Call for Action: Punish the animal abuser who starved dozens of dogs to death in hellscape dog farm in South Korea

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Call for Action

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📝 Suggested message

Subject: To the Supreme Prosecutors’s Office: Prosecute and punish the animal abuser of the dog farm that horribly abused and starved dozens (possibly hundreds) of dogs causing unthinkable agony and brutal deaths!

To the Supreme Prosecutors’s Office,
Please watch this video:
The dog farmer in the TV program horribly abused the dogs in his care, causing unimaginable suffering and pain, leading to the brutal deaths of dozens (possibly hundreds) of helpless animals. This dog farmer clearly violated many clauses of the Animal Protection Act and is guilty of egregious cases of animal cruelty that must be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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The animal rescuers in this TV program is Korea Animal Welfare Association (KAWA).

00:02 The place we followed an informant..
00:07 There were many dog cages in a row
00:10 And..
00:16 the wretchedly skinny dogs..
00:23 PD : Not breathing..!
00:30 What..what’s going on this place now..?
00:35 Going inside
00:37 PD : Aiyo…
00:40 A victimized dog who seems to lost life
00:45 while trying to escape from the cage..
00:52 Dogs who had to watch such a terrible scene must have been shocked..
01:02 PD : What’s this..?
01:04 Found bones of dogs..which were piled up..
01:16 Informant : How can we say more..! seeing this..
01:21 The informant stumbled on this place when he came to gather wild herbs by chance..
01:27 Seems that they’ve barely avoided hunger by feeding on grass..
01:37 Even desperately pull the leash in order to feed the grass as much as possible
01:48 Still unbelievable for them to keep breathing..
01:56 Most of the dogs are in bad health..
02:02 For which reason..
02:08 Why are a lot of dogs living in this wretched place..
02:23 PD : The bowl is empty… No one feeds them at all?!…
02:28 Informant : That’s why there are no marks of pee or poop as starved.
02:36 Among the dogs, no one even left a vestige of ordure
02:40 PD pleads for help
02:43 First, we gave them some water by a vet’s instruction.
02:55 Meanwhile, tried to inquire here and there about the situation.
02:57 PD : How long have the dogs been like this so far?
03:00 Local1 : Abt 10 years.. More than 10 years.
03:04 PD : Then, do you even know about their owner?
03:08 Local2 : Sure I know. He barely visit.
03:11 Dogs had been starved and stopped breathing continuously, even 7~8 cows were the same as for dogs.
03:17 Local1 : If he brings animals, they keeps losing lives and it goes on.
03:20 Local people already knew it, but no way to handle..
03:24 Local2 : You know, animal or human..
03:26 What would be good for himself if abusing animals, huh?
03:29 I called the owner and said “If you keep bringing animals and don’t care for them, I’ll sue you”
03:33 but, he just says “Yes, I got it” and turns away and ignores..
03:37 PD visits the place again
03:39 But then!!
03:42 The dog disappeared!?
03:45 Definitely, someone came by!
03:48 PD : Excuse me, sir
03:49 Found a man nearby!
03:52 PD : Sir, are you the dog owner of this place?
03:55 Dog owner : Yes, the dogs huh,
03:58 I gotta sell all of them and dispose of the unsalable ones.. And clean up
04:04 PD : Have you heard anything from someone?
04:05 Dog owner : What?
04:07 PD : You swept them all?
04:08 Dog owner : What do you mean?
04:09 Remain as they are, what did I sweep?
04:12 PD : Where did you move the dogs?
04:15 Dog owner : I’ve never seen them before. what’s wrong, huh~
04:21 there is nothing like that.
04:24 When raising dogs, some of them stop breathing, but not even happened recently.
04:28 How could it happened in this warm weather.
04:32 Dog owner : Oh my~ I told you I don’t know
04:34 PD : Where is the dog, who lost his life!
04:37 Dog owner : I have no idea!
04:38 PD : You should accept it, sir!
04:39 I have all the video clips of the current state!
04:44 The man hesitates as soon as he heard that we have an evidence
04:49 PD : You should tell us.
04:50 Dog owner : Th..threw away somewhere
04:52 PD : Why did you say you don’t know any.
04:54 Dog owner :Ah~ you know.. it looks bad to see those..
04:59 Finally admitted that he removed the dogs
05:02 He just hid the dog in the bushes..
05:13 PD : Don’t you know why I am here?
05:15 Dog owner : I didn’t even beat them, you know..
05:18 Why SBS Animal comes here..
05:20 PD : Sir, they are the lives.
05:23 Dog owner : I only watched such things on TV, though..
05:31 PD : Do you think only those things are bad?
05:35 Sir, the dogs here would starve if you don’t feed them!
05:40 Do they have any sin..? Why should they suffer like this..?
05:45 Dog owner : The skinny dogs. If I feed them well for a few days, they easily get fat.
