How to check the status of your e-People petitions – South Korea’s official government online petition

The e-People petition is the South Korean government’s official petition site, and your petition will elicit a response from the Korean government. Anyone from all countries can file a petition using the e-People petition. Please use it to speak up for the voiceless dogs and cats in Korea.

👉 Click HERE for the e-People petition site.

👉 Click HERE for “How to file e-People petitions.”

Once you file the e-People petition, your petition is assigned to the appropriate Korean government agencies to be addressed. Once they complete their response, you will receive a notification by e-mail.

Here is how to check the status and see the responses to the e-People petitions you have filed. Please follow the easy steps below.


Click the petition link: 👉


On this page, please click “My Petition” as below. “Application Petition” is for filing a new petition.


Fill in your Name, E-mail and click on “Request authentication code.”


Go to your email and copy the Authentication code from the email e-People sent you. Paste it into the “Enter authentication code.”
Then, click “confirm.” Note that you have 5 minutes to do this.

Are you not getting an email with the authentication code? 😩
Contact the e-People petition administrator in Korea.💡

Kyong-Hwan, Jo. (국민권익위원회 조경환)
📧 E-mail: [email protected]
☎️ Phone: 044-200-7275 📠 Fax: 044-200-7924


You should be able to see the list of petitions you had filed and their status.
If the status indicates “Completion,” that means the response is available. Click on the Application No. field to see the response.


After the review, please take the “satisfaction survey on the petition handling process”.

📌 The responses they offer are simply excuses, the most common being that they need “social consensus” to end the dog meat trade. They are unwilling to do anything about this abhorrent practice. Please let them know that Korean citizens are tired of carrying the burden of being the only industrialized nation in the world that still supports this cruel and unethical industry. Social consensus has already been reached; citizens of Korea want to end the dog and cat meat trade!
Be sure to indicate that you are not satisfied with their response and that your issue has not been resolved.

👉 Click HERE to copy and paste from the Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) post urging South Korea to end the dog meat trade and that the social consensus to end the dog meat trade has already been reached.

👉 Click HERE to copy and paste our suggested message to the Korean government.

To go back to the previous page for the list of petitions, click the “List” button on the bottom of the screen.

📌 If your petition was in English, their response should also be in English. If an English translation is not provided on the “satisfaction survey on the petition handling process,” please ask them to send you an English translation. Also, submit another e-People petition requesting that they send you a translation of their response. Make sure to include your petition number in your petition.

Thank you for caring and taking action! 🧡

  1. Maria
    MariaOctober 19,20

    It’s getting weird in Rusia. Internet restrictions are multiplying, all the traffic is being torn through KGB hubs and checked and saved there before it raches the user. And the letter with the authentication code doesn’t arrive within those 5 minutes because of that. I’ll try later but looks like I won’t be able to read their responces antmore.

  2. Audrey Mittleberg
    Audrey MittlebergDecember 22,20

    I have submitted many petitions to the various government officials in South Korean and continue to do so. I need English translations and I am not satisfied and that your issue is not resolved.

  3. Fabienne
    FabienneJune 24,21

    Pas vraiment simple ce système de pétitions, ne pourriez vous faire quelques chose de plus simple et rapide , svp merci

  4. Joana schwarz
    Joana schwarzFebruary 14,23

    Millionen von Menschen auf der ganzen Welt warten darauf, dass die neue Regierung des Landes Südkorea endlich ALLE Hunde/Katen Höllen schnellstens und für immer schließt. Auch der Verzehr des Fleisches von den gefolterten Mitlebewesen, das noch nicht einmal von einem Veterinär untersucht wurde, muss endlich verboten werden! Immerhin leben wir nicht mehr im Mittelalter und daher ist es für zivilisierte und verantwortungsbewusste Menschen nicht länger zu dulden, dass in diesem Land noch hilflose Tiere gefoltert und grauenhaft getötet werden. Es ist eine große Schande, die es gilt, schnellstmöglich für immer zu beseitigen, in dem die Hunde/Katzen Mafia aus dem Land verbannt wird.

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