The horrible reality of dog meat farms that you don’t know.

Click HERE to watch the full program!


Video: KARA (Korea Animal Rights Advocates) Dog farm in Gimpo, South Korea.

The horrible reality of dog meat farms that you don’t know - Dogs on truck

Photo: EBS (Educational Broadcasting System).

Our Sole Earth – The Dog Meat Story
The horrible reality of dog meat farms that you don’t know.

당신이 몰랐던 식용개 농장의 참혹한 현장 (자극주의)
Click HERE to get more information about this documentary from KARA(Korea Animal Rights Advocates) in Korean.
Some of the undercover videos in the documentary are provided by CARE(Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth).

We have this post in below languages:

Arabic: ما لاتعرفه عن الحقيقه المريعه لمزارع لحوم الكلاب
Danish: Den forfærdelige virkelighed om hunde-køds-farmene som du ikke kender til!
Dutch: De verschrikkelijke werkelijkheid van hondenvlees fokkerijen dat U niet weet.
Finnish: Koiranlihafarmien kammottava todellisuus.
Greek: Η φρικτή πραγματικότητα των εκτροφείων σκύλων που δεν γνωρίζετε.
Italian: L’orribile realta’ degli allevamenti di cani destinati a carne che non sapevate.
Portuguese: A horrível realidade das quintas de produção de carne canina
Spanish: La horrenda realidad de las granjas de carne de perro que Ud. no conoce.

Sharing video

This is a preview of the EBS((Educational Broadcasting System)’s documentary to be broadcast on Friday, September 30, 2016, at 8:50 pm in Korea.

* Warning: graphic content

Maggot-infested garbage is fed to the dogs. They are given drugs lethal enough to kill them, drugs that are then ingested by the consumer.

Dogs are hanged to death in front of other living, caged dogs who can see the fate that awaits them.

The bodies of disease-ridden dogs are thrown onto the excrement pile and then fed to chickens.

As they dug up the ground, they found countless mysterious bones and pieces of leather.

All of this is happening at just one dog farm.

In this expose of the shocking reality of a factory dog farm with 2,000 dogs, EBS’s “Our Sole Earth” examines the pitiful life of ‘meat dogs,’ imprisoned their entire lives in small wire cages raised up off the ground. From birth to cruel brutal death, these dogs never feel the ground beneath their feet.

Are these meat dogs any different than our companion dogs? Why is it that even after so many decades of the horrendous cruelty of the dog meat farms, they cannot be stopped?

Korean EBS Documentary: The horrible reality of dog meat farms that you don’t know.

Korean EBS Documentary: The horrible reality of dog meat farms that you don’t know.

Korean EBS Documentary: The horrible reality of dog meat farms that you don’t know.

Korean EBS Documentary: The horrible reality of dog meat farms that you don’t know.

  1. Darla Hill
    Darla HillSeptember 27,16

    A disgusting and disgrace culture!!! Stop them now!! All killers!! Slaughtered

    • Beate Amodeo
      Beate AmodeoOctober 1,16

      I agree. These filthy people should be slaughtered and their meat should be given to their families for dinner.

      • Kelly
        KellyMarch 1,19

        My thoughts exactly

    • eileen carter
      eileen carterOctober 18,16

      Sick. Horrible. Coldblooded torture. Hateful peasants. Hateful country to allow this.

    • Cesare Ciari dos Santos
      Cesare Ciari dos SantosOctober 25,16


    • deborah dodorico
      deborah dodoricoJanuary 11,17

      You people should be happy I’m not in control of the bomb. Anyone who does this to innocent animals are not human. I don’t know anyone who could see this practice going on and not do anything about it. You obviously are intellectually empty …nothing going on upstairs….

  2. Dene Moss-Mason
    Dene Moss-MasonSeptember 27,16

    This is so barbaric, what is wrong with these people it’s not as thou they don’t have a variety of food.
    This has to change.

  3. Jennifer Gregory
    Jennifer GregorySeptember 27,16

    All in the name of “health?” Who, in 2016, believes in magical properties of dog meat? Made stronger by monstrous cruelty? Seems to me that education is sorely needed in the general population. And those who cause the cruelty should be behind bars because anyone so cold hearted that they can perpetrate such hideous cruelty, does not belong in decent society. A combination of education and punishment needs to be used to drag the dog-eating populace into the twenty first century.

