Jeollanam-do, South Korea, Shut down the illegal dog meat farms, slaughterhouses, and markets.

Campaign updated on 8/22/2022.

If you want to help fight the grisly South Korean dog and cat meat trade and make a difference in South Korea, here are a few quick actions you can take that could save millions of dogs and cats each year.

In Jeollanam-do, there are countless dog farms, slaughterhouses, markets, and restaurants where the dogs, who have been tortured their entire lives, end up being slaughtered in the most inhumane ways, such as by electrocution, hanging or beating; and then thrown into boiling water – sometimes while they are still alive. In many places, dogs are being killed in full view of other terrified, caged dogs; and this takes place in broad daylight. In addition, many abandoned and stolen former pets end up in this industry and are subject to the same cruelty.

A Search Engine reveals the sickening scale of Jeollanam-do’s dog meat demand.

Shown below are two search results on Naver (the most popular search engine in Korea) – the first one was for so-called “Health Centers,” which commonly sell dog elixirs and cat elixirs (also known as dog soju and cat soju); and the second one was for “dog meat restaurants.”

The searches resulted in hundreds of Health Centers and dog meat restaurants in the vicinity of Jeollanam-do.

Even if half of these ‘Health’ Centers and restaurants serve dog and cat ‘ingredients’ in one form or another, imagine how many dog/cat slaughterhouses must be present in the vicinity of Jeollanam-do to supply these outlets.

There are laws in South Korea against selling dogs and cats for consumption, yet these laws are blatantly ignored.

Call for Action

Video: Appalling Reality of South Korea’s Illegal Dog Farms (불법 개농장 참혹한 현실 – 제보자들 20200610)

Video: The Dog Meat Professionals: South Korea

Video: South Korea’s horrific dog slaughter. Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE)

  1. Terri MIller
    Terri MIllerDecember 28,18

    Its so sad to read that these innocent animals are be killed . There is no excuse for these killings. God will get you in the end on judgment Day.

  2. Carol Boardman
    Carol BoardmanDecember 28,18

    In the name of humanity end this unforgivable killing. It shames you and dams your very souls

  3. Leriche Brigitte
    Leriche BrigitteDecember 31,18

    Par pitié, nous sommes au 21ème siècle, arrêtez toute cette barbarie ! Les chiens et les chats sont les meilleurs amis de l’Homme pas de la nourriture. Et leur intelligence dépasse la votre.

  4. Faith Collins
    Faith CollinsJanuary 5,19

    Please please shut down those horrific cruel evil dog and cat meat farms Thank you so much Faith

  5. Thomas Schröder
    Thomas SchröderMay 17,19

    Stop that inhuman slaughtering of dogs. What kind of civilisation are you ?

  6. alessandra
    alessandraAugust 8,20

    Fermare questo massacro crudele e insensato è doveroso e un atto di civiltà

  7. Starr
    StarrJanuary 18,21

    These are not humans, they are primitive, evil savages.

  8. Fabienne M
    Fabienne MJuly 10,21

    Arrêtez de ces horreurs ! Il faut être malade ou criminel pour faire ca !

  9. Lilia Birleson
    Lilia BirlesonJuly 11,21

    This has to end NOW. It is illegal and barbaric what you are allowing to happen in your Country. Those that are involved in the brutal murder of defenceless animals. Dogs and Cats. Those involved should be prosecuted and imprisoned for there act of cruelty to animals. End this unnecceary killing of innocent animals NOW.

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