Horrific Revelation Of Dog Farm “It’s A Living Hell”, Inside South Korea’s Dog Farm (Part 1)

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The first episode of ‘Inside Dog Farm’! This series is going to dismantle filthy sides of the dog farms and help out those dogs who’ve been living in tiny cells. We’re expecting your love and support for this series and hope the revelation of dog farms would help the world to walk a better path!

This dog farm is in Gimpo, South Korea.

00:00 I wanted to curse him so bad
00:02 It’s almost a murder I think
00:05 How could it be this horrible
00:10 Damn it!
00:12 Hope you all to keep in mind that ‘We’re all in the same boat’
00:16 EP.01 ‘Doggie’ or ‘Trash’
00:19 In-Seob Shim : Animal protection group ‘Life’ : I’d address it on my own if I could, but..
00:23 I… don’t think I can this time
00:26 The place where ‘Animal Abuse’ is suspected to occur
00:32 A vet, animal behaviorist and the agency decided to check the site..
00:37 A dump-like environment
00:42 and the dogs living in such place..
00:51 Uh! Watch your step!
00:54 Dead bodies of mice lay everywhere
01:01 When I first started (my career as a trainer)
01:03 Animal Behaviorist Chan-jong Lee : There were many ‘Dog breeding farms’,
01:07 There were many ‘Dog breeding farms’, but their cruelty was not to this point
01:09 Vet Jae-Ung Han : Mostly, dogs are locked up in a ‘Wire crate’ where they can step on their feet at least
01:14 But in such poor surroundings, they were confined in barren cages
01:17 Every moment would be like doing a tightrope walking for them..
01:22 Moreover!
01:27 Their health is terrible as much as their living surroundings
01:30 And as they went further inside the place..
01:34 Sigh, dogs are huddled together (because it’s cold)..
01:37 Sharing each other’s body heat,
01:42 they’ve been bearing the cold..
01:46 This one’s almost dying
01:55 An implausible reality even when it exists before our eyes
01:58 To the point where no dogs are in good shape..
02:00 Vet Jae-Ung Han : All have skin disease.. And one of them has broken jar
02:04 Chan-Jong Lee Animal Behaviorist : I honestly thought about just running away from here
02:07 because this place is just like a ‘Living hell’
02:09 Yet..
02:13 Unlike poorly nourished dogs,
02:19 the meal bowls are full of dog food..
02:24 In-Seob Shim/ Animal protection group ‘Life’ : It took some time before we got to set a date and entered the site
02:29 All meal bowls were filled with food trash (when this farm was reported)
02:33 On the day we entered the farm, however, the bowls had dog food instead
02:38 Compared to the cart for leftover food, which seemed to have been used for quite long
02:43 The dog food package looks like a new one
02:48 Yet!
02:49 Uh! Isn’t a dog dead?
02:53 I don’t think it’s moving..
02:55 It’s dead..
03:01 A bony dog’s bead body
03:04 lay on top of a heap of dog food
03:10 In-Seob Shim/ Animal protection group ‘Life’ : What was more surprising is.. What was under the cage where living dogs stayed is..
03:19 Bones! Bones!
03:23 Under the cage, the skull was found
03:30 Dead bodies stripped to the bones
03:32 Just threw them all over here..
03:37 and a decomposing dead body
03:44 There’s another one!
03:47 Sh**
03:52 Besides illegality, the whole situation is far beyond sanity
03:56 And a farm owner in charge
04:00 Farm owner : As I’ve lived alone.. I get to like them(the dogs) like my child
04:06 They’re like my children
04:08 You can’t raise them like this if you don’t like them
04:10 You said you like them.. But they’re dying like this
04:15 Seriously though, I have a question for you. Don’t you feel sorry for animals?
04:20 They like you coming, wagging their tails. How could you do this to them?
04:24 You have to bury them at least though we don’t know how they died
04:29 “How can a human like all of us commit such things?”
04:36 No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t understand him
04:41 And another thing which was unacceptable is..
04:46 What is this place?
04:49 A puppy mill Or.. A dog meat farm..
04:55 It was quite different, something you can’t define..
05:00 If it were a ‘Dog meat farm’, there would’ve been
05:04 a lot of big dogs or the primary dog breeds for food, but there weren’t
05:08 If it were a ‘Puppy meal’
05:10 same breed dogs would’ve been in pair, but all were mixed regardless of their breed
05:17 Small-sized and various dog breeds,
05:20 including mixed ones and pedigrees, were all together
05:26 Yet!
05:28 Here..
05:37 Several leashes were found in a nook
05:43 And a tool of uncertain purpose
05:46 All showed that the dog slaughter was increasingly possible
05:50 Another reason why it’s highly possible is
05:54 [Reported footage] Don’t eat that! Don’t eat that!
06:00 A dog’s dead body
06:06 The slaughter took place in the form of ‘Work’
06:10 Other dogs… were eating that foot
06:15 What’s that leash?
06:17 Farm owner : I brought them all from there when I moved in here
06:19 Why would I bring trash like this
06:22 Hey!
06:25 Dog hairs still remained..
06:30 All these leashes are for big dogs. Its size is for big ones.
06:38 The farm owner who doesn’t admit that the slaughter took place and big dogs who were gone already..
06:47 And.. the remaining small and bony dogs
06:51 For what reason do you keep so many (small) dogs?
06:54 I’ll be honest
06:57 Farm owner : This farm is related to ‘Compensation’
06:59 Reward?!
07:01 How can dogs be related to compensation?
07:05 Gimpo City Hall : This farmland is included in Gimpo city’s ‘Cinepolis’ project
07:12 The farmland is included in the ‘Compensation area’ under the local government’s development plan
07:16 In-Seob Shim/ Animal protection group ‘Life’ : In rare cases, one can claim compensation for domesticating animals
07:25 We call it
07:26 We call it ‘Dog farm nail house’
07:31 The term ‘Holdouts’ refers to real state speculation where it occupies the development-prearranged area on purpose
07:36 Moreover, the counted number of dogs, treated as property,
07:41 increases the amount of compensation
07:46 Big dogs are slaughtered for profits (in this farm)
07:51 and small dogs were raised for ‘Compensation’
07:55 This man would do anything with dogs if it makes money
08:00 Dozens of dogs were confined for money
08:10 And!!
08:12 This one lost one eye
08:15 Has no hind leg on this side
08:20 Deformity and disability are spotted particularly in pedigree dogs
08:26 Vet Jae-Ung Han : They all had congenital deformities, or..
08:30 one leg was missing or the jaw is broken.. There were several in such conditions:
08:36 Where did you bring all these dogs?
08:38 In spring and fall, XXXX XXXXXX
08:40 The reason why tens of pedigree dogs could be brought in one spot!
08:43 To be continued in Part 2..
08:46 We call out for your support and attention

  1. john macwhinnie
    john macwhinnieApril 21,21

    You people are evil, Please be Kind!

    CAROL WARNERMay 1,21


  3. Fabienne
    FabienneMay 2,21

    C’est horrible ! Il faut aider ces chiens ! Faites preuve de compassion ! Imaginez ce qu’ils endurent et agissez !

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