Call for Action: Please help save 500 dogs from the illegal dog farm of indescribable horror in your Sister City – Incheon

As we had reported earlier, Animal Rescue Korea 119 (ARK119) had raided an illegal dog farm in Incheon Ganghwa County where about 500 dogs were found in horrendous conditions. 👉 Click HERE to learn more.
We have been trying to get Ganghwa County to relocate the dogs to city shelters to provide urgent medical care and safety. According to the Korean Animal Protection Act, animals who are victims of abuse must be removed from their owner who caused them harm.

I had called the Ganghwa County several times last week and spoke to about six Ganghwa officials there, pleading for them to take urgent action to relocate the 500 dogs. I told them that since they had allowed these dogs to be illegally farmed by turning a blind eye to violations committed by the dog farm, it is their responsibility to remedy this situation toward a positive and humane conclusion.

I have also been sending our petition signatures and comments to the Incheon City Council, Ganghwa County Council, Gyeonggi-do Provincial Council and Korean National Assembly members. But so far, they have not taken any action to relocate these dogs nor have they shown any intention to do so.

I have also contacted three animal rights attorneys in Korea who specialize in Animal laws, but I have not yet received a response from any of them.

Time is running out and I am sure many of these poor animals have already perished by brutal, torturous deaths and many were probably sent to other dog farms to continue their suffering.

Let’s ask Incheon’s Sister Cities to help us by urging their Korean counterparts to relocate these dogs immediately.

Below are Incheon’s Sister Cites. Please send quick emails TODAY! The animals need your help.

👉 Video: Please watch the ARK119’s livestream video from the raid on July 13, 2021.
You will see the dog farm of indescribable horror.

👉 Click HERE to watch the video.😢

Call for Action

Photos: ARK119 Director Im Yeong-Ki.

Video: “Hell for 500 dogs”. SBS News reported on this raid. Note, it focuses more upon a worker who has been at this farm for 10 years (who suffers from an intellectual disability) and sadly not enough on the horrible cruelty of this hellscape dog farm. The reporter says that the police launched an internal investigation into all illegal activities and violations committed at this dog farm and as soon as the charges are brought from the local government, they will start a full scale investigation. 500마리 개들의 지옥…그리고 처참한 ‘그’도 있었다

  1. Valeri Caprio
    Valeri CaprioJuly 27,21

    Stop the torture!! Sickening!

    RONALD TOUNIANJuly 27,21

    Korea and Koreans MUST BE DEPRIVED from participating in the Olympics as our world’s strongest disapproval of Korean barbarism. Koreans are acting in the MOST Brutal, Barbaric, and Savage way towards ALL animals. How does this BLIND world tolerate such Ruthless and senseless killing of millions of innocent animals in 3000 illegal dog farms in the entire BARBARIC country of KOREA. How ??????????????

  3. Lisa Blanck
    Lisa BlanckJuly 27,21

    signed and shared all

  4. Darby Stone
    Darby StoneJuly 27,21

    The heartless, evil action against Dogs has to stop.

  5. Helen E
    Helen EJuly 27,21

    I’m trying to send the email to Burbank and I’m getting an error stating the server rejected one of the recipients email addresses so it won’t deliver. Are the details for Burbank correct?

    • team teamJuly 27,21

      Dear Helen, Burbank City council emails are all correct.
      Are you using gmail? If not, please try gmail.
      Thank you!

  6. Calliope
    CalliopeJuly 27,21

    The comments expressed here represent me and I am sure any compassionate human being. I too sign all the petitions and e people petitions. Unfortunately at the moment I am not able to donate money to help the activists working to free these innocent sentient beings from hell on earth. It is of the utmost importance that all animal abuse and killing must end all over the world. Animals are bred to produce more animals for slaughter and every day millions of animals are abused and slaughtered all over the world including in the so called civilized west. If we want to have a humane world, all aggression must end and kindness take its place. We cannot have selective compassion.No aggression is for all beings. I will continue to do all I can for these poor dogs in Korea and I never cease to be stunned at the ability of evil in humans which has always been the case. STOP ALL ABUSE AND KILLING NOW. Show kindness. Do not equate the wild animal kingdom with animal farming. Humans have a choice. As cruel as the wild is it doesn’t have a patch on animal farming.

  7. Rose Coffey
    Rose CoffeyJuly 27,21

    Whatever we need to do to stop these horrendous dog farms from staying in business we must do. Also, the people in these countries need to be re-educated in some manner to understand that these are no longer ancient times. People need to boycott tourism in these countries and post their disgust with these practices in as many places as possible.

