Dogs Are Prepared To Be Eaten In Hell Called “Dog Farm” – Animal in Crisis EP200

On December 13th, 2019
00:03 Rescuer1 : I can smell something burnt.. or burning..
00:05 Rescuer2 : Hell no..
00:06 Vet : Scorched a lot..
00:08 One urgently brought to the hospital was in critical condition, smelled of something heavily scorched..
00:13 Nurse 1 : It was shocking as I could smell scorched, burnt, and by the fact that he didn’t react to anything..
00:22 Nurse 2 : Was horrible, even just to look at.. Felt sorry to even touch her
00:27 Vet : Since we could smell the burnt flavor even from the distance, We could immediately notice that the trauma comes from fire or a torch…
00:35 Yet, there was more to it
00:38 Vet : At the skull, there are signs of fracture caused by a blunt weapon identified,
00:44 in which we could quickly speculate that it was all a person’s doing.
00:48 Considering the injuries left on Yumi, it’s highly possible that a man could have done such things on purpose
00:54 A week’s passed..
00:55 After several adversities, she was able to get the surgery
00:59 What kind of devil’s doing could have left serious burns from head to toe?
01:04 Yumi
01:07 Vet : The face, neck, half of her back, and the entire abdomen.
01:13 About 40 to 50% of her body was covered with third-degree burns, and the size of it is quite big
01:22 If there wasn’t an emergency rescue carried out, she might have left this world, I presume..
01:29 Yumi’s condition is severe enough to see her being alive as a miracle
01:33 As if even just breathing brings her pain, Yumi cries out desperately..
01:35 She’s in the worst condition to even make a person feels painful to just watch
01:39 Can’t imagine how much pain Yumi’s now feeling..
01:44 To bring light to the truth of what’s happened on that day, We’ve decided to investigate the wounds left on Yumi as the clues
01:47 Fire inspector/ Huge injuries are concentrated on the front, gets lesser as it goes towards the back..
01:53 There’s none here
01:55 It looks like a huge flame swept in a short moment, just once
02:04 All the burns are focused on the front of her body
02:09 Fire inspector/ There are some particular torches used by butchers or on the construction sites
02:15 Torch for butchering
02:17 Fire Inspector/ By a usual torch used in homes, it wouldn’t leave such wounds, I think.
02:22 Most likely through utilizing a torch, connected to an LPG gas barrel, the flame could be able to cover the entire body of the dog
02:32 We’ve checked whether this would leave similar marks as Yumi’s
02:41 Fire inspector : If a fire has a certain direction, it leaves this kind of shape
02:45 Surprisingly the burnt made on this exactly resembles Yumi’s as well
02:49 Fire inspector : In our term, that’s called ‘fire shade’.
02:51 After the flame brushes, where it can hide from the flames, leave as fine as this
02:58 If a fire shade’s been made, that means the intense level of flame went past at a certain angle, at a fast rate
03:02 Most say such method’s commonly used for butchering
03:08 Perhaps, Yumi has escaped from such process..
03:10 We’ve revisited the town where Yumi was found to ask around
03:14 Resident : Guess they missed it, while they’re going to eat them.
03:19 Probably thought she passed out while burning her alive.
03:22 Resident : This place is famous for eating dogs.
03:25 Nobody looks for their dogs when the actually lose them
03:28 Yet, while we were asking around..
03:31 We were able to meet a lady who claims that her dog as well got into a terrible accident recently
03:35 Jindol’s owner : Couldn’t find him from the last Tuesday, like the entire day. Never been like that before.
03:39 Never been like that before.
03:40 The only thing I hoped was to actually find him…
03:43 So we’ve looked across there, took around the neighborhood..
03:46 But we couldn’t still find him.
03:47 The lady was looking for everywhere to find Jindol, but she failed to do so
03:52 And a phone call came in
03:54 Jindol’s owner : Said Jindol got into a car accident.. Collapsed and bleeding..
03:57 And I panicked so badly.. Couldn’t even recognize Jindol, as his face was so swollen..
04:03 I might want to deny the fact, but I kept on denying that it was Jindol
04:08 My husband, stood by me, said, “I think, it’s Jindol..” So then I held him, and turns out it was Jindol
04:12 Jindol found in a horrible shape..
