Jeonju’s response to our petition addressed to Jeollabuk-do Provincial Government on e-People

An e-People administrator has assigned our petition addressed to the Jeollabuk-do Provincial Government to the city of Jeonju which is in Jeollabuk-do Province. We are well aware of Jeonju’s objectives and initiatives to make it the second “Dog Meat Free City” in South Korea and their Mayor Kim Seung-Su and his team has been doing an excellent job in working towards that goal.
That’s why we excluded the city of Jeonju from our Korean City campaign.

We are very grateful to the city of Jeonju for being proactive and compassionate and for being the leader in this important endeavor. The response from the city of Jeonju states that there are no longer any dog markets, slaughterhouses and dog farms in Jeonju. Thank you, Jeonju! Jeonju now needs to close down all the dog meat restaurants and shops that sells dog and cat products and they will become the “dog meat free” city.

We have notified e-People that our petition should be assigned to the Jeollabuk-do Pronvincial government to respond.

  1. kaye wingham
    kaye winghamJanuary 12,19

    May the blessing you have given to the beautiful creatures of this earth by closing slaughter houses magnify your happiness and become a blessing to you

  2. Maria
    MariaJanuary 12,19

    That is very good if true. But, with all the respect to the Mayor – was the answer verified? So many cities claim there are no or few dog meat ventures, but we know most of them lie. If there are restaurants – where do they get the meat from? It would be great if someone who resides in or visited Jeonju confirmed that those statements are true.
    p.s. I’ve filed a couple if petitions long time ago, but received no answer at all. But maybe it was in the previous president’s times. As far as I remember the texts were English+Korean, so it wasn’t the language what prevented them from processing them. They simply decided I did’t deserve an answer.

  3. Nora
    NoraApril 3,19

    It is distressing to see dogs treated worse than farm animal. I pray they truly stop the dog meat trade in this city.

    • Ginger Neimo
      Ginger NeimoJuly 1,19

      All animals feel pain whether you are a cat or pig, dog or sheep. No living and breathing creature deserves to be killed in such a brutal way.

      Why love one and kill another.

  4. Elena Levina
    Elena LevinaApril 28,19

    Stop selling Dog and Cat meat as Food altoghether.

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