억지로 목이 묶여 살기 위해 뛰었습니다. 빨간 발의 개는 숨이 찰 때까지 뛰고 또 뛰었지만, 마음처럼 따라주지 않는 피로 흥건한 발이 원망스러웠을 겁니다. 빨간 발이 된 개의 죽음이 헛되지 않도록 여러분들께서 동물자유연대와 함께 목소리를 높여주시고, 학대자가 저지른 죄에 대한 응당한 대가를 치를 수 있도록 탄원 서명에 함께 동참해주시길 간곡히 부탁드립니다.

이 서명은 사건 수사를 담당할 상주경찰서 및 대구지검 상주지청에 철저한 수사와 엄중처벌을 촉구하기 위해 제출할 예정입니다.

👉 Click HERE for the KAWA’s petition.

  1. Victor hamshar
    Victor hamsharMarch 29,21

    This is evil

  2. Selene Pallotta
    Selene PallottaMarch 29,21

    Siete dei miserabili

  3. Bill Pierce
    Bill PierceMarch 29,21

    Punish this person to the full extent of the law. Torture and senseless killing of animals cannot be tolerated in a civilized society

  4. Cat
    CatMarch 29,21

    An eye for an eye. The guy who did this to this poor dog, should have the same thing done to him… No ifs, ands or buts… He does not deserve any special treatment. Shame on him. Shame, shame, shame… To this sweet dog, run free at the Rainbow Bridge little pup….we love you…💖

  5. Toni Eastman
    Toni EastmanMarch 29,21

    This kind of evil HAS TO END! If you did this in USA you would be put in prison and other prisoner don’t like people (scum) like you they are happy to show you the way we deal with jerks like you! How can you live with yourself? Such torture and hate toward animals the Asian people have. God did not put these wonderful creature on earth for criminals like you to to with what you please! Feel free to ask him if you are given the honor to go be before him on your way to hell.

  6. Carol Cresswell
    Carol CresswellMarch 29,21

    Disgusting human, tie the bastard responsible to the back of a car and do the same to him. I am sick of hearing of South Korea’s cruelty to these innocent creatures.

  7. Laura Bruns
    Laura BrunsMarch 29,21

    Do the same to him. This person must be evil.

  8. Ashley
    AshleyMarch 29,21

    What a piece of human garbage. Give me just 5 minutes in a locked room with this piece of shit.

  9. Cheryl Long
    Cheryl LongMarch 29,21

    Disgusted with the monsters in the world that ppl allow to get away with this evil

  10. Kimberly
    KimberlyMarch 29,21

    They should be arrested and put in prison!
    That is a killing of an innocent animal!
    There is s place in hell for them!

  11. Barbara Coralli
    Barbara CoralliMarch 29,21

    the civilization of a people is measured by how it treats animals

  12. Gloria Donn
    Gloria DonnMarch 29,21


  13. Linda Gillan
    Linda GillanMarch 29,21

    This is a disgrace to a lovely country. Your Government must crack down on these people who are getting away with this kind of cruelty to animals especially dogs & cats as the rest of the world don’t understand why cruel people have to do this. 🐶🐶😡😡

  14. Roland
    RolandMarch 29,21

    Are all Korean that sick and disgusting as this guy, if you are not it’s time to act and punish this miserable scumbag. This kind of people tarnish the reputation of your country. Force your government to act.

  15. Adeline Wong
    Adeline WongMarch 30,21

    Signed petition on and filed petition on E-People (was unable to attach photos to the E-People but hope the link to facebook is sufficient)

    • team teamMarch 30,21

      Thank you, Adeline, as always!!

  16. Thomas Schroeder
    Thomas SchroederMarch 30,21

    What a nation of animal haters ! Stop doing trade with South Corea ! Stop travelling to South Corea ! Stop buying Hyundai cars!

  17. Darja Kadenšek
    Darja KadenšekMarch 30,21


  18. Marco Salvetti
    Marco SalvettiMarch 30,21

    Everybody please, file petition with the South Korean government through e-People online !!

  19. Angela Smales
    Angela SmalesMarch 31,21

    This is unbelievable sheer evil at it’s best! Justice must be served!

  20. Sinikka Soininen
    Sinikka SoininenMarch 31,21

    Evil person!!

  21. Nancy Rothe
    Nancy RotheApril 2,21

    Cruel and inhumane.

  22. John Farnan
    John FarnanApril 3,21

    The dog and cat meat trade is a moral obscenity of the first order. The nations, mainly Asian, who condone this torture to such loving and trusting companion animals such as dogs, and cats, have absolutely nothing to be proud of if they crow endlessly about their materialistic progress and glorious civilizations. The empty rationalizations used to justify such depravity of a ‘business’ are just fallacious sophistic nonsense. Until animal welfare laws and legislated and enforced in said countries, and the populations are educated to understand what an obscenity this is, such nations are empty vessels of indifference and corrupt behaviour. To accept torture of nonhuman life as a norm, and not object to it, reveals systemic evil, mainly from the authorities who claim to govern the citizens under their control and who are unprepared to listen to their own activists wishing this horror to be banned. To be against torture — inflicted through malign cultural traditions — is not cultural imperialism. Those individuals who speak up to condemn the concept of cultural relativism are freely entitled to condemn torture to humans or nonhumans perpetrated in any nation on Earth. That torture is somehow acceptable within a culture, and outsiders should not interfere or criticize other cultures, is irrational nonsense. To pander to this concept is just an excuse to deny criticism of an evil. To do so exonerates the perpetrators of cruelty, the callous dog and cat meat traders who need retraining for more productive and humane occupations. Above all the acceptance of cruelty fails the nonhumans who cannot speak for themselves. More than ever, we need compassionate individuals with empathy to speak up for those beings denied a voice to live a happy life free from misery, torture, suffering and death. No more excuses for the corrupt horror of the Asian dog and cat meat trade! End it. Ban this sordid trade.
    End the South Korean dog meat trade before another pandemic hits the world!