05:50 If they get plump, I’ll call dog traders and sell!
05:55 PD : Where do you sell?
05:56 Dog owner : To the one who trades dogs.
05:59 You have many experiences in animal fields, but
06:03 saying that you still don’t even know about how the dogs are sold for food?
06:08 PD : Do you admit your fault?
06:10 Dog owner : Yeah, I admit about the part of starving dogs
06:14 PD : These dogs… have been so skinny,
06:17 and don’t want them to be sold for food.
06:20 What are you gonna do?
06:23 Give us them.
06:24 Dog owner : I’ll take a photo of plump and chubby dogs and texting you every day… 06:31 Then, doesn’t it proves that I’m not lying?
06:35 PD : In fact, I don’t trust you.
06:39 You’re the owner but then, we want to adopt them all.
06:45 Please give us them.. please
06:48 Dog owner : Ok, okay. I’ll do if you want, but I’m asking.
06:53 If I have any chance to fatten them at last.
06:57 If I treat them in my way.. I am asking you again.
07:02 On the other side.. Dogs vomit all the food the man just fed
07:07 But they swallow that again..
07:12 After the PD’s persistent persuasion,
07:16 Dog owner : If I fatten and sell them,
07:20 At least, I can earn money for a gas fee
07:22 Honestly it’s a waste to me, you know?
07:27 Phew~ But then..
07:29 If you ask for giving dogs trashes,
07:35 I have to give them since it’s true that I’ve starved the dogs until now.
07:40 The rescue team arrived
07:56 Vet : We should let all the dogs get water now
08:08 Vet : These big dogs usually have many muscles and fats..
08:13 but if they’re so skinny, that means they have suffered from hunger for long.
08:17 They might even see any meal so far.
08:20 At the site, rushed to do the medical examination for them..
08:28 It’s sticky..
08:31 Vet : This one has been dehydrated long ago..
08:36 that’s why it is sticky like this..
08:37 They’ve been starved for long, so their bowel functions were weakened
08:43 Vet : From now, we should help them consume more liquid food which is plenty of fluids…
08:47 so that their bowel movement functions well
09:08 Animal Rescuer : Phew.. No word to say.. If I see them..
09:17 The dogs just had to wait for the end of their life
09:21 and suffered from hunger, not knowing what’s going on..
09:25 We’re just so sorry for them to be late..
09:38 Vet : Hypoglycemia is more likely to occur at an early age..
09:42 I assume that they collapsed and even lost their lives at this state..
09:52 Animal Rescuer : In some ways, leaving them alone for a long time might be worse than claiming their lives..
10:00 Animal Rescuer : At least.. they have the right to be cared for.
10:05 But, if not, the dog owner shouldn’t be called as the owner.
10:11 (In case of violation of laws,) A legal force must be imposed to claim a prohibition order of the breeding right so as to stop raising a dog.
10:17 Some of them with bad conditions tried to get an examination at a hospital.
10:22 Vet : In case of this white dog, need to treat with an antibiotic and antiphlogistic,
10:27 and after monitoring the condition, may have to consider surgery at worse
10:33 In case of the brown dog, we should treat the continuous diarrhea symptom..
10:41 and need to keep getting the IV injection against starvation
10:46 And we built a new shelter for the rest of them.
10:52 1. Promised that the local residents will care for dogs until they have a new family
10:56 2. Promised that their necessities will be offered by the local government
11:02 The day of bringing the dogs to the new shelter!
11:09 However..
11:12 The dog tries hard to hold up not to go out..
11:20 Animal Rescuer : He may have lived here in his whole life, so..
11:26 PD : He never moves after coming down
11:27 Animal Rescuer : This dog might have lived (only in the cage) since his birth..
11:33 Also he seems to be shocked by seeing other dogs who were dragged while being here..
11:43 Animal Rescuer : Let’s go..Huh?! Let’s go~
12:03 The dogs tremble with fear that they might lose their lives if they leave the cage..
12:08 PD : Not going to a bad place~
12:15 PD : It’s okay! Alright! Not going to a bad place!!
12:25 Finally arrived at their new shelter
12:34 They carefully look around the new place for a while
12:43 And then, they as if feeling relieved after a while,
12:48 begin to feel free to hang out
12:53 In this new shelter,
12:57 They can get some water,
13:05 They can get treatment
13:16 and they can feed as much as they want
13:26 Animal Rescuer : First, at least they got more time to continue their lives once again,
13:35 We should do our best (to take care of them)
13:38 So sorry to be late..
13:41 And thanks a lot for enduring your lives..♡
13:45 ♡

  1. Johanna Schwarzer
    Johanna SchwarzerMay 27,21

    So viel Leiden verschlägt einen die Sprache. Den Rettern ist so ein großer Dank aus zu sprechen, denn es sind Menschen direkt an der Front des Geschehens und der Grausamkeit, Brutalität und dem fehlendem Mitgefühl. Sie sind die wirklichen Helden des Tages!

