Korea smiles and the world smiles back???

Seoul Gyeongdong Dog Meat Market where dogs are slaughtered while you wait.   Photo:  Nami Kim Team.

Seoul Gyeongdong Dog Meat Market where dogs are slaughtered while you wait. Photo: Nami Kim Team.

With the 2018 Pyeonchang Winter Olympics coming up in South Korea, their government agency for promoting tourism, Korea Tourism Organization, is embarking on the nationwide campaign – “K-smile, Korea smiles and the world smiles back.” This endeavor would attempt to showcase South Korea as a modern, forward thinking and kind nation to tourists.

This illusion could not be farther from the truth.

South Korea continues to support and permit a horrific and illegal dog and cat meat trade that subjects millions of animals to abuse, torture and murder on a daily basis. While animal protection laws have been put in place to protect prohibit these practices, the government and its law enforcement do nothing to prevent the continued butchering and sales of these animals.

We need to show South Korea that we will not endorse, visit or financially support with our tourism a country whose barbarism and base indifference to the suffering, murder and consumption of dogs and cats is absolutely unacceptable.
Please help us raise our voices together as One to say we will not accept this, and as fellow sentient beings we will not stand for this illegal industry to go on any longer!

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To the Korea Tourism Organization and all other Korean organizations promoting South Korea as a friendly and kind nation,

Please be aware that until South Korea completely stops the barbaric breeding, slaughtering and eating of dogs, no amount of advertising that falsely portrays your country as modern, forward thinking, kind, or hospitable will succeed in convincing foreign tourists to invest their money in visiting your country.

We implore you to do all in your power to stop this appalling and disgusting trade, where hundreds of thousands of dogs are brutalized every day.

You fail to mention in your tourist rhetoric, the cuisine of ‘dog’ when you tell the world how popular and cultural your nation is with its food. Know that awareness has and will continue to be raised around the world regarding this illegal industry, and millions like myself will be dedicating every effort to see that this horror is brought to light.

Shame on you South Korea!

[Your name and country]

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.@KoreanTravel .@koreatourism .@VisitSeoul .@miceseoul We will NOT visit Korea until Korea Stops Killing&Eating Dogs

Video: Nami Kim Team. Dog farm in Incheon Ganghwado, South Korea.

  1. Arline D Meza
    Arline D MezaMarch 17,16

    This is the most inhumane thing a person or a country can do,this is so archaic,heartless,evil,cruel and with no compassion to this poor animals that in most of the world are pets and are treated like family members,I hope that animal lovers never visit your country.This is a crime like any other

    • louise despointes
      louise despointesMarch 18,16

      i will say only one word BOYCOT KOREA, the olympic games & their goods, the only way to stop such thing is to make them feel ashamed of their country & get to their money

    • Carmen Hearns
      Carmen HearnsJuly 6,16

      You slowly torture in the most barbaric ways defenceless dogs and cats…..boycotting your country and products!

  2. Lloyd Saulnier
    Lloyd SaulnierMarch 17,16

    I am a Korean Veteran and am very disappointed in Korea to allow this.

  3. Kathy Holcomb
    Kathy HolcombMarch 17,16

    I lived in Jeju from August 2013 until late October 2014. I went back to the United States early because of this inhumane practice of torturing and eating dogs and cats in South Korea. You need to enforce your laws. You are not a forward thinking nation. I have told everyone I know not to visit South Korea nor buy any of their products and until this stops.

  4. Beth Hall
    Beth HallMarch 17,16

    Evil, that’s the only word.

  5. Danielle Menauge
    Danielle MenaugeMarch 18,16

    All the smiles Koreans will offer to tourists won’t make them forget the horrific tortures inflicted on the cats and dogs killed to be eaten. Koreans are Barbarians to me and I’ll never visit this country.

  6. christina Pafitis
    christina PafitisMarch 18,16

    i will never ever travel to your disgusting country that tortures and eats dog please guys go vegan and animals dont have to die then

  7. Renate
    RenateMarch 18,16

    I hate those people!

  8. Renate
    RenateMarch 18,16

    I hate those people! Those people should go to hell!

