80% of Koreans Favor Adoption of Abandoned Animals

Translation of Korean news:

A survey result just released indicates a big increase in opinion that favors adoption of abandoned animals as pets.

Based on a survey conducted last September 10-23 targeting 2,000 adult men and women by Korea Socio-economic Research Center commissioned by the Quarantine Inspection Division of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, 80.6% of the responded favored the idea of adopting abandoned animals from animal shelters.

This recognition is 21.4% higher than in 2010 and the Quarantine Inspection Division analyzed that the celebrities’ abandoned animal adoption campaigns have contributed to this increase.

70.9% responded positively to the stray cats trap/neuter/return policy and 89.6% responded positively to the Animal protection Law with stricter punishment for the animal abusers.

In order to raise the standard of animal protection, responses that appropriate education should be provided in the elementary school curriculum was the highest with 33.0% and promotion of animal protection and strong punishment for animal cruelty followed with 29.0% and 19.7%, respectively.

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  1. jessica
    jessicaNovember 13,12

    eu acho uma maldade o que fazem com esses animais,devemos ajudar eles pois eles nao sabem falar e outra e um ser vivo como nos

  2. Jana Vraniakova
    Jana VraniakovaNovember 13,12

    I read

  3. Julie Jenkins
    Julie JenkinsNovember 14,12

    No civilised country should tolerate this abuse. I will boycott everything Korean.

  4. Aixa
    AixaNovember 14,12

    Hijos de su putas madre comencé a sus hijos en vez de comer perros

  5. Aixa
    AixaNovember 14,12

    Sean maldecidos! Comencé a sus hijos en vez de a los pobres perritos

  6. Aixa
    AixaNovember 14,12

    Comande a sus hijos y no a los perros

  7. Aixa
    AixaNovember 14,12

    Que triste q no se pueda opinar como ellos merecen 🙁 Dios los castigara

  8. Aixa
    AixaNovember 14,12


  9. Marina
    MarinaNovember 16,12

    Bollire vivi i coreani!

    CARMEN CAIONENovember 19,12

    Questi paesi mi hanno veramente stufato con le loro usanze…..questa è crudelta. La storia insegna che lo sono anche con le persone.
    rifiutiamoci di comprare tutto ciò che proviene da quei paesi!!!!!!!

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