[Campaign Closed] URGENT! Demand Gwangju to shut down two illegal slaughterhouses and immediately relocate the animals to their shelter!

Update 12/21/2022: Thank you to all our supporters who have taken action. We received positive news from the Gwangju Buk-gu District office. Click HERE to see the response.

Sharing for Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE)/Watchdog

Please help us by forwarding hashtags and filing e-people petitions!

While exhibition halls were being constructed and prepared for global events at the Gwangju Biennale, two slaughterhouses–one of which has existed for over 40 years-have been illegally killing many animals. While the city is full of excitement, hope, and pride at the prospect of promoting global events, animals are being killed in slaughterhouses surrounded by screams of fear, pain, blood, and the stench of burning fur, excrement, and rotten food garbage.

Although Gwangju North District (Buk-gu) Office has failed to close illegal facilities or ensure the well-being of their animals, they still managed to pay compensation to the slaughterhouses violating the animal laws.

At the two slaughterhouses, eighty dogs and eight chickens are still being neglected. Four cats in urgent need of medical attention were rescued by CARE last week. Officials from the North District Office and Gwangju City only performed meaningless onsite investigations and meetings during the previous two days. They couldn’t even agree on whether or not to confiscate the animals from the owner.

We asked them if they should investigate this situation as abuse when they leave animals tied up, without proper shelter, in the intense heat and frigid cold. But the answer from Gwangju City officials was preposterous: “Let me ask you a question. What should they do in the intense heat and frigid cold to be ‘not neglecting’ animals?” As if the need to provide shelter to the animals wasn’t obvious.

Instead of finding a practical solution for animals suffering and shivering in the frigid cold, with excrement in their food bowl and without a proper place to lie down, officials in this country only waste time superficially discussing the laws without actually trying to solve any real problems. They repeatedly justify their inaction by saying quarantine (relocation) measures can only be taken when police investigations are conducted. You can hear the same answers wherever you go in this country, but the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs has a different opinion. According to the Ministry, “administrative measures can be taken even before legal results are released.”

We must continually monitor how officials in Gwangju deal with this situation. As the Animal Protection Law mandates, we must demand the correct and immediate resolution of this situation. Please continue to support us by filing your complaints.

[라이브] 비엔날레 옆 도살장 [Live] Gwangju dog slaughterhouse next to the Biennale (Part 1)

[Live] Gwangju dog slaughterhouse next to the Biennale (Part 2) – Gwangju public officials finally came out to the site but unwilling to relocate the animals. [라이브] 비엔날레 옆 도살장2 -공무원들 나왔지만 (Part 2)

Please demand that these animals be relocated to the city shelter immediately!
To submit a complaint to the head of the North District Office, click HERE.
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[집중민원] 🔥광주, 비엔날레 옆 도살장 2 곳🔥

태그 릴레이 및 민원 액션❗️
도살장. 두 곳 중 한 곳은 40년 이상 존재.
비엔날레를 위한 전시장들이 건축되고 세계적인 행사들이 개최되는 동안에도 개도살장은 존재했습니다. 불법으로 각종 동물들의 도축도 함께 말입니다. 옆에서는 글로벌 행사가 개최되지만 바로 옆에서는 동물들의 비명과 피, 털 태우는 냄새와 찌든 배설물과 부패된 음식물 쓰레기로 인한 악취가 진동했습니다.
보상을 목적으로, 알박기 용 동물방치 또한 시작됐지만 북구청은 달라는 보상금만 주면서 정작, 동물의 안전이나 불법시설 철거 등의 문제는 해결하지 못 했습니다.
2곳의 도살장에 남은 동물 (개 80여명, 고양이 4명, 닭, 칠면조, 오리 꿩 등 80명 이상) 에 대해서는 아직도 방치상태며 (케어가 4명의 고양이만 우선 구조), 북구청과 광주시청은 연 이틀 동안 현장 조사와 회의만 하고 있으며 격리조치에 소극적 입장입니다.
“집도 없이 묶여 있다면 혹서 혹한에 방치하는 행위이니 학대로 보고 조사해야 하지 않는가?” 라는 질문에 광주시청 담당자는 “오히려 거꾸로 물어 볼게요. 어떻게 해 주어야 혹서 혹한에 방치하는 것이 아니게 되는 건가요?” 라고 되물었습니다.
어린 개들은 밥그릇 안에까지 배설물이 잔뜩 들어 있습니다. 혹한에 배설물도 치우지 않아 진창이 된 공간에 누울 자리도 없이 떨면서 고통을 참는 동물들에 대해 대한민국은 법타령만 하며 앉아 있습니다.
경찰 조사 결과가 나와야만 격리조치를 할 수 있다는 공무원들. 전국의 공무원들이 대부분 똑같은 답변들을 하지만 농식품부의 입장은 다릅니다. <법적 결과가 나오기 전에도 행정행위는 발동할 수 있다> 는 것이 농식품부 입장입니다.
이번 광주의 개들이 어떻게 조치되는지 감시하며 동물보호법에 맞게 제대로 해결하도록 요구해야 합니다. 계속 민원으로 힘을 보태 주십시오.
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