  2. Marilyn O'Loughlin
    Marilyn O'LoughlinMay 28,21

    Please stop this barbaric treatment of beautiful innocent creatures. Leave them alone!

  3. Wohlrabe Marion
    Wohlrabe MarionMay 28,21

    Ich protestiere gegen diese Barbarei!

  4. Karen Lyons kalmenson
    Karen Lyons kalmensonMay 28,21

    Another disgusting example of humans cruel evil and beyond stupid

  5. Victor
    VictorMay 29,21

    Love dogs 🐕 peoples are very good bring all dogs in hospital care dogs care all dogs cats please I pray all dogs dog ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👀👍👍 please stop Korea

  6. Adeline Wong
    Adeline WongMay 29,21

    Have filed petition on E-People to president Moon and will continue to send letters.

  7. M. Veiga
    M. VeigaMay 29,21

    The treatment of these animals is horrific, but the fact that this continues to occur and not be stopped is despicable! Stop looking the other way and address these issues. These creatures are living beings!

  8. enrico calcaterra
    enrico calcaterraMay 29,21


    RUI ALMEIDAMay 29,21

    Poor Animals
    I´m feeling so impotent beeing so far away.
    I only can donate and pray.
    Always Vegan.

  10. Rhonda Johnson
    Rhonda JohnsonMay 29,21

    The President Of South Korea promised to stop this and has done nothing. Shame on him. No honor.

  11. gabriela vargas
    gabriela vargasMay 29,21

    In South Korea, there are countless dog farms, slaughterhouses, markets, and restaurants where the dogs, who are tortured their entire lives, end up being slaughtered in the must inhumane ways HANGING!!!! BEATING!!!! and then thrown into boiling water – sometimes while they are still alive. In many places, dogs are being killed in full view of other terrified, caged dogs; and this take place in broad daylight. Are these actions worthy of an advanced and evolved country? NO, no gentlemen, They have to enforce real, true, and effective laws to end this brutality. As long as they continue with this heinous practice, they will never be a great nation, NEVER. A Great Nation is characterized by its Nobility for Life and its Compassion for Living Beings, A Great Nation advances with their entire population to make Better People for those who follow. We ask them to take immediately action to crack down on the illegal dog meat trade.

  12. Dawn
    DawnMay 29,21

    This must stop!!

  13. Jheng
    JhengMay 30,21

    This must stop!!!

  14. D.G. Sifuentes
    D.G. SifuentesMay 30,21

    A person would have to be without a conscience to treat a living creature so horrifically

  15. Henriette Heck
    Henriette HeckMay 30,21

    Stop animal cruelty now !!
    We are all boycotting your country !!
    Animals are NOT ours !!
    You act like heartless savages !!
    Stop it now !

  16. Leslie Williams
    Leslie WilliamsMay 30,21

    Please remember that our beautiful, loyal canine and feline companions have the same needs and feelings humans do. They are too loving, too special, too intelligent, too wonderful to ever be consumed by the humans who have a God-given duty to be their loving stewards and friends!! END this barbaric and cruel torture of our fur angels ASAP! Thank you!

  17. Joanne Bergeron
    Joanne BergeronMay 31,21

    When will this horrific abuse and neglect end in this world

  18. Penny Skaff
    Penny SkaffJune 1,21

    Why is this cruelty allowed to continue?! Real human beings would never allow such atrocities. Thee world sees you and despise you for whay you are doing to these innocent animals. More than that, God sees you and you will one day be before him for judgement. I wish I could see it when it is your turn.

  19. Marco Salvetti
    Marco SalvettiJune 1,21

    Please, file petition with the South Korean government through e-People online.

  20. Lisa
    LisaJune 5,21

    Please STOP this!!! These are innocent animals!

  21. ELizabeth Mooney
    ELizabeth MooneyJune 6,21

    I just can not believe you South Koreans would stoop so low to be killing and eating dogs that are to be “Man’s best friend” they are to be companions not to be dinner on the table. A few years ago your country got hit with a disease all because you ate dogs that had been ill with a disease themselves, has that taught any lessons? I guess not since you still continue to kill dogs.

  22. Dianne Ross
    Dianne RossJune 7,21

    These people are evil and disgusting who abuse and torture animals. All others who stand by and do or say nothing are guilty as well. We must speak up for innocent animals who have no voice.

  23. Signe Palm
    Signe PalmJune 22,21

    Stop looking the other way and address these horrific issues!!!

  24. Simoni Kapa
    Simoni KapaMarch 31,22


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