    DEBORA CLARKSeptember 27,16


    • Casandra
      CasandraApril 26,18

      Boyocott all the countries that do this!!!!

      • patricia lange yanez
        patricia lange yanezMay 2,19

        you are right

    • Wanda
      WandaOctober 12,19

      Tragiczne i haniebne.

  5. Lori Anne
    Lori AnneSeptember 27,16

    No animal in the world deserves to be treated in such a barbaric, inhumane way. This so called festival and others like it, needs to be extinct!!!!!

  6. Cemile Tiftik
    Cemile TiftikSeptember 27,16

    Stop cruelty and sadistic behavior to animal, dogs and cats !! They have their life right. please stop!!

  7. Anne-Mari Gavin
    Anne-Mari GavinSeptember 27,16

    Show RESPECT towards GOD and ALL HIS creatures and creations!!!
    Luke 6:31 ~ Do to others as you would have them do to you.
    God created all the animals (Psalm 104). All animals belong to God (Psalm 50:10). God cares for the animals. “Jesus said: ‘are not the five sparrows sold for two copper coins and not one of them is forgotten before God.
    Psa 34:16 The face of the LORD is against them that do evil, to cut off the remembrance of them from the earth.
    Ecc_3:19 ~ For that which befalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts; even one thing befalleth them: as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yea, they have all one breath; so that a man hath no pre-eminence (authority) above a beast: for all is vanity (arrogance).

    Proverbs 12.10 – A righteous man has regard for the life of his animals

  8. Betty Chan
    Betty ChanSeptember 27,16

    STOP this barbaric act! You evil Korean shit bastard! God is watching and will you all to hell!

    • Casandra
      CasandraApril 26,18

      These people have no righteous, they don’t know what it means. They will pay eventually and suffer when they meat their maker.

  9. Rui Almeida
    Rui AlmeidaSeptember 27,16

    This is not fair!
    They give so much love, company, even in certain circunstances they give their lifes to save ours and we do this to them?
    How can anyone do this?
    So much pain…so much agony…desespair…

  10. Ottosson
    OttossonSeptember 27,16


  11. Lisa Miller
    Lisa MillerSeptember 27,16

    This is utterly disgusting there is no reason to treat animals like this it’s heartbreaking those that have any part in this are not human they are demons on earth

  12. Cristina Economides
    Cristina EconomidesSeptember 27,16

    Serial killers start first torturing/killing animals and then become “”upgrate”” in killing/torturing people. It shows that Asian monsters have an abnormal gene, which is made of full psychopathology, greed, and ignorance! This is the worst recipe for benevolence within our world! What Asian children are learning from this culture of violence and abuse towards our friends voiceless sentient animals??? Only evil and deviance.

  13. Jane
    JaneSeptember 27,16

    Pls stop this, you stupid evil basterd koreans, one

  14. Audra m. Lacey-ehrlich
    Audra m. Lacey-ehrlichSeptember 27,16

    I hate you korea

  15. Zig Pope
    Zig PopeSeptember 27,16

    Everyone start contacting Korean Companies like KIA and Hyundai to tell the this is not acceptable! Also go to Korean companies Facebook page and link this video and ask them why they are not stopping this atrocity. Contact your Korean ambassadors and tell them to stop this cruelty. Boycott the Korean Olympics and any of their sponsors.

    Commenting here is not enough!

    • Elizabeth Davies
      Elizabeth DaviesApril 30,19

      I wouldn’t buy a car or anything else knowingly from these cruel bastards. I hope they all rot in hell!

  16. Julie Braun
    Julie BraunSeptember 27,16

    Stop, really Korea you can’t instill a human government or people? EVERYONE who cares don’t visit this evil county, don’t buy their cars, nor their appliances. Dig deep in their pockets that will stop the evil ugliness of their hateful country. KARMA, these innocent animals belong to God, and He is watching, no matter whom your God may be, you WILL pay. And get your money making car and appliance companies the hell of my country you evil nasty uncaring county!

  17. Lorraine Oliver
    Lorraine OliverSeptember 27,16

    This is horrendous,cruel and evil,these poor animals are regarded as family pets in many countries, this has to stop NOW, enough is enough, it is sickening that this still goes on in this day and age, it makes me feel ill,please, please stop this cruelty.

