Have you filed the Korean government’s e-People petitions yet?

Have you filed the Korean government’s e-People petitions yet? The petitions we ask you to submit are a very significant part of our campaign which addresses the cruelties and injustices related to the dog and cat meat industry.

For many years, we have been asking you to file e-People petitions to help fight the dog and cat meat trade in South Korea. However, only a small number of you are filing them. 😞

We want to thank you for helping the animals and our campaign to end this industry through our voices worldwide. We appreciate all those who have filed the e-People petitions and we want to show our appreciation by acknowledging you on our new “Thank you” page.

💐 Also, it is our hope that by sharing this page, we will motivate and encourage others who have not yet submitted their e-People petition to finally give it a try. 🤞🏽

If you filed an e-People petition and would like to have your name added on our Thank you page, please click HERE to send us your name and country.

We will add your name only with your permission.

Please file the e-people petitions so that we may increase the numbers filed by the thousands. Small numbers of e-People petitions filed will be ignored as unimportant. Large numbers of e-People petitions will solicit attention and action. We need your support. The animals need your support.

💡 What is e-People petitions and how do we file them?

The best way to take action is to subscribe to our newsletter. You can do so from our our homepage: 👉 Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the Subscribe form.
👉 e-People petition:

You can go to our campaign pages below to file e-People petitions.

👉 (Click “Click!” for each of the cities on the list to take action.)
👉 (Click name of cities on the list to take action.)

Photo: Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA). Dog farm in Siheung, South Korea.
  1. Sofia Rebecka Jensen
    Sofia Rebecka JensenJune 19,21

    Save all dogs and cats from the meat industry!

  2. pierre
    pierreJune 19,21

    Stop the horrors done to animals our ftiends on this planet , for our dighity and peace of mind

  3. Starr Sabga.
    Starr Sabga.June 19,21

    Yes Please add my name to stop this extreme cruelty toward innocent dogs. These people are BARBARIANS!!!!!!

  4. Patricia Martin
    Patricia MartinJune 20,21

    End this disgusting evil practice NOW !

  5. Chris Grossen
    Chris GrossenJune 24,21

    Stop this abuse!

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