  23. gabriela vargas
    gabriela vargasApril 3,21

    This is unforgivable!!! We cannot understand how a country that seems to be so evolved and advanced allows these brutal actions of weak and ignorant minds. Stop these crimes!!! These images are a reflection of a sick society, full of hatred, ignorance and little or nothing evolved!!!

  24. tom
    tomApril 7,21

    this dog. this poor dog. buddy i am so sorry you had to go through this. everyone is going to make sure that your death wasn’t in vain. we all love you puppy. we know you’re in a happier place now.

    you are going to be punished, demon. this isn’t your world. there are consequences and you have asked for punishment. in the afterlife lucifer himself will be so glad to show you your place in the deepest darkest pits of hell. i am so excited for you to repent and recieve. you are filth, no matter what you may believe you are, you are filth deserving of a beating beneath the 9 circles of hell. this poor dog…

  25. brooklyn
    brooklynApril 7,21

    yea well why don’t we just drag the human to death, this is murder, no matter the breed. that dog did nothing, it’s important we fix this kind of cruility in the world.

  26. Debra Davis
    Debra DavisApril 7,21

    Drag his ass at 60 mph. Hope the maggot gets jail time. No more animals for this asshole.

  27. Carolina Balmaceda
    Carolina BalmacedaApril 7,21

    How can any human do this to man’s best friend! Is s/he without any soul?

  28. Ethan
    EthanApril 7,21

    What a cruel human being. I shouldn’t even call him human trying up a dog to his pickup truck and driving 50 MPH dragging the poor thing down the freeway. He should be sentenced to torture. Do the same thing to him, please. Tie him up and drag him across the same road. What a psychopath Asian Countries are notorious for their cruelty towards animals, specifically dogs. He most certainly most be sentenced to death no justice for the human. Poor dog, RIP.

  29. Jake
    JakeApril 7,21

    This son of a bitch deserves the most excruciating and drawn out torture, then brought back to health, then repeat the long torture process! After repeating this cycle 5-6 times, remove all of his fingers, take his eyesight and hearing and seal his asshole shut so he cannot dedicate. Leave him in this state until near death again and finally tie his neck with a rope and drag his pathetic, worthless body until nothing remains but the rope. Then get out of vehicle and piss in the rope!

  30. Molly heston
    Molly hestonApril 8,21

    Put this person in jail, this poor innocent dog must have been in so much pain I pray that she is happy in heaven now this person deserves to be in jail for the rest of their life for what they did. Utterly disgusting

  31. Farideh Eskandari
    Farideh EskandariApril 8,21

    Only a psychopath can do such cruelty.

  32. Evelyn alvarado
    Evelyn alvaradoApril 12,21

    Put this filthy lying heartless evil good for nothing monster in prison where he belongs. Hes gonna keep on murdering more animals if you dont. No human being should get away with hurting and murdering any animal. Hes a coward for trying to lie his way out of charges. Hes a piece of garbage and justice should be to put him in prison where he belongs. They make these laws against animal cruelty and then they dont punish or di anything. For the right thing and put these animal abusers including those who slaughter animals for meat in prison. The fact that the law doesn’t punish these evil doers is more sick and disgusting then the crime they committ. Makes me so sick.

  33. Robin B
    Robin BApril 12,21

    They have a special place in hell waiting for them.

  34. ojt
    ojtApril 19,21

    I just don’t get why someone would go out of their way to be so cruel? The driver is obviously a psychopath who wants to kill. They should be removed from society however possible.

  35. bob
    bobApril 29,21


  36. Signe Palm
    Signe PalmJune 22,21

    Brutality such as this must end!!!

  37. Tiffanie Ann Roher
    Tiffanie Ann RoherSeptember 1,21

    Eye for an eye! What anyone does to hurt another, human or animal, they get back. Bet they wouldn’t do it again! Needs to be a law! Wouldn’t be as much torturing going on if they knew they’d be getting the same back, the cowardly bully bastards! Guess they’re too weak to pick on someone their own size, that isn’t tied up, or without a weapon in their hand. How about someone chop THEIR arm off or skin THEM alive for the price of a meal?! They’ll meet their maker and for what they’ve done to loving innocent souls, they’re gonna beg for mercy til the end of eternity because they’re going to be feeling worse pain than they inflicted on others with NO END IN SIGHT

  38. Tiffanie Ann Roher
    Tiffanie Ann RoherSeptember 1,21

    Especially these countries in particular have it in for these animals to torture for meals or just to inflict harm on them in any way they feel like they can and it just doesn’t make any sense at all! that’s why eye for an eye needs to be a law ASAP!

  39. Darla Grove
    Darla GroveNovember 25,21

    The punishment was not enough by miles! All animal abusers should be punished severely, their identities made public, their photos shown everywhere and they should never have the opportunity to be near any animal ever again. They should be made to pay for their heinous crimes.

  40. zoltan papp
    zoltan pappApril 14,22

    It is a crime !

  41. Zheng
    ZhengApril 16,22


  42. Gina
    GinaApril 17,22

    Drag that mother fucker!! Then chop him up slowly! Burn in hell!

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