04:16 Was wounded badly on his head, and the body was blacked by some burns
04:23 The hospital CCTV footage shows exactly how urgent the scene was at that time
04:33 Vet : On the tail, the back and the hind leg.. they were all burned by something, and smelt badly of such
04:40 And most of the trauma is concentrated on the head..
04:44 The bones supposedly to have some sort of continuity.. but
04:48 As you can see here, there are parts where it’s broken
04:51 PD : Ah.. it’s just broken?
04:53 Vet : Yes..
04:54 Vet : Even the right forelead, there was a deep cut in which even the bones are protruded
05:02 Even the teeth are all broken
05:06 Vet : Since some of the burns are so overlapped,
05:09 Fights between the animals, a car accident, or hurt from the fall, they all sound so unlikely to diagnose in his case
05:17 It nearly seems like it’s been done for the purpose of killing
05:21 It’s highly possible that someone could have done such horrible things on Jindol as well…
05:24 Jindol’s owner : Wanna go home~? Alright.. Okay..
05:26 Don’t.. Don’t stand
05:28 Uh?! Gosh, lord..
05:32 She feels painful to simply watch Jindol came back home, covered in wounds overnight..
05:39 These two cases, looking alike by looking at the fractures on the head and the blackened burns.
05:43 Both cases even happened within the same town
05:47 Yumi found (2019.12.13)
05:48 Jindol found (2019.12.15)
05:51 Wouldn’t the assaulter of both cases might be the same..?
05:54 Resident : I came out, and saw him from here to there…
05:59 Luckily we were able to spot CCTVs surrounding the place, so we could navigate the route that Jindol took
06:05 A route in which Jindol walked back after being attacked by someone
06:08 Suspects that Jindol came along the street connected all the way from the deep inside the town
06:11 Jindol’s owner : He’s attacked from that side or somewhere this side and walked down along this way
06:14 It rained the next day, so I wasn’t able to find any traces of his blood drops or some hair left
06:23 Wasn’t able to check as it poured a lot..
06:26 There were no longer a trace or evidence found..
06:29 Wouldn’t there be more traces left where Yumi was found?
06:33 Thankfully, the CCTV footage of that day was kept safely
06:37 Yumi rushing hurriedly, soaked in blood, as if she’s being chased by something
06:43 First reporter : Came in like this and crouched in the corner there..
06:47 At that time, she was drenched in fear, crouching in the corner to hide herself away
06:52 We’ve decided to study other CCTVs located on the same path where Yumi rushed from
06:57 Yumi, running hurriedly towards the factory
07:08 Resident : Came down from this path
07:16 The path in which we suspect that Yumi’s come from
07:21 PD : Can hear dogs barking..!
07:23 And there are dogs..!
07:26 Is somebody raising them all here..?
07:28 PD : Excuse me?
07:32 Shockingly, hundreds of dogs were locked up in confined, puppy mills, deep inside the farmhouse..
07:39 They are raised in terrible condition, even at a glance..
07:42 As we walked past the yard and went inside the house..
07:44 As expected, it was filled with puppy mills with dogs as well..
07:50 PD : Went so skinny..
07:55 Moreover.. there were mother dogs, breastfeeding with the scrawny body…
08:01 A horrifying scene, one couldn’t even watch with bare eyes
08:08 PD : Gosh.. I can’t..
08:10 To find out if there’s any connection between the owners of the farmhouse and Yumi, we’ve decided to wait up
08:13 When we were about to lose track of time..
08:25 A white truck drove in..
08:31 PD : Excuse me, sir?
08:34 PD : Hi, we are from a broadcasting station. Just want to know whether those dogs belong to you?
08:38 Fothermucker : I do, yes..
08:40 Why on earth is he keeping these dogs? For what?
08:43 Bit** : We used to supply in a market, but the supply line’s been cut. That’s why it’s all snowballed.
08:50 PD : You mean the route’s been banned?
08:51 Fothermucker/Bit** : Yeah Yeah, that could be the only reason why it ended up like this
08:54 Fothermucker : Ah, Can’t sell ’em. Someone needs to eat so we can sell~ But no one does these days
08:58 That’s why we’re keeping them.
08:59 PD : Then you should have sent them away or something
09:04 Fothermucker : How on earth would I know such things?
09:08 What they’re saying is, they’ve been seeing dogs as ‘food’..but
09:13 But the supply line’s been cut in which they can no longer sell them off. That’s why they’re keeping so many of them.
