Springtime favorite “health food” for S. Korean working adults?

Springtime favorite “health food” for S. Korean working adults? 21% answered dog meat!

When 126 people were asked by Maposori clinic the answer shows: 58% chicken herbal soup (73), 21% dog meat soup (27), 10% loach soup (12), 6% eel (8) and 5% spring herbs (6).
These people who answered dog meat as their favorite need to experience the suffering these dogs. If they really cared about their health and wellbeing they should stay away from the dog meat as many TV investigative reports have exposed how the dog meat is full of disease causing germs and eating it can actually be deadly.

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Source: http://news.kukinews.com/article/view.asp?page=1&gCode=hel&arcid=0005952522&code=46121101

Photo: A yellow dog someone selected is being dragged out of cage. This cruel practice is taking place in the middle of a market. Moran Market, Seongnam-city. http://www.savedogs.or.kr/

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