Wake up and speak up! Korean Buddhists, please openly denounce the dog and cat-meat trades in South Korea.

Beopjeong Priest 법정스님

Late Beopjeong Priest 법정스님

One of the notable South Korean Buddhist leaders, the Venerable Beopjeong, was born in 1932 and therefore knew well that war and famine led to shameful eating practices in Korean food culture. But he also made it very clear that eating dog meat is wrong and “is barbaric in today’s environment”; he said that “Culture must progress with the flow of time”. The Venerable Beopjeong was not afraid to speak out against the dog meat trade.

The cruelty and abuse employed within the dog and cat meat trades goes against the fundamental teachings of Buddhism. Many South Koreans are Buddhists (@24%), and there are many Korean-American Buddhists; why are they not taking up the baton, today, from where the late Venerable Beopjeong left it, and speaking out against these evil trades?

Click HERE for our petition.


Video: Part 1 and 2 of Shocking Cruelty of South Korean Dog Meat Industry(Undercover Video by Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth)

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To the Korean Buddhists,

The Venerable Beopjeong, one of South Korea’s notable Buddhists, was not afraid to publicly speak out against the dog meat trade and call it barbaric; he said “dog meat consumption is an evil custom that doesn’t belong in a modern society”. His logical arguments against the consumption of companion animals cannot be countered, he also considered that their slaughter is “a betrayal of their faith placed in humans”.

But the inhumane treatment and outright cruelty, as evidenced time and time again on social media, is carrying on unchecked, as this video shows:

An online petition calling for your support in helping end the aberrant dog and cat meat trades in South Korea is in progress:

We urge you to stand together – to stand up for what is right – and to denounce the dog and cat meat trades for what they are: immoral, inhumane, cruel and unnecessary.


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  1. Deborah Beynon
    Deborah BeynonJuly 30,16

    PLEASE practice your religion.

  2. 林 恵里
    林 恵里August 10,16

    stop killing dogs cruelly!!

  3. jacqueline
    jacquelineAugust 24,16

    lettre envoyée

  4. Marc Bubba
    Marc BubbaJanuary 7,17

    WILL you accept the idea that you might return as an animal ,in your next life ,and be treated the way you are treating animals?

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