#Imagineyourkorea Photo Promotion

‘Imagine your Korea’ (Korea’s official tourism brand developed by Korea Tourism Organization) is running a photo promotion for people to share their memories of Korea, where each month 2 winners will be chosen for a gift and their submissions displayed on their brand channels.
Perhaps people could upload their memories of the dog meat trade.
The conditions are: Photo must be the original work of the submitter. We will not take any responsibility over copyright violation of the image.
This is the link to their site:
This the hash tag: #Imagineyourkorea
Join through their Instagram account.
They will most likely not show them, but it is worth a try.

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Nami Kim Team Anti-dog meat poster

  1. Andrew Williams
    Andrew WilliamsJune 21,16


    • marguerite white
      marguerite whiteJune 21,16

      Stop your barbaric festivals of torture to animals.

  2. lucia
    luciaJune 21,16

    please stop the torture

  3. MEIRESONNE Marie-France
    MEIRESONNE Marie-FranceJune 21,16

    stop the torture !!!!!!!!

  4. Susan Ifland
    Susan IflandJune 21,16

    These people are evil and very backward in their thinking. They need to join this century!!

  5. Anne-Marie
    Anne-MarieJune 22,16

    I know now how evel people can be. Just look at all pictures. I hope those evel people burning in hell.

  6. Karton Weston
    Karton WestonJune 26,16

    Won’t be visiting your barbaric shithole of a country…ever

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