  9. Rita Magro
    Rita MagroMarch 18,16

    This is shameful !!! Why inflict pain on helpless creatures ??

  10. stella maris argento
    stella maris argentoMarch 18,16

    Vergonzoso el sadismo para comer perros !!! BOICOT a S.Corea !!!!

  11. vincent
    vincentMarch 18,16

    If this continues, the U.S.A need to hurry up with their covert plans and make it look like kim from the north completely lost it and destroyed the south. its the one place I wont feel bad about being seen wipped. we were put on this planet TO LOOK AFTER GODS ANIMALS NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND you sick inhumane worthless “HUMANS”

  12. carregari
    carregariMarch 18,16


  13. Dr. Jim Roberts
    Dr. Jim RobertsMarch 19,16

    Disgusting monsters. No matter how many TV’s they sell, they will never be considered anything more than a 3rd world country full of barbaric monsters who inflict unimaginable pain, fear, suffering and violent death on innocent and defenseless animals.

  14. Connie Zumbo
    Connie ZumboMarch 20,16

    Stop this it is just uneceptable its seen by children and others who can’t cope with images of these poor dogs being tortured. Stop it or all negative things will happen to Korea

  15. constanze, kriedemann
    constanze, kriedemannMarch 20,16

    lasst die hunde entlich in ruhe und tötet sie nicht. sie möchten auch in ruhe leben wie ihr.

  16. Jillana Laufer
    Jillana LauferMarch 20,16

    I shun all things Korean because of this grotesque, inhumane, barbaric culture that condones such horrific behavior towards man’s best friends! Shame on you, Korea!

  17. Alejandra benito
    Alejandra benitoMarch 20,16

    Evil Can’t stop crying and thinking of these defenseless babies !!! Omg please stop !!! Hope these mfs burn in hell!!!

  18. john pasqua
    john pasquaMarch 21,16

    no olympics where dog and cat eaters reside now.

  19. margherita remotti
    margherita remottiMarch 21,16

    A country where such cruelty against living being is perpetrated is barbaric. I will never travel to your horrendous country for no reason, unless you help this awful shame to stop.
    Thank you

  20. Brenda Abbott
    Brenda AbbottMarch 21,16

    The WORLD is watching you Korea, and NOT in a favourable way. We are DISGUSTED with what your country allows. The BARBARIC Dog meat trade MUST STOP! How can anyone believe that your smiles are genuine when you allow such atrocities to continue. We will NOT smile back! Go away!!

  21. Rob Bonnette
    Rob BonnetteMarch 21,16

    People who abuse animals have very little respect for themselves and their fellow earth dwellers. Dogs and cats are not part of the food chain and abusing them and then eating them is barbaric. Does the government of Korea have the will to put a stop to this?

  22. Toni Ann Leech
    Toni Ann LeechMarch 21,16

    Keep up the pressure. Keep fighting for International Animal Rights. Fight for local laws to be changed. Above all Go Vegan, all animals are in terror at slaughter houses and via factory farms. Human beings are barbarians who justify their deeds by any means possible. Please keep fighting this fight. For all of these tortured souls, may this barbarism end, now.

  23. Sophie
    SophieMarch 21,16

    Il y a une justice divine … Vous aurez une maladie grave a cause de votre inhumanité a manger des animaux de compagnie … Dieu nous les a envoyé pour nous chérir ..c’est pour cela qu’il y’a plusieurs races pour plaire a tout le monde …petit et grand chiens … Il nya pas de place sur terre pour des gens qui mangent un coeur sur pattes … Vous irez tous en enfer !

  24. Gigi Middlebrook
    Gigi MiddlebrookMarch 21,16

    I have always told people not to go to South Korea because of the barbaric practice of killing and eating dogs and cats in that country. I will fight for these poor animals until my dying day to free them from this horrible and horrifying practice. It makes me think that the South Korean people are backwards and seem to be living in total ignorance of what is going on around them. Please stop this horrible and evil practice,.

