File e-People online Korean government petition today!

Dear compassionate friends,

We wish all of you a happy, mindful and peaceful new year!! Let’s make 2019 a year of action to help the Korean dogs and cats. A simple but very effective way is to file a petition directly with the Korean government using the e-People online petition page. This is different than other petitions because the Korean government is responsible for responding to you!

1. To begin, click HERE to go to our Korean Cities campaign page.

2. Click on a City from the table to go to that campaign page.

3. Click HERE to go to the e-People page.

Click on your language. To file a new petition, select “Application Petition.” “My Petition” is for checking the status of the petitions you’ve already filed.

4. Scroll down to “File Petition” and click. Complete the form. Fields with * are required fields.

If you don’t feel comfortable using your own home address, you can use our PO Box address below:
PO Box 60191, Sunnyvale, CA 94088 USA

5. Copy and paste our “Suggested Message” or use your own words.

6. Click “Submit” and you are done!

Your action will not only help save the lives of Korean dogs and cats but you’ll also save them from a nightmarish suffering.

The more of us who speak out, the more powerful our voice will be. Because only action is compassion.
Thank you for caring!!

  1. patricia carrasco
    patricia carrascoJanuary 8,19

    an you put the suggested message somewhere we can find it easily? i cant find it

    • team teamJanuary 8,19

      Hi Patricia, the Suggested messages are in the campaign pages. Please go to the campaign page (Click!) and you will see the suggested message to use for each of the cities. Thank you.

      • patricia carrasco
        patricia carrascoFebruary 7,19

        hi im trying to do these e-petitions again but i dont really understand the process…when u click on the campaign for each city what happens? where exactly can you see where u can file the petition for that particular city? when i click on the petition for each city it takes me to the petition, and when i file the petition in e-people i fill it out but where can you tell that u filled it out for that particular city? im confused….i know im doing it wrong but i dont know where?

  2. Eric Martin
    Eric MartinJanuary 8,19

    Savages eat domestic pets, mentally deranged savages torture to death domestic pets before eating them. It’s pretty clear that the South Korean’s fit this description.

  3. Diana
    DianaJanuary 8,19

    These people are sick in the headache! Please don’t let them do this!

  4. K Trenholm
    K TrenholmJanuary 8,19

    Evil barbaric & backward people. South Korea should not be allowed to hold any major sporting events. It was wrong to give them the summer Olympics. Now they have the winter ones. They must be bribing people.

  5. Alessandra Trois
    Alessandra TroisJanuary 12,19

    La peggiore immagine di questa terra che tortura in un modo bestiale, prima di uccidere questi poveri animali è proprio questo trattamento crudele, animali intelligenti che nei paesi civili sono gli esseri più feddeli e utili all’uomo

  6. Alessandra Trois
    Alessandra TroisJanuary 12,19

    Fermate questo massacro orribile e doloroso per questi esseri indifesi

  7. Alessandra Trois
    Alessandra TroisJanuary 12,19

    Fermate questo orribile inumano massacro

  8. Ann Weyrick
    Ann WeyrickJanuary 18,19

    This eating of dogs and cats in Korea and other countries is totally disgusting and barbaric! It is bad enough that these sweet animals have to live in a place where humans treat them so horribly. The Korean government needs to create laws to protect the innocent!!

  9. Foct
    FoctJanuary 4,20

    Stop these horrible farms

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