City of Gimpo: a city of death – a living death for the dogs in meat farms – a brutal death for profit.

And here is just one example: an account of a recent rescue by Nami Kim (, who visited a massive dog farm in Gimpo on 31st July 2018, together with two volunteers, Rudy Gallardo from Texas, and Jacqui Lankford from the UK, along with several TV reporters.

This dog farm, which is sited only a couple of miles away from the Sanctuary, held a shocking amount of dogs: 390 animals – all imprisoned in hellish conditions, enduring immense suffering – hundreds of dogs – row after row of wire cages, all raised up off the ground.

After many years of campaigning and rescuing dogs from these sorts of hell, Nami has seen it all – or so she thought, but no one in the party was prepared for what they witnessed that day – a scene of utter horror.

The old dog farmer gave eight puppies to Rudy and Jacqui as gifts – one of which was so gravely ill that it was immediately taken to the vets for treatment. Sadly, it would not have been a kindness to keep it alive, so it was humanely put down. A terribly sad end for the poor little puppy-girl, when she had at last found kindness and love in the hands of Nami and her ‘angels’.

This place is a horror story – yes, but let’s not forget: this place is in South Korea, today – in the 21st Century. South Korea, where your shiny Samsung Galaxy phones are manufactured, and where all those appliances and world-leading brands, such as LG, Hyundai and Kia are made.

And this is why we are urging you to boycott all Korean products and tourism. The time for gentle requests and politeness are over; South Korea needs to realise what an utterly shameful country it is for allowing the dog and cat meat trades to continue – for allowing this horror to go on unchallenged. They must be condemned and boycotted in order to wake up their shameful Government, who show a profound indifference to the suffering taking place on their watch.
They think it’s not their problem? Make them learn: it is.
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  1. Shane Mundell
    Shane MundellAugust 4,18

    I don’t know how you do it!! The heartbreak you must endure. Well done! I sign every petition that comes my way and help financially where I can.

  2. Flora
    FloraSeptember 11,18

    Por favor… Acabar con las atrocidades que ensucian el bien nombre del. País.

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