KARA rescues 33 dogs from a dog slaughterhouse in Goyang Yongdu-dong

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Goyang City Yongdu-dong Dog Slaughter House Emergency Rescue Site

Posted on July 2, 2021.

Early yesterday morning, Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) raided the slaughterhouse in Yongdu-dong, Goyang City, and, with the help of the Goyang Animal Protection Department, officially took ownership of a total of 33 dogs at that site. 🙏

While some of the dogs at the slaughterhouse were extremely afraid of people, others were so happy to see their rescuers it is clear they were once pets. When we leashed the dogs, there were some that walked right next to people. Pitbull, who appeared to have been tied up to protect the slaughterhouse, was also friendly to activists. 🐕

Activists who stayed at the front of the slaughterhouse throughout the early morning immediately rescued all of the dogs as soon as abandonment of ownership was decided.

Inside the slaughterhouse, a dog was lying with an illegal electric skewer in his mouth. He was immediately taken to a nearby animal hospital and given CPR, but because of the electric shock the poor dog’s heart had stopped and he couldn’t be revived. 😭

The slaughterhouse in Yongdu-dong, Goyang, had been feeding dogs the boiled organs of unknown animals. In the front yard of the slaughterhouse, a plastic bag filled with hair from the bodies of dead dogs was found. Inside the slaughterhouse, many different leashes from dogs that had been caught gave rescuers an idea of how many dogs died there in pain. 😢

KARA will file a formal complaint against the animal abuser in Yongdu-dong, Goyang, on charges of beating dogs with golf clubs; slaughtering dogs brought to him by individuals; feeding livestock waste to animals; and slaughtering dogs with illegal electric iron skewers.

The journey with the 33 dogs rescued from the slaughterhouse has just begun. It may not be easy to domestically adopt out many of those dogs, especially the large ones. There are also dogs who appear to be very unhealthy, and the time and costs to treat these dogs and restore them to health so they may be adopted will be significant.

KARA recently rescued 10 young puppies from a dog farm in Namyangiu, so the 33 dogs just rescued will need to be placed elsewhere due to the lack of a protected space at the KARA’s The Born Center.

💙 Your love and support is desperately needed to help protect and care for the dogs rescued from the slaughterhouse and give them the opportunity for a new chance at life. Won’t you please help KARA care for these poor animals? 💗🙏

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Update: 33 dogs rescued from Yongdu-dong slaughterhouse in Goyang have safely entered the consigned shelters of KARA.

Posted on July 6, 2021.

Shortly after the slaughterhouse raid last week, KARA took ownership of 33 dogs – 27 dogs that had been caged in the slaughterhouse and 6 more dogs leashed outside the slaughterhouse. These 33 dogs are now starting their new journey as KARA’s rescue animals.

Currently, the dogs are in stable condition, drinking cool water in a safe space and eating nutritious food. We attempted to take one dog, who had a very severe skin disease, to an animal hospital on the same day he was rescued, but he was aggressively defensive towards people and medical treatment could not be given. His behavior is natural because up until his rescue, human touch meant pain and violence. Fortunately, on the second attempt to take him to the animal hospital, he was calmer and the doctor was able to proceed with treatment.

While most of the dogs are afraid of humans, there are some who, while unfamiliar with people, welcomed human touch. Among the rescued dogs happy to get people’s love and attention were Pitbulls who had been tied up on short leashes outside the slaughterhouse. A short-legged yellow dog named BigD even kissed the activist who untied his leash and enjoyed a short walk!🐕

There is a high percentage of the Tosa breed in this rescue. Tosas have weak intestines and immune systems, so they are difficult to treat once infected with distemper or parvovirus. Also, not all hospitals treat Tosas. However, this week we are planning to proceed with vaccinations and neutering surgeries so we don’t lose any more lives.

There are some who think that adoption will be impossible for these rescued dogs, because they are so afraid of people. But KARA will not give up on them. These dogs will be given love and freedom and a wider world than the horrors of the slaughterhouse. 🌦️ We need your participation on this journey. It will likely be at least three years before all these rescued dogs are ready for adoption. Your monthly contribution to support medical and living expenses will make you a partner in showing these rescued animals a new life and getting them ready for their forever homes. Won’t you raise these dogs together with us? 🌺🙏

💙 KARA is an organization that does not euthanize animals for physical or economic reasons. We do not believe that an inability to be adopted is a reason to be put to death. We ask you most sincerely to please help us to help these rescued animals get ready to someday meet their forever families.💗🙏

  1. Kathlyn
    KathlynJuly 7,21

    Why are where so many horrible people out there my heart crys out for theses dear sweet babys your wonderful people out there that help save theses dogs theses people that do this terrible things to theses dogs should be put away for life throw away the key lets do it to them it would give me great pleaser to see theses eval men suffer

  2. Deborah Short
    Deborah ShortJuly 7,21

    YOU ARE AMAZING!! I am just thrilled to learn you rescued all these poor dogs..when is the pain and sufferring going to STOP for these poor dogs!
    I am wondering how you manage to get dogs from Korea to Canada for adoption? I hope they all do fine, once given a chance to relax.

  3. Susi Müller-Orlowski
    Susi Müller-OrlowskiJuly 7,21

    KARA does such a wonderful job! I hope you can save the Tosa breed dogs too, so that they all recover.

  4. Ngaire Lucaites
    Ngaire LucaitesJuly 7,21

    Thank God for the people that saved these poor dogs from the horrors of this place

  5. Annica Eriksson
    Annica ErikssonJuly 7,21

    Bless you and Thank you for being a Voice for the voiceless and for helping these Poor suffering dogs!! This sick evil Barbaric animal torture must be stopped now!!!

  6. Fabienne M
    Fabienne MJuly 7,21

    Une bonne chose , qui me réjouis ! enfin une lueur d’espoir ! j’espère que tout ces messacres cesse très vite ! Merci à KARA pour sont sauveage !

  7. Malveena Hanley
    Malveena HanleyJuly 8,21

    Thank you so much for saving these beautiful dogs.

  8. Jane
    JaneJuly 11,21

    Until a year ago, I had no idea that the eating of dogs was so incredibly widespread in South Korea. Thank you so much for all you do to try and stop this, and thank you for making a difference to the lives of these rescued dogs.

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