  8. Fabienne M / compassion
    Fabienne M / compassionJuly 27,21

    J’ai vu dans la vidéo qu’on floutait certaine image , et je voudrais dire : montrez tout , nous devos tous savoir ce qui se passe là bas ! Merci

  9. Songuel Oezkurt
    Songuel OezkurtJuly 27,21

    I have sent all the emails. I very much hope that a quick solution will be found for the angels.
    What else can I do?

  10. Carol Dibbens
    Carol DibbensJuly 28,21

    Have done the emails Just one address failed I so hope they care enough for these dogs to save them Its diabolical what goes on there

  11. ms
    msJuly 28,21

    STOP depraved HORROR to Dogs and Cats — KILL your absurd, superstitious MINDSET — we have enough options on our plates – SHUT DOWN all DOG MEAT farms, slaughterhouses & markets — I give your footage “thumbs up” showing appreciation for bringing this HORROR to light — I am FOR protection of Dogs and Cats — I am vehemently against the depraved brutality, sadistic abuse to Animals — STOP KILLING Dogs and Cats.

    BARRIERAJuly 29,21


  13. Lisa
    LisaJuly 29,21

    All emails sent!

    • team teamJuly 29,21

      Thank you, Lisa!!

  14. Ewa Perczak
    Ewa PerczakJuly 29,21

    one word : HORROR !! how could it be ? now ? !!! in the 21st century ? !!! the whole world should be ashamed , SK does it and our world allows … shame on SK ! shame on us !!

  15. Darla Grove
    Darla GroveJuly 29,21

    This is cruel. This is barbaric. This is evil. This should not be tolerated. We share the world with these beautiful animals. Man has not got the right to persecute them in any way.

  16. Dana Orságová
    Dana OrságováJuly 29,21

    please help and save these dogs and cats !!! help them, be human and stop this cruel torture and killing !!!! help please !!!!!

  17. Veronique Peere
    Veronique PeereJuly 29,21

    Dear KoreanDogs Team,

    Sent all the mails as requested.
    Thank you for your wonderful work.

    Best regards,

    Veronique Peere
    Brussels, Belgium

  18. Susan
    SusanJuly 29,21

    Please stop murdering these loving beings. They have a soul, they have personality and have feelings as humans. They show fear, depression, joy, loyalty, and are obedient. They know what is happening to them when already sick and traumatized, It is inhumane to murder them for food. God’s word says in the Bible in Leviticus 11:27 animals with four legs with paws are unclean and are NOT for consumption. Please! In Jesus name stop this horrific torture and murder!

  19. Syuzanna Alexander
    Syuzanna AlexanderJuly 29,21

    all emails sent by me! we will keep fighting for these innocent souls…we will never stop until this madness ends!

  20. ELizabeth Mooney
    ELizabeth MooneyJuly 30,21

    When are you South Koreans going to learn to stop eating dogs and cats? Let’s get real here this is NOT normal to eat animals like these especially when they are suppose to be our companions not our meal for the table! What is a matter with you people? Start changing your ways, wake up to reality, get your act together! What you people are doing is not normal !

  21. Lena
    LenaJuly 31,21

    I find that if I send the emails without the ; but replace it with , between each email they go through fine
    I too am ashamed to be human for so many reasons . People have failed so deeply to understand the value of the world and life ALL life.
    Humans are selfish and stupid . We have wasted our intelligence. One only has to look around you ….

  22. Jack G
    Jack GAugust 2,21

    I encourage everyone to send physical letters to the CEO’s of LG, Hyundai and Samsung to get them to act. Plead with them to do something.

  23. Raele McGarry
    Raele McGarryAugust 2,21

    How can anyone with an ounce of human decency be involved in such abhorrent cruelty.
    Animals are sentient beings just as we are and feel love, loyalty, pain and fear. It seems that people who take part in such barbarity never stop to think what they would feel if it were themselves being packed into cages, beaten and then put to death in the most agonising of ways. There is no excuse on this earth for such cruelty. Animals are capable of putting their trust in us to care for them. How can we go on betraying that trust? PLEASE LET THERE BE AN END TO THIS HORROR NOW!

  24. Vanessa Seay
    Vanessa SeayAugust 7,21

    This must end

  25. Deborah Ahonen
    Deborah AhonenAugust 7,21

    Dogs are loving, loyal friends to humans, and have been for 100,000 years. This horrific treatment of them is REPREHENSIBLE and MUST STOP!!!

  26. Sandra
    SandraAugust 8,21

    Signed and shared! By the way, I keep getting this in my email. Do we need to do this more than once? And Thanks so much for doing what you do for these poor animals?

  27. Marco Salvetti
    Marco SalvettiAugust 15,21

    Let’s keep the pressure on Korean government!

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