UT MD Anderson Cancer Center Dr. Euishin Edmund Kim promotes dog meat as cancer prevention!

A Korean cancer Doctor at a renowned cancer hospital, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, is promoting dog meat as a cancer treatment aid and prevention. Proof for Dr. Euishin Kim‘s claim? Out of 2 patients he treated one who ate a whole bunch of dog meat did better in treatment. Very pathetic and shameful as a man of science to promote voodoo medicine with no scientific proof. His recommendation of dog meat through a major newspaper in S. Korea now would cause massive hundreds of thousands of more dogs into the life of HELL and unspeakable death as a result.

Even the non-dog eaters in S. Korea will now undoubtly start eating dogs because this Dr. from a renowned cancer hospital in US said so. Even if he retracts his statements now, the damage is already done. But Dr. Kim needs to learn that as a man in an influencial position he needs to be responsible for his words and actions. This man must retract his statement and apologize.

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Source: http://article.joinsmsn.com/news/article/article.asp?total_id=8549038&cloc=olink|article|default

  1. Gretchen Vansant
    Gretchen VansantAugust 10,13

    I will personally kill this asshole my self if i could…. BEWARE
    Dr. Euishin Edmund Kim

    • Janice Giampaoli
      Janice GiampaoliJuly 29,17

      You can write to him and express your views. I just did!!!!! He’s full of shit. I researched it and there is NOTHING about dog meat preventing cancer. Furthermore, there is scientific information on how meat CAN be carcinogenic, e.g. particularly red meat. Nothing is said about Dog meat!!! He promotes it b/c he supports the Dog Meat Trade, and that’s exactly what I told him. He’s a fuckin fraud!

    • Janice Giampaoli
      Janice GiampaoliJuly 29,17

      Like I told another person, he no doubt eats dog and cat meat himself, and therefore promotes this BS, which he knows damn well is a sham! I’m with you Gretchen Vansant!!!!

  2. Linda
    LindaMay 22,14

    Straf deze mensen

  3. Philosopher June
    Philosopher JuneAugust 22,16

    Oh dear – barbarians live among us and they call themselves healers. I am spreading this information far and wide. This “doctor” is a dangerous man. This cancer treatment centre cannot be taken seriously.

    • Janice Giampaoli
      Janice GiampaoliJuly 29,17

      Yes, I would say he is a very dangerous man re healer. There is No such information as he claims. He probably supports the dog meat trade and most likely eats dogs and cats himself. He’s a fraud and a liar!

  4. Janice Giampaoli
    Janice GiampaoliJuly 29,17

    Maybe we should introduce Dr. Kim to the movie, Fried Green Tomatoes. “This is the best barbecue I’ve ever had!” “Secrets in the sauce.”

  5. Sally Conley
    Sally ConleyJuly 15,18

    How dare you make this absurd and false statement. If you have children, do you want them to live in a world where this disgusting torture goes on? Do it for them. Stop this and retract your statement.

  6. Byoungsun Min
    Byoungsun MinAugust 28,18

    I bet he was sponsored by dog meat trade association. They resort to all kinds of ugly method to continue their evil practice. I truly believe these people enjoy cruelty and is doing this to satisfy their own violent tendencies. There are plenty of other trade they can go in. This is not a matter of survival for these dog meat traders

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