VICTIMS OF NEGLIGENCE: 260 dogs and cats burnt to death from fire at the Anseong Animal Shelter

Hundreds of dogs and cats, which should have been safe from harm, in the care of an Anseong animal shelter have died in a raging fire that swept through the property.

If this shelter had been managed properly, then those animals would have remained safe. They are now dead. Someone must be held to account, and a lesson must be learned so that others in similar positions of responsibility will be very clear of their duties towards animals in their care, which extends above and beyond the basic provision of food and a cage.

Take a look at this report, and then help us to call for those negligent in this tragedy to be prosecuted:

Yonhap news reported on December 7, 2018, that a fire broke out at the animal shelter at Gyeonggi-do, Anseong, Miyang-Myeon. It was eventually put out by fire fighters after 2 hours and 55 minutes but resulted in the deaths of 180 dogs and 80 cats which were trapped in their cages and burnt alive. The fire department estimated the property damage from the fire to be 26,000,000 Korean won ($23,000 USD).

No people were injured. The police and the fire department are investigating the exact cause of the fire but suspect that it was caused by an electrical fault, possibly a short circuit.

Prosecutor General of Korea Moon Moo-Il:
Prosecute the Anseong City Shelter Management for Animal Cruelty for the fire that resulted in 260 dogs and cats being burnt alive.

Call for Action!

  1. Elaine Tharpe Knox
    Elaine Tharpe KnoxDecember 18,18

    Unacceptable! Do these people not have any common sense on how to properly run a safe rescue?!

  2. Yavor Hadzhiev
    Yavor HadzhievDecember 19,18

    These are devastating news. 🙁 Poor souls, they didn’t deserve this and the management of the shelter should have been very careful to avoid such a tragic accident.

  3. Carol Reins
    Carol ReinsDecember 22,18

    Looks like arson to me! The people who object to outsiders opposing the dog and cat meat ‘industry’ would stop at nothing to get their plates full of dog and cat meat!

  4. Ilda Pereira
    Ilda PereiraJanuary 21,19


  5. MS
    MSFebruary 23,19

    What horrific cruelty to the dogs & cats — the depraved indifference to their suffering & premature deaths — what a DESPICABLE, SHAMEFUL, DISGUSTING business — on the backs of innocent, vulnerable animals, criminal-humans line their pockets — NO OTHER WAY TO EARN A LIVING? — or, maybe, you’re all PSYCHOS and enjoy the inflicted suffering & killing — in my world, you’d be in prison!

  6. Patricia A Sacco
    Patricia A SaccoJuly 9,19

    Shame on you Devil People that do thos type of Killing.

  7. Chris Atkinson
    Chris AtkinsonOctober 16,19

    words fail me ….such evil

  8. Marie Meyers
    Marie MeyersDecember 3,20

    This has to stop. God will get his revenge

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