  18. Muezza
    MuezzaSeptember 27,16

    There’s no one has the right to take a life of a creature other than the creator himself
    These people have to learn RESPECT for life.Life is the only thing we have from the day we born till the day we die.As we have to be grateful for our life we have to be grateful for everything been created around us.God certainly not created animals for humans to play evil games with.God has provided everything in the nature to keep us fed and healthy.God did not leave us without guidance so that we know how treat others and stay on the right path but certainly not this way we see in Korea.I do not understand what happens in their mind and in their heart when they treat animals like that.Its PURE EVIL May God protect those innocent souls and strengthen us to speak and stand for them.Aameen

  19. Muezza
    MuezzaSeptember 27,16

    Please all of you USE all kind of existing media and social sites to stop the torture.Speak up against this evil act and boycott Korea in every way as a warning.We don’t want you Korea as long as you selling your soul to the Devil.Learn RESPECT!!!

  20. Luz Pusec
    Luz PusecSeptember 27,16

    This disgusting, heartbreaking, painful for these innocent animals and animal lovers! Boycott everything made in this country!!! We must stop this crime, barbaric and cruel practice!

    PATRIZIASeptember 27,16

    They are very bastards!!! They must try on their skin the same barbarity!!!

  22. Cindy Araya
    Cindy ArayaSeptember 28,16

    Please rid the world of those disgusting assholes in Korea!

  23. Jacqueline Younghusband
    Jacqueline YounghusbandSeptember 28,16

    I have bought Samsung products made in South Korea. After seeing the barbaric and heartless way South Koreans treat dogs(and no doubt other animals), I will no longer be buying Samsung products and I will be informing Samsung why not. Follow my lead and boycott Korean goods and everything Korean until they stop these evil inhumane practices. If this is how animals are treated, how do they treat their fellow men?

  24. barbara bryant
    barbara bryantSeptember 28,16

    This is cruel beyond belief i hate these people i have signed every petition going, but it’s everywhere in assia they are not human KARMA there has to be !!

  25. marie ward
    marie wardSeptember 28,16

    why doesnt our lazy priminster and government say anything? idle! the lot of them, cant do the job then give it to someone who can.

  26. Perczak Ewa
    Perczak EwaSeptember 29,16

    I am so sad to see this and always the same questions ! why this exists ?!!! why the politics, who know that’s wrong do nothing? what do they think about our perception of their country ? we can not give them up !!!

  27. young yun
    young yunSeptember 29,16

    This is so disturbing and painful to see when I see these poor dogs. I can never forget ever. I hope I can save them now.
    Poor mom and puppies they need to be in a much better place. So please stop this evil torturing and killing. I can’t imagine
    how much they are so scared. So so sad. I can’t understand, I just can’t.

  28. Irene Leggett
    Irene LeggettSeptember 29,16

    Absolutely evil, sickening and disgusting. I’m sorry but I HATE and DESPISE every single one of these depraved POS. I sincerely hope they ALL suffer horrendous, agonizing, lingering deaths writhing in agony and screaming in pain until their very last breath then they can ALL rot in hell.

    NINO NINIKURISeptember 30,16


  30. Minie
    MinieOctober 1,16

    I Have never seen so much evil practicites. Stop this, its cruelty. Not normaly. Disgusting.!!

  31. Melody Ludwig
    Melody LudwigOctober 2,16

    these people are sick and the love of the Lord is NOT in them. They do not share my values as an American. I would not want to assimilate these people into our society where my dog & cats could end up harmed or eaten by them.

    • Melody Ludwig
      Melody LudwigOctober 4,16

      Sometimes the truth is too much to moderate

  32. Inge Ferdusch
    Inge FerduschOctober 2,16

    When I see such photos I will have alpmares

  33. Elisabeth Gabrlik
    Elisabeth GabrlikOctober 3,16

    Das ist Barbarisch, rückständig, einfach Unglaublich! Das sind keine Menschen,.das sind abartige Ungeheuer! Stoppt alles nach und von Korea, kein Handel mehr mit Korea mit Barbaren macht man keinen Handel! Boykott!!.,

  34. Lynn J
    Lynn JOctober 4,16

    You “people” have no souls! You’re subhuman monsters and you will pay in Karmic justice for the horrors that you commit on innocent living beings!
    You can’t run and you can’t hide from it!

