Jeonju’s response to our e-People petition on 9/27/2022

Application No.: 1AA-2209-0689881
Application Date: 2022-09-21
Jeonju, South Korea, Shut down the illegal dog meat farms, slaughterhouses and markets.
전주시는 불법 개농장, 도축장, 시장, 보신탕집을 폐쇄하라!

📌 Please note: The South Korean government continues to deceive us with lies and excuses. Click HERE to learn more.

Civil Petition Results
organization in charge 전라북도
staff in charge 이효준
contact 063-281-5049
processing date 2022-09-27
result 1. 안녕하십니까? 귀하께서 국민신문고에 신청하신 민원(신청번호 1AA-2209-0704129)에 대한 검토 결과를 다음과 같이 알려드립니다.
2. 귀하의 민원내용은 “개 식용산업 종식을 위한 청원”에 관한 것으로 이해됩니다.
3. 귀하의 질의사항에 대해 검토한 의견은 다음과 같습니다.
가. 개 식용 산업은 이미 오래전부터 존재해왔기에 단기간에 해결하기에는 어려움이 따르며,
나. 개 식용 산업에 관한 문제는 정부 정책과 사회적 인식 개선을 통해 점차적으로 풀어가야하는 국가적 차원의 과제입니다.
다. 우리시는 이 문제가 해결되기를 바라며, 최선을 다할 것임을 알려드립니다.
4. 답변 내용에 대한 추가 설명이 필요한 경우 전주시 동물복지과(☏063-281-5049)으로 연락주시면 성심껏 안내해 드리도록 하겠습니다. 감사합니다.

붙임 : 민원신청서 1부. 끝.
Attachment petition_result.doc 다운로드
End date 2022-09-30 23:59:59

Guide to Petition Handling Results
1. Information on Civil Petitioner
Name Carmignani and 68others
Application No. 1AA-2209-0704129
Date of Application 2022-09-22

2. Civil Petition Results
Summary of requested petition Petition to stop the dog meat industry
Results 1. We are pleased to inform you of the results of the review of the civil petition(application number 1AA-2209-07041129) that you applied to the Kookmin Newspaper as follows.
2. The contents of the complaint will be understood as “Petition to stop the dog meat industry”
3. The result of the reviewing the complaint is as follows.
– Since the dog meat industry has already existed for a long time, it it difficult to solve it in a short period of time.
– The issue of the dog meat industry is a national task that must be gradually solved through government policies and social awareness improvement.
– we hopes this will be resolved, and will do our best.
4. If you have any other questions, please call Jeonju city Animal Welfare Department(+82-63-281-5049). We will answer sincerely. End.
Organization Jeonju city
Department Animal Welfare Division, Animal Protection and Rescue Team
Date of processing 2022-09-27
Staff in Charge Hyo-jun Lee ([email protected])

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