Dog farms in South Korea – Video by Nami Kim and SaveKoreanDogs

Sharing from Nami Kim’s Facebook page.

Korea is the only country which has a systematic farming of dogs for human consumption in Asia. These videos were taken by me from early last year until the last few months at twelve dog farms around the country, near Seoul and down south in the Gyeongsang province. I visited more than two dozen dog farms, but some did not allow us to take videos, threatening me with a knife. I had two shut-downs last year and two shut down last month, the 50 and 500 dogs dog farms. One dog farm is in the process of closing by October, and nine more dog farms are still in business. I brought attention to these illegal farming to the authorities, then all nine dog farms acquired farming licenses. The best approach is to keep charging them on violations of the environmental conservation law, improper sewage, no drainage, and contaminating the water and the soil. Some paid fines from $3,000 to $8,000 but the business is allowed to continue.

There are a total of 17,000 dog farms (estimate) for the 2 million dogs consumed each year. I find all types of breeds at such dog farms and I can identify that some are stolen pets and some are strays. Summer Boknal is the high season for dog meat consumption, as it is believed the meat has body-cooling effects and is good for stamina.

Jamie is an administrator of our group – Savekoreandogs. She’s been working so hard on this dog farm video and with all 300 videos I had shared with her. I cannot thank her enough for this work, while teaching English fulltime. The video will be further edited. The first three seconds is the Gyeongdong dog meat market in Seoul to show the dogs supplied by the dog farms. They all end up in the dog meat market.

Anri, the flown in angel who was with us for the protest at the national assembly for a month, released the video of a dog meat market last month. Thanks to the volunteers, we’ve done one video on dog farms and one on a dog meat market.
Enjoy viewing!

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  1. Maria de Fátima Moreira dos Santos
    Maria de Fátima Moreira dos SantosOctober 1,15

    Please stop the torture and killing of our most faithful friends, dogs and cats. They feel pain, fear and sorrow just like us. Thr treatment they receive at those dog farms in South Korea is brutal and unacceptable. Even in death we must respect the animals and treat them with dignity.

  2. Stop The Taboo
    Stop The TabooOctober 30,15

    Dog farms is not a solution. They are just an excuse attempting to legalise and normalise this horrifying custom of eating human companion’s meat.

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