09:17 PD : You’ve never butcher them yourself?
09:18 Fothermucker : Nah~ Never. Why would I do such a thing, they’re like my own kids
09:25 PD : Would you raise your own kids in such condition?
09:28 Fothermucker : I do no lies. If you must say I butcher them here, would I’ve done it so unprofessionally?
09:39 We strike them with electricity so that they can’t run away
09:45 What he says is that he might have used something better to butcher him
09:50 Then that day..
09:50 Who was it who’s done such horrible things on Yumi..?
09:54 Animal welfare org : The purpose is quite clear, as they’re burned, it was to eat them..
10:00 But striking their heads like that, it ain’t easy for somebody who’s never done such a thing before to just strike dog’s head
10:06 And that leads us to the fact that, he’s experienced. But considering that he let the dog run away,
10:11 Not even checking whether the dog is alive or not.. all these things show the unprofessional side of him
10:18 That makes everything so ambiguous
10:23 Then, it might also mean Yumi and Jindol was cornered to become edible?
10:30 [The owner of a dog farm has been prosecuted for breaching animal protection laws since they’ve been utilizing electrical shocks on dogs]
10:35 [A dealer was caught for slaughtering dogs in the most horrifying way]
10:41 Electrocution used to butcher has been accepted as one way of breaching animal protection law.
10:45 Such precedent cases prove that social recognition towards killings or giving pains to the dogs has shifted.
10:51 Two days later, we revisited to the farmhouse..
10:54 The dogs are all gone
10:58 PD : Where are they gone to?
11:00 Fothermucker : Chungcheong-do
11:01 PD : Chungcheong-do? Were they moved to another dog farm then?
11:04 Fothermucker : Nah, it isn’t a slaughter house, but a shelter.
11:07 My friend introduced, so I have no idea whom they were sent to
11:12 Funny that he sent the dogs who he cares like his own children away to nobody
11:16 Bit** : Some came from the city hall
11:18 Fothermucker : F*** me
11:19 At the right moment, an official from the city hall came by the farmhouse
11:21 PD : Hi, we are from SBS. Do you have any idea where these dogs sent to?
11:26 Municipal officer : Can we talk in private?
11:29 The officer walks off to have a talk with the owner in private
11:31 PD : Can’t you tell me where they were moved to?
11:34 The officer : No comment
11:36 And he left without saying a word
11:39 Would a local government be aware of the dogs’ whereabouts?
11:42 The owner temporarily sent away those dogs, so we’re still looking for their whereabouts atm
11:46 For now, we are focusing to look for an attacker who abused the dogs
11:51 The only thing left for dog farm is to proceed with the administrative procedure, that’s all I can say
11:57 Where have all those dogs gone to?
12:00 Though they were able to leave the cramped puppy mills,
12:03 It’s still worrying to imagine that they might have faced the worse reality somewhere outside
12:07 Animal Farm and Animal Welfare Org has requested for police involvement, upon the grounds of their coverage
12:11 Police : Yes, we have assigned two special forces suited to Jindol and Yumi’s cases
12:16 And we’re currently investigating the CCTVs and the actual crime scenes
12:21 We’re yet to specify the suspect, but trying our best to do so…
12:27 What we can only rely on is, the reports from any witnesses
12:31 Hope the attacker of this horrific incident come to the light..
12:34 After a few days, we dropped by the hospital where Yumi kept
12:38 Yumi’s temporary guardian : Yumi~ let’s eat
12:41 Makes us all thankful by the fact that she’s holding the ray of light, bearing all the pain
12:46 We can’t even imagine
12:51 The guardian : She’ll take trauma treatments from now on,
12:54 and we won’t be looking for adoption over a year or more from now.
13:01 Jindol’s trying his best to come back to his life as well..
13:06 I think, the weight of life is equal to us all. Hope no one underestimates their life ever again..
13:14 Yumi and Jindol came back alive from the verge of death..
13:19 But, their pain is yet to end..Wouldn’t there be neither another Yumi nor Jindol..?
13:25 If we are aware that they are ‘beings’ who feel what we feel, Wouldn’t there be no more of another Yumi or Jindol..?
13:36 Yumi’s recovery after a year will be out next week…! Stay tuned with Kritter Klub!

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