  35. Lidia Jimenez
    Lidia JimenezOctober 10,16

    Son personas sádicas, sin ningún tipo de empatía y se merecen la repulsa del resto del mundo y presionar económicamente, es de la única forma que les asustará

  36. Leila Lappin
    Leila LappinOctober 11,16

    I thank the Korean citizen activists who are truly risking their livelihood to bring us these shameful stories. I despise all governments but most of all governments that shut their eyes to cruelties and let it fester like a disfiguring disease.

  37. Thayananda
    ThayanandaOctober 16,16

    GD GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DA SATANS R AT IT AGAIN.

  38. Pam Elliot
    Pam ElliotJuly 19,17

    There is nothing more wicked disgusting and evil than this so called dog meat trade!! If we refused to trade with this abhorent nation it would stop! But this fascist dreadful goverment has just done a deal with themto buy loads of steel from then! Instead of course getting it from our own steelworkers!!!! Am so ashamed of the human race! Heartbreaking!!!!!!

  39. Adam Garner
    Adam GarnerJuly 21,17

    It’s been going on for far too long, and thanks to, the world is becoming more aware of the inhumane methods. May their efforts, and the efforts of all their supporters, finally put and end to this sickening practice.

  40. sylvia meister
    sylvia meisterSeptember 12,17

    this are evil people, not worth so-called human

  41. christina pafitis
    christina pafitisSeptember 18,17

    what a disgusting culture you are just out right evilness may karma return the favor

  42. Anna Poggesi
    Anna PoggesiOctober 22,17

    E’ FOLLIA !!!!

  43. rebecca dhont
    rebecca dhontOctober 27,17

    This is crulty what this people are doing stop this

  44. Judith buttler
    Judith buttlerJanuary 10,18

    This is wrong

  45. sonja Pfaffeneder
    sonja PfaffenederJanuary 16,18

    Dieses grausame töten und vermehren muß ein ENDE haben.

  46. Shah Awi
    Shah AwiApril 19,18

    God, please show mercy and help this dogs. This dogs done nothing to us and they are mistreated badly. I wish to trade all my good deeds and kindness exchange with releasing their suffering and saving them. Amen.

  47. Carole Fraser
    Carole FraserJuly 24,18

    The filth of this earth the Brutality is appaulling inhuman evil vile scum with no heart nor soul innocent animal who are Brutallity murdered sick scum who committ this barbaric murder you all deserve to rot in hell and damnation Karma .will act .

  48. John Farnan
    John FarnanMay 11,19

    The Koreas bloody stain on their ‘civilization’. Where is compassion for life? Where are nonhuman animal welfare laws that are enforced to end this torture leading to death for innocent dogs and cats caught by accident of birth in these morally bankrupt Asian countries?

  49. monica hedstrom
    monica hedstromSeptember 26,19

    I thought South korea was a developed countrie by now??? but still you treat dogs like trash- from the day they are born to the day you-demons- torture them to death…You have no compassion at all..So I will not have compassion with your own children instead-to get a hard on and better sexlives-disgusting that you even think tortured dogs should give you better sexlives–poor dogs, poor women who must “play along” with you and say oh yes you have really get better in bed–what shall they else say-they are afarid to say-no it was not better at all eat your vegetables instead..It should not surprice me at all if you sold your own children-just to get better sexlives..As I read that some ppl there tried to sell a young boy who was mute to a dog butcher

  50. Adonias Miranda Souza
    Adonias Miranda SouzaJune 24,22

    Blog Os Animais Pedem Socorro e Justiça!

  51. Alan Linn
    Alan LinnOctober 29,22

    This is so sickening to realize there are humans in this world that can do this to any animal without any feelings or remorse. I donate monthly to 3 different groups that are trying to get this terrible cruelty stopped as fast as they are able to convince these countries to stop. But as we all know, these people that eat dogs and cats have no compassion for animals.

    PETER WALDEROctober 29,22

    SHAME ON YOU !!!

  53. Phala Bowles
    Phala BowlesNovember 15,22

    You will burn in hell your judgement day is coming.

  54. Alessandra Trois
    Alessandra TroisNovember 16,22

    Tutta questa crudeltà denota un popolo della peggiore ignoranza e incivile

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