RESOLVED: My e-People petitions have disappeared!

Update 7/23/2022: This issue has been resolved. Today I tried signing in with my email with different capitalization combinations, and I can see my petitions. I am so very relieved. The system update they performed a few days ago changed the program, and now, the email address you use to file petitions is case-sensitive. So if you are filing the e-People petition, please remember what capitalization you used.
For example, if you typed in “[email protected]” (Upper and lowercase) to file your petition, you will not be able to access your petition by typing “[email protected]” (all lowercase).

There are problems in the e-People petition system. My e-People petitions have disappeared! Did this happen to you, too? I have summarized what I noticed regarding this issue below.

• 7/12/22: the e-People system has posted notice as below on July 12th. Their system was out on July 12th, but it came back up the next day.

We want to inform you that due to the inspection of the e-People petition System, you may be temporarily logged out while using the e-People petition.
– Date of work: 07/12 (Tue) 12:00 ~ 13:00 (1 hour)
– Contents of work: Inspection of the e-People system
※ Working hours may be adjusted depending on the situation

• 7/20/22: I could not log in using my email address. I tried using different capitalizations (combining uppercase and lowercase), and I was able to log in. Then I saw that all of my hundreds (thousands if counting all of the petitions I have filed) of e-people petitions are gone, and it only showed 7 petitions from random dates. 2022 and 2021.
I emailed the administrators of the e-People system to notify them of this big problem and ask for help to fix it.

• 7/21/22: I filed an e-People petition addressing the same e-People administrators to ask to fix their system and recover my petitions. I used my email using only the lowercase. I could log in when I logged in using only the lowercase email address. My petition page showed only one petition that I have just filed. My missing petitions are not here either.

I hope this is a simple technical problem they encountered while doing their “inspection,” and they are working to resolve it.
Feel free to write to the e-People administrators at below email addresses to ask them to fix this issue as soon as possible, as this is of utmost importance. I think the more people email them the better.
Han Eun-sil: [email protected]
Cho Gyeong-hwan: [email protected]

I will keep you posted.
Thank you!

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    Alessandra TroisAugust 15,22

    Non ci sono parole per descrivere tanta crudeltà di questo popolo

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