Heartless owners leave their dogs in chains and cages to suffer and die in flames.

South Korea has declared a national emergency in response to one of the largest wildfires on record in the east coastal cities in Gangwon-do province. 4,000 people were evacuated in the fire that destroyed several hundred buildings.  But the biggest victims of this massive fire are the animals left behind without the ability to escape this deadly flames because they are chained or trapped in wire cages. Please take action now to urge the Korean Government to punish those responsible for leaving these dogs to suffer the fire. 🔥🔥🔥

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    President Moon Jae-In
    1 Cheongwadae-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
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    Subject: South Korea, punish the people who abandoned their chained up dogs to be burned to death or injured in the fire!


    Dear President Moon Jae-In,

    We ask that the South Korean government prosecute and punish the people who abandoned their dogs in chains only to be burned to death or injured, in violation of Animal Protection Act. Please see the photos of the animals injured or dead in the fire:

    Our hearts have been broken thousands of times, but the photos of the chained dogs burned to death is truly horrific and heartbreaking.  These heartless people left their dogs chained up or in wire cages knowing full well what horror awaited them. How can the people of a modern nation such as South Korea, nation of Samsung, Hyundai, Kia, LG Electronics, have this kind of utter disregard for the lives of animals who look upon them as family?

    Their actions are criminal and violate the Animal Protection Act. They must be prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law and the South Korean government must take immediate measures to prevent this type of unimaginable cruelty against the dogs and cats.

    An online petition calling for your immediate action is in progress: The favor of your reply is requested.

    📝 Suggested message in Korean (Please include this in your petition.)

    대한민국은 개에게 목줄을 한 채로 방치하여 불에 타 죽게 한 사람들을 처벌하라!

    문제인 대통령님께 청원합니다.

    지난 4월 강원도 동해안 지역에 발발한 기록적인 대형 산불로 인하여 대한민국 정부는 국가재난사태를 선포하기에 이르렀습니다. 수 백 채의 건물이 불에 탔고 4천 여명이 거주하던 집을 떠나 대피해야 했습니다.

    그 중에서도 이번 화재의 가장 큰, 그러나 목소리를 내지 못하는 피해자는 줄에 묶여있거나 철창 안에 갇혀서 화마를 피하지 못한 채 고스란히 불에 타서 죽거나 화상을 입은 동물들이었습니다. 그들의 사진을 봐주세요. 그 동안 수없이 많은 동물학대 관련 사건과 자료들을 접하면서 마음이 많이 아팠습니다만, 목줄을 한 채로 타 죽은 수 많은 개들을 보면서 말로 표현할 수 없는 참담함과 애통함을 느꼈습니다.

    불에 타 죽은 개들의 주인은 이런 끔찍한 사태가 올 수도 있다는 것을 뻔히 알면서도 개를 묶어두고 철창 안에 가둔 채로 두었던 것입니다. 삼성, 현대, 기아, LG를 보유한 최첨단 국가의 국민이라는 사람들이 어떻게 본인을 가족으로 여기는 동물의 생명을 이렇게도 철저하게 경시할 수 있단 말입니까?

    개에게 목줄을 한 채로 방치해서 이 지경에 이르게 한 그들의 행위는 동물보호법에 위반되는 범죄행위이므로 반드시 기소하여 최대한도의 처벌을 받도록 해야 합니다. 또한 대한민국 정부는 이와 같은 어이없고 잔인한 동물의 사상을 미연에 방지할 수 있는 규율을 조속히 제정하여 실행하기를 촉구합니다!

    [Your Name & City/Country]

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    .@moonriver365 .@TheBlueHouseKR .@govkorea President Moon Jae-In and South Korean government, punish the people who abandoned their chained up dogs to be burned to death or injured in the fire!

  1. Claudia Kern
    Claudia KernApril 23,19

    Ihr Menschen habt nicht daß Recht die Tiere Gottes so zubehandel ihr habt die Todestrafe verdient

  2. Perczak Ewa
    Perczak EwaApril 23,19

    it’s so terrible ! how the people can do that ? are they the humans ? I wonder ! one day, they will pay the bill and I hope that this day will be soon !!

  3. Lawton marg
    Lawton margApril 23,19

    Poor dogs suffering horrible heartless people have no feeling 😡

  4. Spencer Warren
    Spencer WarrenApril 23,19

    It’s bad enuf how you torture millions of dogs for food. Now this in your truly subhuman depraved country

  5. Anne Marsh
    Anne MarshApril 24,19

    All the people that left those dogs to perish in agony MUST pay the price of their inhuman actions – when will this abhorrent trade in dog and cat meat end…..

    • The good people of South Korea that do not agree with the torture and butchery of their dogs do not deserve this stigma and hatred of the world. With friendship, Lori Feinman
      The good people of South Korea that do not agree with the torture and butchery of their dogs do not deserve this stigma and hatred of the world. With friendship, Lori FeinmanApril 26,19

      For your honor; with your honor end this atrocity!The good people of South Korea that do not agree with the torture and butchery of their dogs do not deserve this stigma and hatred of the world. With friendship, Lori Feinman

    MERRAN HAMILTONApril 26,19

    At least release the poor things so they have some chance. What horrible beats these humans are.

  7. Nini
    NiniApril 26,19

    Those people need to be dead themselves!! How absolutely disgusting!!!

  8. Michele Pariseau
    Michele PariseauApril 30,19

    Korea should be banned from having dogs and cats!

  9. alex s
    alex sMay 4,19

    love all dogs

  10. Michela Pavone
    Michela PavoneMay 6,19

    Sono dei codardi psicopatici abuso su animali indifesi, spero che pagheranno il male fatto a cani e gatti anime innocenti MICHELA

  11. Sheila Coles
    Sheila ColesJuly 10,19

    Never forget the power of prayer. Keep these animals in your prayers and sign every petition you can. We have to help these innocent creatures any way and every way, we can. Younger people are slowly coming around to animal empathy…. we must never give-up this fight.

  12. Dean j Francois
    Dean j FrancoisJuly 13,19

    For thousands of years man has bred dogs to be man’s loyal companion. What kind of barbaric ignorant people would do this to them? I or my family will not purchase anything made in South Korea or China as in Kia, Hyundai, LG, Samsung and others as long as dogs are treated in this way. If it’s made in an evil backward dog eating country don’t buy it. There are plenty of other more civilized nations.

  13. Carol lawrence
    Carol lawrenceJuly 15,19

    Whats the differance .. ?? they boil dogs alive torch them alive beat them untill dead caged waiting their turn while others watch the horror of their own fate

  14. Barbi al Rashid
    Barbi al RashidJuly 21,19

    A dog is man’s best friend, and deserves to be treated with compassion, loyalty. I am sorry to say, but these who subject animals to these torcherous acts are scum!!! I hope karma comes to bite them in ass very soon. As well, this is one county I will not visit as they are not worthy of my tourist dollar. There are plenty of civilised nations who do not encourage such barbaric rituals. They are officially on my boycott list.

  15. Linda Badham
    Linda BadhamNovember 12,19


  16. George McBride
    George McBrideMarch 6,20

    Boycott all Korean stores, restaurants in this country USA and do not buy products made in this disgusting country.

  17. Ginger Neimo
    Ginger NeimoJune 21,20

    ALL ANIMALS FEEL PAIN. All animals that are killed for food suffer in some way. You do not need to eat meat to survive or stay healthy.

    If what I say is untrue, then I am a walking miracle.

  18. alessandra
    alessandraAugust 15,20


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