Friendship City Campaign – Jeonju, South Korea – Florence, Italy (In Japanese)

In Jeonju, there are still countless dog meat restaurants and businesses that commonly sells products made with dogs. 👉 Click HERE to see “CARE raids dog farms and slaughterhouse in Jeonju that kills dogs by sticking a knife into the neck and let them bleed to death in agony.”

Videos: CARE and Watchdog raid dog farms and slaughterhouse in Jeonju that kills dogs by sticking a knife into the neck and let them bleed to death in agony.

Update – July 27, 2018: It’s official! Jeonju is going “Dog Meat Free”.

Nami Kim ( has shared the uplifting news that her team held a further meeting with Jeonju’s Mayor Kim Seung-Su, and they have now received his official confirmation that Jeonju is going to be a “Dog Meat Free” city. And, action has already begun with a draft in place for a “Dog Meat Free” animal welfare master plan.
Click HERE to learn more.

Update – March 28, 2018: The City of Jeonju and Animal Protection Group Work Together to Send Rescued Dogs from Osongje to Their Forever Homes!

In 2017, the city of Jeonju created an animal welfare group in an effort to improve animal welfare policies and projects, and has pursued research projects to create an animal welfare master plan for the city. Through the research project, the city plans to: conduct a survey among companion and livestock animals related occupational groups on animal welfare, and their perception of animals; establish basic direction and policy goals on animal welfare for the city; identify detailed strategic projects based on the policy goals; and build an animal welfare system that encourages participation of all classes of residents.
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友好都市キャンペーン: 韓国/全州市 - イタリア/フィレンツェ

Dario Nadella フィレンツェ市長殿:姉妹都市の韓国/全州市に犬猫の虐待と食用に反対であると伝えて下さい!


Call for Action

全州市 Jeonju は2007年にイタリアのフィレンツェ Florenceと友好都市関係 Friendship city を結びました。



下の写真はNaver(韓国でよく使われる検索エンジン)の検索結果です。1つ目は『健康食品センター』と呼ばれ 犬万能薬、猫万能薬(犬エキス、猫エキス)を売る店です。2つ目は『犬肉レストラン』の検索結果です。



Jeonju_Health Food Center map_060716

Jeonju_Dog Meat Soup Restaurant map_060716


Video: Media Triage: The Dog Meat Professionals: South Korea.

Dario Nadellaフィレンツェ市長宛ての署名・電話・メールを お願します!TODAY!


Florence Mayor Dario Nardella

Dario Nardellaフィレンツェ市長

イタリア/フィレンツェ市長宛ての参考文(イタリア語) コピーしてお使い下さい Signor Sindaco Dario Nardella e Signori membri del Consiglio comunale di Firenze,

Si prega di guardare questo video a telecamere nascoste a dimostrazione di quanto avviene in Sud Corea per quanto riguarda il crudele commercio della carne di cane:

Firenze non dovrebbe essere gemellata a nessuna città che permetta che cani e gatti vengano torturati in questo modo, per poi essere mangiati.

E’ davvero urgente che il Sindaco di Jeonju, Seung-Su Kim, chiuda definitivamente tutti gli allevamenti e macelli illegali di cani, nonché i mercati, i trasporti, e i ristoranti che rientrano in questo commercio.
E’ on-line una petizione che chiede il Vostro supporto al fine di fermare l’orrenda crudeltà koreana del commercio di carne di cane e gatto:

Grazie per un cortese riscontro.




Dear Mayor Dario Nardella and the City Council members:

Would you please watch the undercover videos from South Korea’s dog meat industry:

Florence should not be a Friendship city to any city that allows dogs and cats to be tortured and eaten. Please urge Jeonju Mayor Seung-Su Kim to close down all illegal dog farms and slaughterhouses, markets, truckers, and restaurants that serve their products. An online petition calling for your support in ending the horrendous South Korean dog and cat meat cruelty is in progress:
The favor of your reply is requested.
Thank you,


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