Gyeongju’s response to our e-People petition asking to shut down their dog farms

Application No.: 1AA-2012-0608076
Application Date: 2020-12-20
Request to Gyeongju, South Korea, to take administrative action against illegal dog farms.
경주시에 불법 개농장 행정처분 시행을 촉구합니다.

👎🏼 Gyeongju continues to act dishonestly and is now refusing to respond to our petition. At first, they claimed that they had filed criminal charges in relation to the violation of animal protection laws and told us to contact the “relevant organizations” if we wanted more information. This is not the case. (“민원인께서 제기하신 민원관련하여 경주시에서는 동물보호법 위반으로 형사고발 하였음을 알려드리며, 진행 사항 등의 자세한 내용에 대해서는 관련 기관에 문의하여 주시기 바랍니다.”) Click HERE to see the Gyeongju’s previous response.

When we further pressed them on the details about these charges, they proceeded to change their story. Now stating that there is no illegal slaughter of dogs in the entire city of Gyeongju (“관련 사항을 확인한 바 경주시 전체 농장은 불법 도축이 없음을 확인하였습니다.”).

This is clearly a lie. They are clearly failing to even inspect the countless dog farms operating in their city, which we have clearly listed on our petition. We have received all kinds of responses from Korean city governments, but Gyeongju is clearly one of the most inept and shows clear contempt towards our petition. Gyeongju is clearly being neglectful of their legal responsibilities to their citizens and to the animals within their boundary. Shame on Gyeongju!!

Despite our request for English translation, an English translation was not provided. We had asked for it again through the “satisfaction survey on the petition handling process”, but we don’t expect that they will provide it.

📌 Please note: The South Korean government continues to deceive us with lies and excuses. Click HERE to learn more.

Video: Gyeongju Angang Market, South Korea. Jang Seung-Yeon.

Civil Petition Results
organization in charge 경상북도
staff in charge 백영예
contact 010-7702-0559
processing date 2021-01-13
result 관련 사항을 확인한 바 경주시 전체 농장은 불법 도축이 없음을 확인하였습니다.

Gyeongju’s response on 12/18/2020
Gyeongju’s response on 1/13/2021
  1. Ewa Perczak
    Ewa PerczakJanuary 24,21

    this horrendous behavior must be banned forever, SK now is very evolved country and I don’t know understand why this barbarism lasts .. have sent almost 100 e-petitions and completed my answer totaly unsatisafied , it seems like the dog eaters make the law !! this is illegal in SK and yet this horror lasts !! who has a power in this country ? president or dog eaters ? !!!

  2. Catharina Pedersen
    Catharina PedersenJanuary 28,21

    I am sure this treatment or abuse to animals is not ok according to budhism. So stop this cruelty!!!

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