Gunsan’s response to our petition on e-People

Below is Gunsan’s response to our petition: Gunsan, South Korea, Shut down the illegal dog meat farms, slaughterhouses and markets.

Our campaign is still effective because now they are aware that the eyes of the world are watching what’s going on in their county’s dog meat industry. Let’s keep up the pressure by taking action!

  1. Patricia Sempels
    Patricia SempelsJanuary 23,19

    Those dogs are so much smater than people it is cruel barbaric and people will start to boycott your country hence less money I can’t understand why you have to do this dogs are part of families they are loyal and loving that piece of scum that does these things wouldn’t die to protect you but your pet would please please please for gods sake leave these beautiful animals alone you are so cruel to be doing this get up go look at the fear in those dogs faces you’ve no soul to do this stop hiding behind we are trying all you do is make a law saying I legal if caught or better still. L if caught you will be treated the same way as that poor dog it’s easy if you really want to do it

  2. Sheila Glover
    Sheila GloverJanuary 23,19

    People of Gunsan – the world is watching this with horror and no one who has a brain and a heart can help but weep at the sight of these wonderful animals being tortured and abused. We understand you are moving towards stopping this abominable practice but you must move NOW. Be assured that we will keep on and on and on until it stops. You are shaming your country, you are showing it to be ugly and ignorant and cruel. This MUST stop.

  3. Jean Riding
    Jean RidingJanuary 23,19

    It’s cruel and abusive, time has come for you to enter the 21st Century

  4. Roberta Tomaino
    Roberta TomainoJanuary 24,19


  5. Debra Marinelli
    Debra MarinelliJanuary 25,19

    Please, I beg of you, all of you that are allowing the torture of dogs and cats, Come on, You are the people of the lands that are powerful, beautiful, intelligent and you all know this is barbaric n honestly psychotic. This disgusting behavior towards the most vulnerable and incredible creatures in our magnificent World is appalling n heartbreaking!!Please. Please stop this terror now!! The cruel treatment of Gods creations, his gifts to all of us is uncromprehensable. This barbaric treatment of dogs is insanely heartless Please stop this barbaric form of survival and try to cherish these helpless terrified animals..

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