Hamyang’s response to our petition on e-People

Below is Hamyang’s response to our petition: Hamyang, South Korea, Shut down the illegal dog meat farms, slaughterhouses and markets.

The file they attached named “0115petitionresult of illegal dog farming.hwp” of “Guide to Petition Handling Results file” is blank.

They claimed that it appears that there aren’t any dog farms, slaughterhouses or markets in Hamyang County. However, unless they can provide us with the records of their inspections and investigations of dog meat industry, it will be hard for us to validate their claim, since there are many dog meat restaurants and so called “Health Food Shops” which commonly do sell dog and cat elixirs openly operating in that county.

Below is our translation:

We watched the documentary about illegal dog farms mentioned in the petition application, and we are well aware of the existing animal cruelty issue. We are very sorry for the inconvenience you have encountered in the course of your investigation of Korea’s dog meat trade and we pay our respects to your animal protection activism. Our county agrees that the animal abuse and illegal slaughter that are taking place in illegal dog farms documented in the video must be properly prohibited by law.

However, based on our investigation, it appears that there aren’t any illegal dog farms, slaughterhouses, or markets within the Hamyang county, and if illegal farms or slaughterhouses are found later, we will take action under the Animal Protection Act.

Please take action and send your petition through e-People today. If they have to address and respond to hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of petitions on this issue; then perhaps they will finally be put under enough pressure to take action to bring this horrific animal cruelty to an end.

Our campaign is still effective because now they are aware that the eyes of the world are watching what’s going on in their county’s dog meat industry. Let’s keep up the pressure by taking action!

Below is our comments on the satisfaction survey regarding their response:

We are not satisfied with the response to our petition, due to the following key reasons:

it fails to substantiate and evidence what direct actions the Hamyang is taking to enforce existing laws to disrupt the entrenched dog meat trade in South Korea. We have not been provided, in this response, with any evidence of any direct actions taken by the Hamyang, such as recorded information relating to inspections, monitoring and actual enforcement action taken against violators, in relation to dog meat farming, slaughterhouses and businesses selling dog meat and dog meat products (such as dog elixir and dog soju);

it fails to show what actions the Hamyang is taking with regard to proposing amendments to existing legislation or bringing in new legislation to address and end the dog and cat meat trade, and

it fails to formally acknowledge the existence of the illicit dog and cat meat trade within South Korea and the problems this poses to human health, animal welfare and organized crime, which has been widely documented by both domestic and international NGO’s and animal charities (and has also been raised as an international area of concern by many western governments with South Korea and its diplomatic missions).

  1. Alessandra Trois
    Alessandra TroisFebruary 6,19

    E’ vergognoso che le istituzioni di questo paese finga di non vedere e volge la testa dall’altra parte e non fa rispettare la legge che impedirebbe questo orribile massacro

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