  25. Lynn Juozilaitis
    Lynn JuozilaitisMarch 21,16

    So happy that one of my sons & daughter in laws cancelled a trip to your country! I’m telling all my family, friends & neighbors and anyone who’ll listen about what you allow in your country! It’s horrific! All who do these atrocities will come back as dogs & cats and any animal, including rabbits that you do these atrocities to and then you’ll be on the receiving end of your torture

    • Claudia Mercer
      Claudia MercerMarch 22,16

      good work

  26. bryan lowe
    bryan loweMarch 22,16

    I tried signing the petitions sorry my phone has no more gigs.

  27. Jan Cardew
    Jan CardewMarch 22,16

    I will never support this country in any way until this disgusting,barbaric, cruelty is stopped. Why do Koreans have no empathy and why are they so uncivilised?

  28. vanderveken
    vandervekenMarch 22,16

    stop this torture immediately! shame on you!

  29. Catherine Edman
    Catherine EdmanMarch 22,16

    This is a disgusting practice the people of Korea are torturing and eating man’s best friend, these are loving domesticated animals, not wild animals, this needs to stop. My opinion of the people of Korea is horrid, please, please stop this torture and inhumane treatment of these creatures

  30. Barb
    BarbMarch 22,16


  31. jo Rogers
    jo RogersMarch 22,16

    BOYCOTTS commence!!! This will stop!!!! Evil disgusting country. ILLEGAL and criminal this sadistic torture of INNOCENT dogs will STOP!!! The UN and governments are under world pressure to ban this!!!!

  32. Susan Mackey
    Susan MackeyMarch 25,16

    No living creature should ever endure what Korea does to dogs and cats. There is NO EXCUSE for inflicting this kind of horrific torture. It is barbaric and truly evil. I am boycotting the Korean Olympics and all products by Korean owned companies….no Samsung, LG, Kia, or Hyndai for me. And I am telling everyone I know about this evil. Thanks to modern technology the world is watching Korea, and most of us are not smiling back.

  33. Barbara Peterlin
    Barbara PeterlinApril 2,16

    Koreans are very cruel too. “Thou shall not murder” to the cats and dogs!

  34. Ortwin Mergner
    Ortwin MergnerApril 10,16

    No need for products that come from there – AS BLOOD RUNS EVERYWHERE…. 🙁

  35. EL THAM
    EL THAMApril 27,16

    The gods weep (as should you) at this sickening, barbaric slaughter and torture of these defenseless animals. This cruelty must end now: It’s repellent and loathsome. It is a seriously negative reflection upon Koreans as an otherwise great nation, and upon the human race.

    • Emma Owens
      Emma OwensFebruary 14,17

      I agree. This is very upsetting and I am sure has brought many dog owners to tears reading about it and seeing the pictures and videos. We must keep up the pressure. Keep signing the petitions, keep emailing round, keep boycotting on YouTube, Facebook etc (and all social media channels) all those involved in promoting this vile ‘trade’. How can the people who do this sleep at night?!

  36. Caroline
    CarolineMay 19,16

    There is no place in today’s world for this barbaric torture. Stop now

  37. Anita Youabian
    Anita YouabianMay 26,16

    This is absolute insanity. Shame on the counties that allow this.

  38. Corinne
    CorinneJune 4,16

    How can the world smiles when we see such horrible tortures ??
    You’ re monsters !

  39. faith
    faithJune 27,16

    vietnam eats more dogs and catsthan any other country! thailand also, china, indonesia, and even japan! we need to boycott them until they change their ways

  40. christine warman
    christine warmanJuly 29,16

    We do try not to buy anything from these nasty animal torturing countries,but all we seem to find in our shops is their cheap tacky rubbish,we do not want it,i am sure this is why many clothes shops have so many sales as no one buys it so they have to sell it off.

  41. Margaret Moore
    Margaret MooreMarch 19,17

    I will boycott ALL things Korean due to the inhumanity given to companion animals, dogs and cats, forced into a VILE, DISGUSTING meat market farms and markets. Please join the world and realize these long suffering animals DO NOT help a human to be healthier. Clean , good living does this, hard work does this, NOT torture and slaughter!!!

  42. selena selena
    selena selenaMarch 19,17

    Are monstrous and despicable beings. I would never go to that country

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