Double your donation with a corporate matching gift for the Gyeyang Mountain Rescued Dog Shelter

Sharing for the Gyeyang Mountain Rescued Dog Shelter (계양산시민동물보호소/롯데목장개살리기시민모임).

Give now to help provide care for the 160 dogs rescued from the dog meat farm
and turn every $1 into $2 for the dogs!
This matching gift offer ends on December 31, so don’t delay.

Would you please give today? Thank you! 🙏 💗 🐕

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Macquarie Securities, an Australian multinational independent investment bank and financial services company, will be matching your donation to the Gyeyang Mountain Rescued Dog Shelter. You can donate with a credit card or PayPal. You can get a donation receipt from Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE).

This donation-matching opportunity was possible thanks to a volunteer at the Gyeyang Mountain Rescued Dog Shelter who also works at the Macquarie Securities. Her appeal to her employer for help was successful. Your donation will be doubled if sent before December 31, 2021. Thank you!

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macquarie.benevity 맥쿼리 그룹에서 감사하게 계양산 아이들을 위해 11월 26일~ 12월 말일까지 모금을 진행해주십니다.
해외승인카드와 페이팔로 결재 후원해주실수 있습니다.
1)모금된 액수만큼 맥쿼리 증권에서 추가로 후원을 해주셔서 2배로 모금이 됩니다.
2)케어에서 기부금 영수증을 발급받으실 수 있습니다.

재정난으로 어려운 상황에 다리 아픈 로스코 수술치료비와
운영비 겨울을 날수있는 시설보수비 등이 매우 절박한 상황
입니다. 재직 중인 봉사자분이 애써서 연결해 주셔서 감사드려요.

맥쿼리 증권 링크로 들어와주셔서
후원 부탁드리고 주변에도 많이 알려주세요
계양산 아이들 두 배로 도울 수 있어요.
따뜻한 겨울 보내게 도와주세요.

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  1. Mary Anderson
    Mary AndersonDecember 25,21

    Thank you so much for all that you do for these beautiful dogs. So nice to know that just a few more will have a safe and Happy Christmas….my thoughts are with all the others that won’t 😪 Just donated.

    • team teamDecember 25,21

      Dear Mary,
      Thank you for your compassion and generosity!!

  2. Rosana Trevisan
    Rosana TrevisanDecember 26,21


  3. louis gauci
    louis gauciDecember 26,21

    I have just made my donation. I wish you all the best and thank you for the work you are doing to help animals in your country. Hopefully next year 2022 will be the end of the dog meat trade in S. Korea.

    • team teamDecember 26,21

      Thank you, Louis!!

  4. Barbara Apgar
    Barbara ApgarDecember 27,21

    Thank you for what you are doing for the mountain dogs. Donated for them. What will happen to them now in the freezing weather?

  5. Rui
    RuiJanuary 1,22

    How can i rescue a dog from beeing far, in Portugal?
    Can i adopt a dog that has been rescued?
    Say something.

    • team teamJanuary 2,22

      Hi Rui, currently they are being sent to the USA and Canada only.
      Thank you for caring!!

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